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AL-ISLAM is fealty, or fidelity to the law of God. Those who live by Islam as did Jesus of

Nazareth, and before him the prophet Abraham who built the Ka’ba in the city of Mecca  in present day Saudi Arabia an edifice toward which the faithful, or those with fealty to God's law turn during prayers, are called Moslems. Moslems are commanded by God to wage war upon those who first wage war upon them. The killings presently taking place in this country within the abortion/ euthanasia industry are acts of warfare upon the people of Australia.

The Queensland and Australian Governments should view this document as an

ultimatum they have only a certain time to get their act together and respond to the demands made herein. That they get down to the nitty gritty of prosecuting the killer doctors, and the police and the politicians, who have committed, or facilitated, or neglected their duty as police, or as state employees, to investigate or prosecute crimes against humanity, abortion /euthanasia. Then let us just see who gave you all the right to cull the population. You all suicidals who want to enter hell with your local GP holding your hand will have to resort to tried and true methods that have succeeded in days past. You might like to stretch a rope to the rafters of your dwelling and hang yourselves, and you coppers might as well load up the trusty service revolver, insert the barrel into your gob and squeeze the trigger, since your fate is just as certain under the strictures of Islamic law.

Because the Moslem is instructed to proceed in the following way. Such forces that are  committed to Islam will advance on premises where genocide/abortion is taking place, there all persons on the premises will be arrested on capital charges that will be heard under Islamic jurisdiction. As arrests are taking place it is anticipated abortion staff will contact police. Such police that turn up armed, and attempt to thwart arrests will be fired upon, rocket and artillery fire will be directed at police vehicles and buildings. The Australian revolutionary war will have begun.

ITEM: 1984 The Costigan Royal Commission into the Activities of The Painters and  

Dockers Union, a commission of inquiry formed on the initiative of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in 1980, in response to stories published in Penthouse Australia and in The Bulletin magazine, detailing some of the more sensational slanders and wretched assertions, that such ill founded rags are wont to make regarding the affairs of this trade union. Recommended Kerry Packer be charged in relation to the importation of heroin into this country in shipping containers leased to World Series Cricket, that had accompanied the Australian cricket team on the 1982 tour of Pakistan. Leaving Australia containing cricket gear and television equipment, which was sold in Pakistan to local sporting and television interests at the conclusion of the tour, returning full of drugs.

The Hon. Lionel Bowen MHR, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, in contempt of the

Royal Commission shortly after Costigan's report was delivered, which took him over four years, and for which the government paid him over four million dollars in wages to prepare. Asserted in Parliament that Costigan was barking up the wrong tree when he recommended Packer be charged and that Kerry had not wronged. Prominent parliamentarians of the day included Bob Hawke, later to become an official Packer employee during a short stint as a reporter on Sixty Minutes. And Senator Graham Richardson who likewise entered the employment of Packer after revelations that molls paid by a person described as an organized crime figure provided him with sexual favours, rendered his position in the senate untenable.

John Howard was like Hawke and Richardson, a prominent figure on the front bench

both in government and opposition, during the years the Costigan Royal Commission heard evidence. Indeed he was treasurer when the government appropriated money for the royal commission when Costigan's pay scale was set, when evidence of brutal murder and persecution of trade unionists was presented to parliament. Evidence of gross and systemic corruption by union officials who killed to enforce their rule within the union, who had devised a method of having ghosts on the payroll of stevedoring firms and ship repair companies. Whereas a shipping agent would be quoted a price for a job by an employee of a stevedoring firm, the details of which would include the amount of men required for the job and the hours each would work. If the master or the mate of the vessel concerned queried the numbers by suggesting that less men could do the job in less time under his direction, the reply would be 'you do not want to go upsetting the union they would go on strike etc.' The mate would give in or renegotiate a manning scale more to his liking, in any event the amount of men on the payroll would be more than actually did the job. The extra pay packets distributed among corrupt union officials and corrupt company men.

Scabs, thugs and dogs, all the standover men were police informers, the ones that are

still alive still are. Such as Barry Brennan who wants to talk about the disappearance of Thomas Maloney, Bob Foreman who wants to talk about two little girls, Les Smith who wants to talk about his relationship with Peter Beattie, the rotten scab Kerry Beak who wants to talk about Zervos and about a scheme he devised while he was foreman at Peter's Ship Repair re him pocketing the men’s  meal money. Tell us about how you were a wharfie in Sydney and a scab in Brisbane, re working with a blackleg seaman from the British registered ship Pacific Guardian at Cairncross Dock 15/7/1991, who was impressed into service driving a ship's stores hoist to complete a routine task at the workface begun by a dockyard crane driver who was on strike at the behest of his union. One man sacked for refusing to scab. The remainder of the membership working on as scabs or remaining mute in the face of scabbery or both. Page 4

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