Brisbane Australia, Thursday I found a plastic bag like the ones drug dealers use while cycling home after doing the shopping.

It contained some marijuana of a type called White Widow, since the buds look like little spiders when they are on the plant, they dry to an almost white shade of pale green when they still look like spiders, hence the name, I got two smokes out of it.

On Sunday I started to chill out and decided to head to Nimbin in New South Wales where they have a growers market, I have been going there off and on since the nineties, taking the bus to Tweed Heads from Brisbane depart 3:30 pm, arrive at the Tweed around six, missed the last bus to Murwillumbah, so walk out of town a bit and camp beside the highway ..lucky I had brought my bedroll along.

I met a beautiful girl at the bus station at Roma Street in Brisbane, she was from Udine in North Eastern Italy about 150km from Venice, I gave her my web address, she was going to visit Nimbin after she had been to the Gold Coast, the bedroll is called a swag here and I told her that I am a swagman.
Next day the bus stop had gone, where it had been was an enormous freeway and there was no bus, lucky I keep in good shape, I walked about 20km to the Condong Sugar Mill, where I gave a farmer twenty bucks and he drove me the next eight clicks into town.

I got the bus to Nimbin and bought some hydro weed at twelve dollars a gram, then went along to the old hippies commune to spend the night, I unrolled my swag in a cane break between the old site and the camping ground, I looked up and saw the Moon was directly overhead, when it is like that it looks like it is gonna fall out of the sky onto you, it was about a quarter past six in the pm.

I had spent the afternoon pickin' on a twelve string guitar at the Nimbin sound lounge, with a couple of players who regularly play in the guitar studio there, the twelve belonged to the studio group, and they very kindly encourage visitors to play and to sit in on the jams, there is no alcohol so we drank tea.

Lying up in the cane break mulling over the irony of cane break residence, we had all just been talking and singing a little Johnny Cash in the studio, cane breaks were a place Johnny sang of often, then it started to rain!

Down beside the creek was a tepee, it was dark ...between the moonlight and the flashes of lightning I packed up and headed for the tepee, it was dry and there was a made bed with sheets on inside, and since it has been cold for September in Australia, warm.

Now in the pourin' rain warm, dry and happy ..the last of the Nimbin hippies, through the night and on into daybreak, looking around the camp it was a mess, surely somebody should clean the site, except for the inside of the tepee and the bed the place was filthy!

There was an empty drugs bag in the tent and I put ten dollars and a bud of cannabis into it, then placed the bag under a dry woolen jacket that was there, as well as a tube roll of mosquito repellent and some headache tabs!! there was a mixin' bowl, and I left a bud of chop chop in that, and another half smoked joint on the fire place.

Back thru town on the way home to get the bus to Mur'bah, the ATM in Nimbin was closed, next door a chain store is doing EFTPOS transactions, anticipating her BS I say,

"What limit do you have for a cash only eftpos withdrawal,”

She says, “how much do you want,”

I tell her, "I want to go all the way,"

She snarls, “how much do you want,”

I tell her, “I asked first, what's the limit,”

She turns away, I say, "fifty please," she tells me there is a one dollar surcharge and hands me the keypad, then snatches it out of my hand when I have keyed in the number.

Then get the 9:30am bus to Murwillumbah, then straight onto the Tweed Heads bus, then straight onto the Robina bus that connects to the Brisbane train, and got into Brisbane at 1:33 pm, just four hours after getting the bus in Nimbin!