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    As with other stone Martian artifacts, the square chisel mark identifies this piece from Opportunity Sol 4318 as the product of a sentient being.

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    Axes from Op Sols 139, 3233 & 3240.


    Native American artifact from El Puguero Suroest on the Gulf of California, has chisel marks.

    The square chisel mark on the quartzite handaxe from Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain dated circa 350,000 years, and the Martian artifact from Curiosity Sol 308 are identical.

    Acheulean short ovate shaped hand axe, Valladolid province Spain .. the square chisel mark low on the right hand shot resembles the chisel marks on numerous Martian handaxes, closer scrutiny reveals more possible chisel marks on all three images, postulate this and the Martian implements were fashioned by the same hand!

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    The parallel section outlined from Op Sol 1286 looks like light rail tracks.

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    As well as the light rail tracks left screen, there are boats in this Curiosity Rover frame returned March 19, 2016.

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    Brickwork on Planet Mars, Curiosity Mars Rover Sol 1514, Nov. 8, 2016


    Sheet of Flexible Material & Concrete Slab. Curiosity Sol 995, May 25, 2015.

    Update: This image from Curiosity 610, shows the "Sheet of Flexible Material" is where the Rover's wheels went across two low sand drifts.

    Another view from C 610 shows the large background stone seen in the upper pic, it appears the "poured concrete slab" is set to remain a mystery .. at least for now

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