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    Secretary's Report: 3 July 2008 ...This is how the story goes

    Working at a BHP coal mine in Queensland under union conditions, on a ten hour overtime shift I am on around forty four bucks an hour plus coal bonus and height and dirt money, I expect to get around five hundred bucks for the shift, working as a rigger variously on an oxy acetylene torch and driving the crane, doing demolition on night shift, preparing the coal wash plant for an upgrade.

    I was working with an experienced boilermaker who had spent at least twenty years in the industry, I arrive on the site at the start of night shift, the pay clerk who was just knocking off gave me my pay slip for the previous week.

    Later in the shift the guy I was working with asked for a look at my pay slip, I gave it to him and when he read it he started crying, his tears washed the coal dust from his face, I said, …what’s up Mate, and he broke down and told me a contractor had rang him about this job, he declined on the grounds that he was only gonna pay eighteen dollars hours an hour, flat rate no overtime rate, no coal bonus no height money, no nuthin’.

    The contractor then rang his missus and told her there was a job if he wanted it, where upon she presented him with the ultimatum of going to work or moving out, so on union rates on that shift I got around three hundred and twenty dollars more than him.

    I gave him my undertaking that I would be sponsoring a union motion that all trade union people at all BHP coal mining operations, thence all BHP hard rock mining and on shore facilities, cease work until this pay claim which has existed since 1995, and all other similar pay claims are met.

    30 June 2008: This union proposes that the Australian workforce drop their tools and walk off the job on strike, in protest at the lack of police and government action in relation to killings in both the Queensland and Victorian Branches of the Painters and Dockers Union, then the thuggery and the scabbery on BLF sites, and in the mining and construction sectors.

    Scabs at Gove an alumina mine in Northern Australia…2005 I was union delegate and the scabs were smoking in the trucks we used on site, I told them they were in breach of union conditions, a man had to go home sick due to the tobacco smoke in the twin cab, a black boy name Jim Mow spits a big gob full of slag, as I got out of my truck, he was in the back seat of another twin cab I hop in and smash my fist into his black face and then give this black boy the whoppin’ of his life.

    The government needs to get a handle on the scabbing, the thuggery, the murder and the violence, and then we will go back to work.

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    Sometime around 1970 someone got it into their heads to kill the Australians in abortion clinics and bring immigrants into this country. These are the dead Aussies.

    Secret war has been waged against white people thus abortion has devastated white populations in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia, immigrants whose allegiance is not to the host nation, but to the foreign culture from which they came, have been brought into those same abortion devastated countries to make up the numbers.

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    Update:1 August 2006: Leggy Israeli spunkers send artillery message: Massive bereavement in Lebanon. This trade union website will be at the forefront of the campaign to have sweet Daniele and her nubile friends, tried in a court of capital jurisdiction, for the unjust slaying of these unknown deceased Lebanese civilians.

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    Posted in response to: "...Why do serial killers always kill women."

    John Wayne Gacy was a man killer who had around thirty young men buried under his house, Goeffery Daimer killed around seventen men and boys, Chicano SK in Southern California killed about thirty men, so they do not only kill women at all.

    The FBI and other law enforcement agencies estimate that there are between 35 to 50 serial killers on the loose in the United States.

    Oh sure the Indianapolis cops are big as bullies and little on real crime, every body knows that.

    Estimates put the number of active killers close to five hundred, according to a 1997 FBI Behavioral Unit study of serial murder that said serial killing had climbed to, "an almost epidemic proportion," it is believed that presently there are up to 6,000 people a year dying in the hands of serial killers.

    Herb Baumeister was the Indianapolis serial killer active from 1980 until his suicide in Canada in 1996, the partial skeletal remains of eleven bodies were found on or adjacent to his acreage property and nine more turned up dumped by the side of the highway.

    An accomplice said his likely tally was as many as seventy, the Indianapolis police did not even lift a finger, as more and more young men disappeared, last seen at a gay bar in that city, eventually one of the missing men's families hired a private investigator, who identified the suspect within eight hours.

    His wife says there were as many as one hundred signature trips down the highway. Google

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