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  1. Test Click the link, for the enlarged copy.

    Text: For the Record 19/9/1992, Ray Winning incumbent Secretary, dies at home in bed, of natural causes associated with a lifetime of smoking and alcohol abuse. 5 October I contact Burke then President, and tell him I am standing for Secretary, and will be seeking Peter Beattie's aid, in his role as PCJC Chair, in bringing to justice all and any persons, who have committed violence and murder against members of this union.

    Burke says he will have nothing to do with it, 9 October I contact Burke .. disaster see above .. 11 October, Burke rings and says start work the following day Strang Patrick Stevedoring!

    There I convene a union meeting and am elected delegate, I tell the members I am standing for secretary on an anti corruption ticket, and receive a standing ovation! Bruce Saunders agrees to nominate me for that position, Alec Sloan turns up on the job the following day, and agrees to second my nomination!

    Lobbying all other members they decline to participate in the election. I ring Burk and tell him that counting the scab Bob Mason on his side I have the numbers, he says life member Rocco Rogers is on his side.

    Anticipating this I had already lobbied and received the support of life member Kevin Brady, thus I had four votes to his three, whereupon I declared myself elected and of the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union of Australia, Queensland Branch, and that my first act was to expel him from the union as a scab re the Pacific Guardian affair in '91!

    FEEDBACK: Peter Hansen who wrote the Union Grass story above said Foreman rang him, saying that he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him. Saunders and Sloan both recanted their support in late Octobe 1991, too late to alter events however, both had scabbed in the Pacific Guardian incident in any case!

    Hoera Te Kooti 62 attacked by up to 15 young aboriginal people 11: 30 pm 5 April 1999, Ipswich Queensland. Security camera footage shows them going thruhis pockets as he lay dying, one charged none convicted - We got a problem with that here!

    City slicker goes out to his mate's cattle property, he gets a bit bored, so his mate says why don't you take a couple of dogs and go shooting .. he says OK and off he goes, comes back a bit later and tells his mate, gee this shooting's OK, "got any more dogs! - As per Rolf Harris 1959.

    How do I set a fixed avatar size on vB

    AdminCP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manger -> Select specific usergroup -> Picture Uploading Permissions -> Custom Avatar Maximum Width/Height (pixels)

    Here are the paths to change Italics on skins as well has how to set Admin privileges for members if you want

    > 1. Italic
    > AdminCP>Styles & Templates>Style Manager
    > All Style Options in each Templates, select Stylevar
    > under bbCode, select bbcode_quote_font, in Font Style select normal
    > 2. Change user level
    > AdminCP>Users>Search for Users>Show All users
    > in which username, Select Vew / Edit User and click Go
    > Under Usergroup Options, select to the Usergroup level want.



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    Boats on Mars

    As well as a boat this image by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Sol 995 May 25, 2015 has a mysterious leaning tower upper right center!

    This craft photographed by the Curiosity Rover on Sol 782 Oct. 18, 2014, looks like a cable ferry.

    There are boats in this Spirit Rover frame taken in 2009.

    Opportunity Sol 2667, July 26, 2011.

    Looks Like Another Boat Curiosity Sol 1250, taken Feb. 11, 2016.

    Looks like a couple more water craft on Curiosity Sol 1255.

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    NASA Curiosity Sol 959 Figures and Faces, The Skull Scam - Queen Nefertiti & The Buddha

    Take another look at the Martian King and discern he has an elongated head.

    Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti 1370 - 1330 BC, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten whose name means "the beautiful one," who ruled Egypt after her husband's death and attended to affairs of state in the nude..

    Also had an elongated skull which appears to be a Martian trait, as per the elongated skull in the montage lower right, the Rover image top right attests to the sheer abundance of skulls on the Martian plain.

    The skull outlined in green looks a lot older than the crested skull in yellow, enlargement shows there are numerous smaller skulls in the frame like the one outlined in red, while the straight brow line and triangular eyes on the blue skull identify a Martian alien!

    The carvings outlined above in this frame from Curiosity Sol 959 are in lake sediments which proves the Martian civilization survived the inundation era, the background profile suggests a well maintained portal to the Martian underworld .. inset Queen Nefertiti and the Buddha.

    Maybe Earth was co;onized by Martians after all .. so how did they get to planet Mars in the first place .. surmise we are dealing with a Galatic [Universal] civilization.

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    Two more from Spirit Sol 218 top, and Opportunity Sol 4303 above.

    Left panel "Clovis" stone axes from various Earthly locations, right panel stone axes identified on pics returned by the NASA Mars Rovers.


    Two more from Spirit Sol 218 top, and Opportunity Sol 4303 above.

    Left panel "Clovis" stone axes from various Earthly locations, right panel stone axes identified on pics returned by the NASA Mars Rovers.

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    Check this detail from Curiosity Sol 603 dated April 18, 2014, that shows extensive stonework, a poured cement slab and what looks like a subway entrance, there is a sheet of flexible material R center.


    Martian Boat @ Rocknest, Credit David Jones @ The Grey

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    This skull from Curiosity 959 appears identical to modern man.

    Mummified head C Sol 969 .. the stone piece protruding from the mouth looks like a weapon that might have caused death, the insert bottom left shows unusual texture, and has a dark crested skull and other skulls half buried in the sand.

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