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WARNING: These following persons are corrupt and in the interest of public
safety this journal warns Australia of that. Mark Donnelly Barrister of Townsville. Corrupt re murder J&S Mackay, see page one. This dreadful and murderous scoundrel, along with Lisa McNamara solicitor lately of Wilson Ryan & Gross and Roberts Nemo McKee both of Townsville, were poor Arthur Stanley Brown's defence team. While in full knowledge that the real killer is the Boxer Bob Foreman each did their level best to see to it that Mr Brown went under for a double murder that he did not commit. Only after a witness at a service station who positively identified the girls, in a car crying on the morning of the day they disappeared in company with a man who stopped to get petrol, she positively identified as not Mr Brown, did the jury throw the case out of court.

Bob Bottom Journalist, this wicked and murderous wretch, portrayed in the media as a crime fighter, as being hard down on organized crime is in fact a double agent, as it were. Thus someone who finds himself on the rough end of corruption by being stiffed by some filthy murderous politician or copper for instance, and finding the main stream media, the police, NCA, CJC etc either uninterested or downright hostile, that person tends to seek out like Bottom. Who then it appears auctions them to the highest bidder. Thus when people contact him from all over Australia in just those circumstances, he trades them back to those same corrupt elements to be murdered. Snuff porn see pages 4&5 is one of his specialities, the good citizens of Bongaree on Bribie Island and the good folk of Redcliffe should be aware this monster is in your midst.

Harry Black one time One Nation Party politician, lately member for Whitsunday in the Queensland Parliament is a vile and murderous miscreant, corrupt re all matters raised in this journal, this the good people of Proserpine should know.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Membership as of 1 October 2001. 1 Financial member in the person of Martin Timothy, 1 Life Member, Kevin Brady now of advanced years and retired and 28 Associate Members from whom very great moral support has come.
The Union finances consists of two Commonwealth Bank Cheques, one for $120.30 being the sum of moneys
paid by ten individuals who responded to newspaper advertisements in 1992 for new members before the union was deregistered, the other for $20.04 being those same persons compulsory funeral fund contributions. Those persons names are now on the Associate Members list. The union is debt free.
WARNED OFF: KW & IS Briggs whose influence on this union has been pernicious and whose presence at or near this union will not be tolerated. Likewise Neville Ash, Jim Elliot, Keith Welsh, Dave Rawcliffe, Jack Fein, Ron & Danny Kepple, the revolting ponces Peter Kennedy and Pat Meehan, Lorraine, Meehan ' s consort, Ivy the Wooloongabba prostitute the consort of the scab ponce John Burke, hangers on Noel Wyeth and Tich Kilroy. John Etchells, Commo Mick and John Diggins from the WWF, Hugh Williams from the TWU and the dogs in human form Bill Coleman and Gordon Buchanan. The scabs Ken Reeves, Jim Reber, Ron Spence, John Sheehan, Mick Dwyer, and Jos Witjes likewise and bar staff Mary at the Empire Hotel, Ruth at the Local Hero Hotel, Jan at the Royal George formerly WWF Club Bar and Prune Face at the Shamrock, these last four are fellow travellers with scabs and murderers and like the other warned off persons and scabs are regarded as being tainted with murder.
Frank & Ken Currie and Bobby Anderson better keep away as well. Citing Franks long term membership of this union and Ken Currie's membership at least since 1974. Frank tossing his head in the face of the union campaign seeking prosecutions re the murders of his workmates. Ken Currie peeping from a safe distance at the union man distributing leaflets in King George Square in 1995, nor one syllable or one finger lifted in defence of the union or in support of the justice campaign. Bobby Anderson likewise running around like a blue arsed fly claiming to be an elder of the aboriginal people, and running just as fast away from the union campaign, what a dead set wanker, murdered Ronnie Chapman was an aboriginal and for the courage he had to stand where so many had died to see these people run away surely turned the guts of this writer.

Calling people names like scabs and dogs is not what I do. If any body reckons that they have been maligned well all they have to do is get involved in the campaign. We are seeking the prosecution of those elements who harmed and killed our workmates. Prove you are not scabs and dogs. MT 1/06.

Chapman's own family in the person of the scab Don Burns, who appropriated the murdered mans car, likewise regarded as having made insufficient effort in the campaign to reopen the inquest into his death. A campaign that will continue.
 Rocco Rogers was the strongest and toughest Painter and Docker. He and his two sons Gary and John
scabbed in '91. Rock died in '95, John died about a year later. Could be he was euthanased along with his consort Cathy Meehan the prostitute wife of the scab Pat Meehan, who died about a week after him.
The two card trick, is when a police informer, the Briggs boys, Meehan, Beak, Foreman, Brennan etc boast of either their knowledge or participation in serious crime in open company, for the purpose of screening their audience. Knowing that the police in charge of that particular file are corrupt and will turn any would be witness back in to the original source. Bob Bottom does it too. 
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