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Thread: The Kangaroo Court tria and execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu 25 December 1989

  1. The Kangaroo Court tria and execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu 25 December 1989"]http://www.timesonli...icle6967099.ece

    December 24, 2009

    ..the Ceausescus were sentenced to death, they had ten days to appeal however the sentence was to be carried out immediately.

    Dorin-Marian Cirlan then 27 years, was part of the three man squad that killed Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena on December 25, 1989, he was a non commissioned officer in the 64th Parachute Regiment located at Boteni, about 50km outside the capital.

    He said that day he and seven others from his unit were flown to Bucharest, then joined by officers from the military justice department, all under the charge of former army commander General Victor Stanculescu, who had been the favorite of Elena Ceausescu.

    The Ceausescus were being held at the garrison in Tirgoviste, Captain Iomel Boeruwas ordered to sit in the makeshift courtroom while Sergant Major Georghin Octavian and Mr Cirlan were to stand guard outside, he said he could hear Elena complaining, refusing to recognize the court, and the defense lawyers acting like prosecutors.

    The Ceausescus were sentenced to death, they had ten days to appeal however the sentence was to be carried out immediately, they were tied up but not blindfolded and frogmarched by Mr Cirlan to an outbuilding where he fired seven rounds into Mr Ceausescu, then shot a full 30 rounds into Elena.

    Two other soldiers joined in the shooting, one had allegedly wanted revenge after he lost his brother in the Timisoara rising a few days earlier, later Mr Cirlan studied law, Captain Boeru rose to the rank of colonel while Mr Octavian became a taxi driver.

    Video and edited transcript of the Ceausescus' triall..

    Chief prosecutor ..Esteemed chairman of the court, today we have to pass a verdict on the defendants Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu, who have committed the following offenses: crimes against the people. They carried out acts that are incompatible with human dignity and social thinking; they acted in a despotic and criminal way.

    They destroyed the people whose leaders they claimed to be. Because of the crimes they committed against the people, I plead, on behalf of the victims of these two tyrants, for the death sentence. [He then reads from a bill of indictment, listing genocide, destruction of state buildings and undermining the economy].

    Prosecutor ..Did you hear the charges? Have you understood?

    Ceausescu ..I do not answer, I will only answer questions before the Grand National Assembly. I do not recognise this court. The charges are incorrect, and I will not answer a single question here.

    Prosecutor ..Note: he does not recognize the points mentioned in the bill of indictment.

    Ceausescu ..I will not answer any question. Not a single shot was fired in Palace Square. Not a single shot. No one was shot.

    Prosecutor ..By now, there have been 34 casualties.

    Elena Ceausescu ..Look, and that they are calling genocide.

    Prosecutor ..In all district capitals there is shooting going on. The people were slaves. The entire intelligentsia ran away.

    Elena Ceausescu ..The intelligentsia of the country will hear what you are accusing us of.

    Prosecutor ..Nicolae Ceausescu should tell us why he does not answer our questions. What prevents him from doing so?

    Ceausescu ..I will answer any question, but only at the Grand National Assembly, before the representatives of the working class. Tell the people that I will answer all their questions. All the world should know what is going on here.

    Prosecutor ..What are you really?

    Ceausescu ..I repeat: I am the President of Romania and the Commander in Chief of the Romanian Army. I am the president of the people. I will not speak with you provocateurs any more, and I will not speak with the organizers of the putsch and with the mercenaries. I have nothing to do with them.

    Prosecutor ..Please, make a note: Ceausescu does not recognize the new legal structures of power of the country. He still considers himself to be the country's President and the Commander in Chief of the Army. Why did you ruin the country? Why did you export everything? Why did you starve the people?

    Ceausescu ..I will not answer this question. It is a lie that I made the people starve. A lie, a lie in my face. This shows how little patriotism there is, how many treasonable offenses were committed.

    Prosecutor ..We have always spoken of equality. We are all equal. Everybody should be paid according to his performance. Now we finally saw your villa on television, the golden plates from which you ate, the foodstuffs that you had imported, the luxurious celebrations.

    Elena Ceausescu ..Incredible. We live in a normal apartment, just like every other citizen. We have ensured an apartment for every citizen through corresponding laws.

    Prosecutor ..Mr Chairman, we find the two accused guilty. I call for the death sentence.

    Counsel for the defense ..Even though he — like her — committed insane acts, we want to defend them. We want a legal trial. [Addressing the defendants:] You have acted in a very irresponsible manner; you led the country to the verge of ruin and you will be convicted on the basis of the bill of indictment.

    You are guilty of these offenses even if you do not want to admit it. Despite this, I ask the court to make a decision that we will be able to justify later as well. We must not allow the slightest impression of illegality to emerge. Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu should be punished in a really legal trial.
    Prosecutor ..I have been one of those who, as a lawyer, would have liked to oppose the death sentence, because it is inhuman. But we are not talking about people.

    After the television broadcast is cut off, the speaker announces that the verdict is the death sentence. Source: Foreign Broadcast Information Service.

    Cornel Lencar wrote:

    I was 22 years old and I remember perfectly the night when we waited for the trial to be broadcast on TV. We already knew that Ceausescu was shot, but I wanted to find the truth. Why we had to have rations, no electricity, and absolute adulation?

    The trial was a shock for me. It was an expedited court martial where some dodgy conspirators wanted to take the power and cover their true interests and allegiances.

    Romanian people deserved a fair trial where the truth needed to be told and then Ceausescu imprisoned. He didn't deserved to die, other than being a dictatorial personality, fewer people died as political prisoners during his time than during the "revolution", which was coordinated by others.

    It was a coup d'etat and unleashed the worst things in my compatriots. After all, Romanians have a good tradition of disposing of their rulers in a bloody way. With that trial, not only Ceausescus' were denied justice, the whole people were denied justice and the truth.. The evil that was unleashed then still bedevils the country and I am happy to not live there any longer.

    Charan Muzaya wrote:

    The week before Nicolae Ceausescu as president of Romania, had made a state visit to Iran.

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    Romania: Biggest street protests since 1989

    YesWeHaveNoBananas4 5 February 2017

    Prior to the murder of Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena Christmas Day 1989, thousands of flags that had the center part cut out appeared all over the country .. they had to be paid for.

    Like the Nazi flags at the Nuremberg rallies that propelled Hitler into the German Chancellory, the brown shirts the Brownshirts wore and their jackboots all had to be budgeted and paid for.

    Despite Ernst Röhm and the rest of the SA Brownshirts were done away with in the Night of the Long Knives Massacres that began in June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor January 31, 1933.

    The same Zionists who are financing the Calexit and the Confederacy revival, financed Adolf Hitler and firstly the formation then the destruction of the Communist Bloc that included Romania, outrage in the Ukraine, the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and the 911 attacks.

    Suppose this latest round of unrest in Romania is financed by the same Zionist elements!

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