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JIM SLADE tells the special GJC Inquiry chaired by Judge Kimmins, convened in response to the taped killing allegations. That while he was a policeman in 1985 he witnessed murder as described when he attended a viewing of the tape in company with other police. The official police response is that Slade is lying.       July ’98.

Counsel at the Kimmins inquiry disclaims knowledge of the tape the ABC aired 25 August ‘97 and says one should depose in writing the claim one had seen the TV news reports as described, submit it to the Kimmins inquiry c/o The CJC and counsel will 'have a look at it.'     July 1998.

NOW TAKING A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE: War rages all around. At the smoking ruin where   Queensland University stood at St Lucia executions are taking place ...The executioner's steward calls, 'Cedric Hampson convicted conspiracy to prevent justice, capital murder, genocide.' Claimed at his trial the terms of reference at the Connolly Ryan Inquiry into the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice Commission. which was supposed to be tackling police corruption were such he could not do anything, said he would like to be able to help. The Judge had none of that of course wisely pointing out to Cedric, You continued pocketing dollars despite the otherworlders at the CJC claiming they were fighting crime as ever in the face of the Zervos file...' Ced knew his number was up as soon as he heard that, but The Judge was not finished, '...likewise the abortion file, and the Wlodarczyk file, and the Chambers file. Surely you did not suppose six separate sections of the Queensland Criminal Code enacted to protect the unborn child, were insufficient statutory ammunition to fire at a hillbilly who claims to have bereaved one hundred and fifty thousand Australian families as of your highly paid tenure at the Connolly Ryan Inquiry.' The Judge raved on. 'in October 1994 one yokel got a free front page advertisement for his services In The Courier Mail newspaper, in the way his claim to have pioneered a new technique in late term abortion was reported. Since then demonstrators have been besieging his premises with placards bearing a photograph of the bruised, battered and dead body of an otherwise very beautiful baby they allege was done to death therein. Yet no police action has been forthcoming, genocide has continued, unabated, for this crime alone...' The Judge ranted. Cedric had heard enough, someone had smuggled him a couple of stubbies and he was having a quiet sip his thoughts his own, The Judge was winding down. '...S 313 QCC says to slay the unborn is against the law, the doctors piss on that law, while the police smirk and shrug and disclaim jurisdiction. Your role as an Officer of the Court on the payroll of a multi million dollar inquiry, into the effectiveness of a mega million dollar inquiry, with the charter to identify and hand over to the prosecutor corrupt police, was not met. You are found guilty of capital conspiracy penalty death. As Cedric is taken and hanged a huge roar goes up from the crowd. The movie makers and Judge Kimmins are being brought in.     July ’98.  

Joh Bjelke Petersen was at the top a long while. He had an executive jet aircraft with gold   taps in the mens room. Look where he has finished, after staff refuted his testimony to the FI, that he had no knowledge of $60,0OO delivered to his office foyer in brown paper bags, he was charged with perjury. Then things went terribly wrong. He engaged lawyers who could get him off scot free, in a way. Which is what happened, in a way. The Crown abandoned the trial after one in twelve, perversely and in the face of proven guilt, say the other jurors, indicated he would only acquit. Resulting in a hung jury. The Crown deciding not to re prosecute in view of the defendants advanced years and previous good service to the State.   July 1998.

Joh was left with massive legal bills which appear to have the potential to obliterate his   entire capital and holdings, were his trial to have been conducted in an atmosphere of political and judicial probity, one imagines that in the light of further disclosures from the FI he and his $60,000 would seem to be small fry indeed. Sixty grand in paper bags does however have potential in a 'setup’ situation, re who was the bod who supplied the money, was he a crim and what did he hope to gain.   July ’98.

See Peter Beattie as chairman of a cabal of murderous cops, politicians and lawyers.

To divert public and prosecution attention away from the snuff film industry and the murder of witnesses in court cases, the cabal arranges to bribe Joh. Who is foreseen taking the money then being exposed in the manner he was, at an ongoing inquiry with the potential to discover who knows what. With the additional spectacle of a celebrity trial that would both impoverish a political foe, and enrich the lawyers and loan sharks who set him up. An inquiry convened in 1984 when Neville Harper was Justice Minister chaired by Sturgess QC, re police involvement re male homosexual brothels. In 1985 Harper briefed the press that a preliminary report in his possession contained material and allegations that were, in his words harrowing. That inquiry failed to check the police, since identical allegations initiated the FI. Sturgess became DPP shortly thereafter, and we never did hear exactly what had chilled Mr. Harper’s blood.   May 1999.

Letters: The material contained within the union journal is shocking and damning and I can   only conclude that it is true. Some questions, much of the contents of Sword of Islam concerns the activities of corrupt police. Are you not concerned they might retaliate, are you not concerned with being sued then dragged through the morally bankrupt court system? The Masonic paedophile judges long having been at the core of our nations ills? No. 294 Kelvin Grove.

Advise circumspection re libeling Freemasons. The coppers can sit on it. ! usually go all right in court. No. 1.

Request advice re status FSPDU Funeral Fund. No. 647 Mt. Morgan.

The Funeral Find contains $20.00 which can not be accessed. Re legacy former corrupt administration. No. 1.  July 1998.

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