Journals - October 2001 - Page 6

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We contend at the P&D’s that Kay Chambers was murdered to silence her and that her  death and the subsequent abandonment of proceedings against Johannsen came about because the terror campaign waged against Dockers which was supposed to shock or intimidate members into abandoning their role as unionists, or murdering them, had failed. The trial was to be Peter Beattie's triumph, he would be seen as the instigator of prosecutions re the murders that had taken place on the docks. In his role as PCJC chair, then Premier he would shatter the wall of silence allegedly in place surrounding such crimes.

By late 1994 Beattie's plan had to change. He had found the union was no pushover his  

thugs had been biffed and expelled. We had been making such a song and dance in the industrial Commission in Sydney, and the Full Bench and the Federal Court in Industrial Jurisdiction in Brisbane, and in Canberra that he was not going to take the chance of the whole thing blowing up in his face so she was let out of prison and killed, no witness now against Johannsen so he is released. No witness, no trial, no problems. Beattie thinks. At the union we are not going to let matters rest however. Getting no response from the police, the government or the CJC in Queensland it's off to...

Canberra 3 May 1993, John Howard's office: In an interview conducted by Tony Blair later to   become Prime Minister of Great Britain. We tell Blair on Howard's, then Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations behalf, of corruption, murder, hijacked union elections, and of zero response from the police, the government and the CJC. That we had gone through the range of resources and options available in Queensland to have these matters raised in the parliament. While Bob Reed, the source of much of the trouble on the docks, was then a solicitor employed by Wayne Goss the Labor Party Premier of Queensland. Of the Costigan RC report recommending Packer be charged, and the National Crime Authority; stating the CJC and the NCA perform similar functions in that both are sham, spuriously appointed organizations, founded when the political allies of criminals who were being thus exposed at the FI in Queensland, and the CRC Federally, claimed those Inquiries were too costly and the good work they had done was to be taken up by those respective organizations. Mr Blair said he thought Sir Peter Abells was the Mr Big in Australian crime, and assures us he will make known to Howard the union's wish, that he take our cause up in parliament. He gives a date on which to ring back, when we do so he assures us he has briefed Howard of our concerns and wishes, and puts one through, click ...Howard's voice, 'I'm not talking to him'… clunk, dead phone. Proving the bi partisan nature of murderous corruption as it exists at a state and federal level.

 At the time of the Wlodarczyk killing the Sunday Sun, a now defunct news paper, said the dogs were barking all over town about what had happened. Not quite, the dogs were barking it is true, however their song was Kayhad killed the man, Paul's name was not bandied about re this matter until things were warming up again in the mid to late eighties. Around the time the Smith/Mason/ Reed faction had gained power and Influence within the union by bashings and tear. Innuendo from Mason re John Wlodarczyk's murder toward a job delegate who requested the union rule re exposure to tar & epoxy paint be observed, he says ft was not a random act of violence but a calculated decision to kill a man.

Reed warning a member 'do not go writing letters Norm and you had better not talk to

Drummond.' Norm, whose teenage son was to be killed by an unknown hit and run driver before years end, had outlined at a meeting that he had written to Fitzgerald outlining the most serious misgivings re the thrust this faction was presenting. They had declared union owned property at Kangaroo Point superfluous and with their filthy murderous scab mates stand up Col Woods, who they had infiltrated into the union, were pushing through a highly questionable land sale. Norm explained Fitzgerald replied that he­ should ring him and he would make arrangements for an interview with Drummond QC council assisting. Reed's warning coming only days after the Batkin murder, itself only days after the Chapman killing. Chapman's last political speech In the P&D's union rooms was that the time was long overdue for MT to be union secretary.

Angelo Vasta was DPP in 1978 who decided not to prosecute 0'Dempsy and Glancey,

recalling evidence the Coroner heard that Mrs M and the girls firstly did all they could to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their assailants, hoping thus to save their lives. After that the screaming went on for hours before they died. Recalling Vasta being elevated sortie short time later to the bench from where he was removed in 1988 in the wake of the Fl, allegedly because he maintained an allegedly unhealthy relationship with senior police who had been adversely named in evidence at the FI.

Interested whether either of the Vasta offspring employed at The Crown Law Department  was involved in the abortive prosecution of Kay Chambers and Stretch Johannsen. indeed what prosecutions have they gotten up to. For Instance did either of them have any input re the proceedings against Arthur Stanley Brown re Judith and Susan. Or the abortive prosecution of a young man who was charged re the 1990 disappearance of Mark Redding, or court proceedings wherein Tommy Moloney may have been called as a witness, and what does Jolly old Salvatore di Carlo get up to as a barrister even as the Zervos murder hangs over his head.

We have a problem likewise with prosecutor Barrister Neville Weston whose input re our

attempts to bring all these matters before Connolly and Ryan led to disaster. He at least agreed that corruption in a capital case, ie a murder case, is capital corruption. Which is great since it is the basis upon which we propose to hang him and  Angelo Vasta, and to do a job on corrupt lawyer Susan Austin as well.

Now another glimpse into the future: Susan Austin is in high dudgeon, it’s ladies day at

the execution ground and she is about to be beheaded is why. ‘Poisson fraise’ the executioner mutters he is a dour and morose man whose role model is Sanson the state executioner during the French revolution who, history records, cut twenty two heads in thirty five minutes the morning he guillotined Robespierre, head of the dreaded Committee for Public Safety, he often wonders indeed whether he is the reincarnation of that personage to which end he maintains a constant banter in a kind of bastard French with his assistant and his clients. Courtly now he offers Susan his arm ‘Madam’…  Page 7