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42 white men hanged - Gainesville Texas, 1862 Accused of having formed a group dedicated to subversive activity, and to have sworn still unknown oaths!

85 Irish Traitors Hanged - New Mexico Territory 1846 Surely in this case justice was perpetrated, they had deserted the United States Army, thence bore arms against their former comrades on behalf of Mexico!

38 Santee Sioux hanged Minnesota 1862 They had perpetrated hostility against European settlers, their case rested upon their assertion that the settlers fired first.

So why was prosecution thence execution, limited to one man only of the Mormons that descended upon the Fancher party .. Don't we know that if the MMM had been prosecuted to its fullest potential, the ones who perpetrated the crime, along with Brigham Young and the others who received stolen property, would have been hanged in just retaliation.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre involved the slaughter of as many as one hundred and fifty Oregon bound emigrants in the Fancher / Baker wagon train in southern Utah between Cedar City and St. George on September 11, 1857.

Brigham Young

The massacre was perpetrated by an armed force of 50-60 Mormon militiamen and some Southern Paiute Indians, directed by LDS Stake Presidents William H. Dame and Isaac C. Haight, Bishop Philip Klingensmith, Mormon Indian agent and militia officer John Doyle Lee, and Mormon militia officer John H. Higbee.

The Mormon militia killed every man and woman in the wagon train with only seventeen children, all under eight years of age surviving, i
n the aftermath of the massacre the same Mormon leaders denied all responsibility, blaming it instead on the Southern Paiutes.

The cover up unraveled
almost immediately, resulting in a protracted effort by territorial officials to get to the bottom of what happened, an effort that spanned some two decades, as more information came to light, two principals, Haight and Lee, were excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

On March 23, 1877, John D. Lee sits on his casket while his death sentence is read aloud, the firing squad shot from the wagons at right. Public domain photo from 1910 Salt Lake Tribune.


Brevet Major J.H. Carleton visited Mountain Meadows in 1859 and described the three burial heaps, wolves had dug open the heaps, dragged out the bodies, and were then tearing the flesh from them, I counted 19 wolves at one of these places.

I have since learned from the people who assisted in burying the bodies that there were 107 men, women and children found dead upon the ground.

I am satisfied that all were not found, most of the bodies were stripped of all their clothing, were then in a state of putrefaction, and presented a horrible sight, there was no property left upon the ground except one white ox, which is still at my ranch.

From left Isaac Haight, John H. Higbee, William Dame & household.

CV Waite - The Mormon Prophet - A revelation from Brigham Young, as Great Grand Archee or God, was dispatched to President J. C. Haight, Bishop Higbee and J. D. Lee the adopted son of Brigham.

Commanding them to raise all the forces they could muster and trust, follow those cursed Gentiles attack them disguised as Indians, and with the arrows of the Almighty make a clean sweep of them, and leave none to tell the tale,

If they needed any assistance they were commanded to hire the Indians as their allies, promising them a share of the booty, they were to be neither slothful nor negligent in their duty, and to be punctual in sending the teams back to him before winter set in, for this was the mandate of Almighty God.


Mark Twain: A wagon train rich in cattle, horses, mules and other property, with one hundred and forty five or one hundred and fifty emigrants, being in part from Arkansas, and in part from Missouri, left Arkansas.

A large party of Mormons, painted and tricked out as Indians, overtook the train of emigrant wagons some three hundred miles south of Salt Lake City, and made an attack, the emigrants threw up earthworks, made fortresses of their wagons and defended themselves gallantly and successfully for five days!

At the end of the five days the Mormons retired to the upper end of the Meadows, resumed civilized apparel, washed off their paint, and then, heavily armed, drove down in wagons to the beleaguered emigrants, bearing a flag of truce, when the emigrants saw white men coming they threw down their guns and welcomed them with cheer after cheer, and lifted a little child aloft, dressed in white, in answer to the flag.

Ed: None of the extant accounts mentions this photograph, nor do any Mormon sources admit that a photographer was there!

The deliverers were President Haight, and Bishop John D. Lee, of the Mormon Church.They professed to be on good terms with the Indians, and proposed to intercede and settle the matter with them, after several hours they gave the ultimatum of the savages.

Which was, that the emigrants should march out of their camp, leaving everything behind them, even their guns, it was promised by the Mormon bishops that they would bring a force and guard the emigrants back to the settlements, the terms were agreed to, the emigrants being desirous of saving the lives of their families.

The Mormons retired, and subsequently appeared with thirty or forty armed men, the emigrants were marched out, the women and children in front and the men behind, the Mormon guard being in the rear, when they had marched in this way about a mile, at a given signal the slaughter commenced, the men were almost all shot down at the first fire from the guard.

Two only escaped, who fled to the desert, and were followed one hundred and fifty miles before they were overtaken and slaughtered, the women and children ran on, two or three hundred yards further, when they were overtaken and with the aid of the Indians they were slaughtered.

Seventeen individuals only, of all the emigrant party, were spared, and they were little children, the eldest of them being only seven years old. Thus, on the 10th day of September, 1857, was consummated one of the most cruel, cowardly and bloody murders known in our history. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Ed: These stills are from the video, and like the Sisters of Jared photo above, appear to have been taken on the day at the scene of the crime.

Judge Cradlebaugh John D Lee