Established 1900
Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union
of Australia.
Queensland Branch.

This edition updated 27 December 2005

Martin Timothy

Where the hell are the police: porn sites depicting the criminal
assault of young people abound on the internet.

One sequence, a young female person has surgical sutures inserted in her frame a pair of industrial pliers are inserted in a wound on a young persons frame a number of people are naked around a raised platform upon which is a child with numbers of similar industrial tools inserted in a similar wound,

The boys from the Adelaide Club playing doctors it would seem, there is an old fuddy duddy dancing nude in the foreground... other frames of young women who appear to have died violently... and people in obvious fear. Links advertising sites with such titles as 'Young Girls Tortured and Killed.' We have a death penalty policy here. So look out y'all web masters the man with the noose is after you.

GENOCIDE is underway in this country check The manpower shortage: Ask where did it come from?Then checkThe abortion statistics: 300,000 or so abortions per year for thirty or forty years then wonder why there are no people to staff industry. check the union's response.

911 How much bull does George W. think people can absorb
check the web sites, read the details, look at the video evidence, the official story is at odds with the facts. Was this just a test for even more spectacular outrages? Are they going to nuke the cities? And George is damn right about one thing at least, an act of warfare was perpetrated against the United States on September 11 2001. The United States citizenry is going to have to bite the bullet and make a few tough decisions. Their leaders are making complete fools of them. 911 was an inside job.

Looters Beware
The MottoTouch One Touch All is the property of ThePainters and Dockers Union See the union banner reproduced at below Read on CFMEU.

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Racism Is rife in Industry check the pre start criteria at Waco scaffolding in Brisbane try to get a job there, tell the boss Tia Howsonyou are an Australian.

You wont be working, you are the wrong race I tell that to Howson in'03 I had been ringing him on and off since '94, '...yes mate' he says 'I've got your number' he says, reads my number back ' nothing now I'll ring when there is a bit of work' I put up with this bull till about '03 then I tell him he's a racist and that if I was a member of the Mouri tribe I'd have been working since '94. He says that's bull and hangs up
. Read re scabs in BLF '96.

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Read re scabs in BLF '96 2001 Journal Page 4.

Racism at Waco: Scabs at Bell: thus The BLF Trash at Superior Scaffolding in about '97 Paddy Quinn tells me not to ring back I was employed there one day. More of the same at Central Scaffolding in '98after oneday Ray Batchelor says 'you're finishing up'.

The taint of racism, scabbing and murder goes with maligning or using prejudice against an operation seeking justice re the murder of trade unionists. Read the handbill at left: A seconder is still required for this motion re the debate re the BLF response to the scabbing that took place at Bell's yard in 1996 and response to the request from the Paintersand Dockers Union for assistance demanding government action re murder on the docks.

In similar manner. Scabs were not the only forces arraigned against painters and dockers. Just as ghosts on the docks payroll needed high level connivance from employers so to does high level scabbing in the BLF.

Those employers named above and the movers and shakers at the BLF like scabs, organizer Puplett, Secretary Simcoe and Greg Moxham who laughed out loud, can come along to the coroners court and explain their reasons for the summary dismissals that took place and the union attitude. Responses we say are linked to terrorism, racism and murder in the industrial workplace.

The criteria for being labeled a scab insofar as this union is concerned is to have been a member of the Queensland Branch on 15 or 18 July 1991. Or to malign the present union justice campaign re the murder of around sixty of our members, or be a former member who returned to work on the Brisbane waterfront anytime without a P&D union ticket.

But does not include workers who had the rug pulled from under them when this union was deregistered forcing them to resume work on sites that were hitherto unionised as per our award but now pay only the minimum wage: Brisbane Slipways operate a drum and cable slipway within the Cairncross Dockyard Industrial Precinct which caters to vessels to 2,000 tonnes GRT, is a perfect case in point, as of June 2004 the pay for a casual employee carrying out abrasive blasting was $15.40 per hour.

The union rates, which prevailed on that site since its construction in 1972 until the entire precinct was deunionised finally and under extreme duress in 1993, were as of '04 about $27.00 for casuals and around $22.00 for permanent employees.

Nor does it include any person employed in the industry who objects to becoming a member of a trade union. The Painters and Dockers Union does not support compulsory union membership and endorses persons rights to remain exempt from union activity, while at the same time not excluding any persons involvement in on site affairs or in on site employees meetings, unlike union meetings which take place off site.

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EditorialHow much stress can the organism that is human culture stand. How much genocide or racism or bull. John Howard led Australian participation in the invasion of two sovereign states on false premises, we approached him in 1993 he was shadow Minister for Industrial relations we had told him thru Tony Blair yes, the Tony Blair, link that murderous scab elements were in the process of hijacking the electoral process in the union.

He would not speak to us and hung up. Mr Blair told us that Sir Peter Abells was theMister Big in Australian crime. Abells was Bob Hawke's best mate while Hawke was Prime Minister from 1982 until about '92 link. Hawke and another one of his ratbag mates called PaulKeating brought in and ratified The Australian Industrial Relations Act 1988.

Murder was Committed in The Painters and Dockers Union to endorse union response to this Act of Parliament.