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Thread: Prinzowhales @ CBS: January - May 2008

  1. Prinzowhales @ CBS: January - May 2008

    China: Quake-Damaged Nuke Sites Are Safe

    May 21, 2008 9:44 AM EDT

    I bet those sites are just as safe as the heparin and children''s toys they sell us.
    Comments on: Obama Poised To Take Lead In Delegate Race

    Prinzowhales May 20, 2008 6:58 PM EDT

    Whatithink--Both the Panthers and the Muslims promoted taking care of your own, getting clean and giving the children a future. They were, in a way, more in line with the black family prior to its government/foundation supported breakdown. I actually think more of Wright than I do of Obama-- if it wasn''t for his James Cone theology and a few other things.
    Prinzowhales May 20, 2008 6:48 PM EDT

    The Black Muslims have done some outstanding work in their communities when no one else would. They''ve got their wild side...but, like the Black Panthers, they have done some good. They''ve both done more for black folks than the Republican Party has done for anyone but the rich.
    Obama To Tenn. GOP: "Lay Off My Wife"

    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 12:37 PM EDT

    Michelle Obama later clarified the remark, saying she meant she was proud of how Americans were engaging in the political process and that she had always been proud of her country.

    This clarifies nothing...she is a lying racist low life just like her husband...who despite repeated opportunities has refused to explain why for twenty years he remained an officer in a church based on Cone''s black liberation theology, which held that if a religion did not aid in the destruction of the white enemy, it should be cast aside.

    As if this were not enough, the Israel firster and America laster, Neocon William Kristol has said that he prefers Obama over Clinton. His campaign manager, Axelrod, is the protege of Representative Rahm Emmanuel--an IDF veteran who represents Israel from his perch in Chicago. His foreign policy handler is Zbignieuw Brzezinski who wants to renew the Cold War with Russia! .. You'd have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to support this Manchurian candidate.
    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 12:45 PM EDT

    Who else supports Obama? John D. Rockefeller IV, who on the Senate Intelligence Committee passed on the obviously bogus ''evidence'' rationalizing the Stupid Peoples'' War against Iraq--as did John Edwards. Rockefeller has his families own private intelligence network with connections all through the Middle East which would have told him the truth of the matter.

    But, as Obama himself and Mad. Albright, Clinton''s secretary of State noted...US FOREIGN POLICY IS BIPARTISAN!!--that means BOTH parties were party to the fraud...both supported the war against Iraq for Oil and Israel. Note also that John Edwards was on the committee with Rockefeller and passed on this war without any hint of due diligence! He is also a Bilderberger attendee--prior to his selection as Kerry''s VP, he went to their meeting in Naples to be vetted.

    Kerry and Edwards IGNORED THE THEFT OF OHIO by the Republicans. Kerry and his Republican wife flew away to party with the Schwartzeneggers...Two people are in jail for the Ohio theft.
    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 12:53 PM EDT

    Concorde5--She said, "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." Why?--For the egocentric reason that people were supporting her husband? I''m still waiting for her sorry-arsed husband to explain how he remained in a church for 20 years that held to Cone''s theology--that if a religion did not serve to destroy the white enemy it should be cast aside. The 37-bowling coward threw Wright to the wolves but has yet to explain his behavior.
    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 1:00 PM EDT

    Obama has sworn fealty to Israel. His campaign manager, Axelrod, is tied to the Israeli agent Rahm Emmanuel, the Israeli Defence Force veteran who is a Representative for a district in Chicago. He ran the Congressional Election campaign for the Democrats and made sure that anti-war candidates didn''t get the support from the party.
    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 12:57 PM EDT

    Obama is supported by the Rockefellers--they epitomize Big Oil...Every time you pay usury for gas, you put money in his pocket...Every time you pay usury for your mortgage, you put money in his pocket. Obama is supported by Lester Crown--of the war profiteer, General Dynamics...Are you silly enough to think that this Israel-firster is supporting some one who wants peace in the Middle East?

    Obama has introduced a bill to spend nearly a trillion dollars to fight "global poverty. Do we have it to spend?...or is Obama, clinically insane? William Kristol supports Obama over Clinton!! He is a founder of the odious PNAC, the Israel-first organization that worked overtime to get a war on with Iraq...Twelve of the Eighteen signers of the PNAC letter found positions in the Bush Administration.
    Prinzowhales May 19, 2008 1:07 PM EDT

    DO YOU WANT TO RE-START THE COLD WAR???!! Obama''s foreign policy handler does--Ziggy Brzezinski.

    He thought that America needed a new Pearl Harbor to rally people to war....And, not amazingly, he got it on 9-11 when elements in the Regime and their Israeli accomplices carried out the false-flag attack on America. President Cossiga, who served longer than any Italian head of state since World War II and headed Italian Intelligence, said that, "it was an open secret in the world intelligence community that 9-11 was carried out by America and Israel, to justify the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq."
    Can Indignation Alone Move a Junta?

    Prinzowhales May 18, 2008 4:48 PM EDT

    Lots of indignation here, but the Bush-Cheney-Rice Troika remains unmoved on the war, oil, food, border, corruption, etc.
    Iraq Detains 1,000 In Militant Crackdown

    Prinzowhales May 17, 2008 8:29 PM EDT

    One has to wonder how they identifies the fighters, and why ''leaders'' would leave them to their fates when they are said to have suspected the assault was coming .. its a punch that has been telegraphed now for weeks.
    Prinzowhales May 17, 2008 8:07 PM EDT

    That is quite a Rambo-esque pose...its the first time I have seen an Iraqi Army action figure....Looks like it was taken from the safety of a military post. Usually one surrounds a city, then sweeps it for suspects and scoops up any trying to flee. It looks like they missed the al CIAda leaders and rounded up some deadheads,

    Who apparently weren't familiar with the whole ''holy warrior'' concept of fighting to the death...I rather expect many of these ''fighters'' will be the Iraqi equivalent to our own ''morons in Miami'' who lived in a whorehouse until an FBI provocateur convinced them to be al Qaeda.
    Prinzowhales May 18, 2008 5:17 PM EDT

    In the white slavery rackets all roads lead to Dyncorps and Israel...just as Ecstasy is an Israeli drug speciality. Despite end user agreements, IDF copters are in the service of the drug cartels in Columbia and IDF forces provided a body guard for Bush41''s former partner in narcotics trafficking, Manuel Noreiga.,00.html
    Prinzowhales May 18, 2008 12:53 PM EDT

    Israeli terrorists have been arrested and deported from this country by the hundreds. See Carl Cameron''s series of reports for FOX news on the arrest and deportation of the Israeli ''art students'' who were trying to infiltrate US government offices and the homes of high-ranking officials .. Read the reports of Israelis captured with plans to nuclear plants and in vans with traces of explosives detected. Where will the next false flag attack occur?
    Prinzowhales May 18, 2008 12:49 PM EDT

    demslie--Our troops have been saying nothing of the kind. The Washington Regime canceled a propaganda event recently when it turned out that none of the Iranian weapons they were going to show came from Iran. You and the other enablers of Israeli terrorists should be ashamed of your lies that have already cost over 4000 Americans their lives in Iraq. Now you want more to die in another war based on lies and BS.
    7 Convicted Of Jihad Recruiting In Paris

    Prinzowhales May 14, 2008 3:29 PM EDT

    In France, one is guilty until you prove you are innocent. In France, it is against the law to tell the truth when it comes in conflict with some element of the Official Holocaust story...the truth is no defense in a French court.

    In France, a fascist swine has been succeeded by a fascist swine. ''Viva la Empire, a bas la Republic!'' the new motto of La France under Sarkozy and the Neo-Scum.
    McCain's Balancing Act On The Environment

    May 12, 2008 5:43 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! I spit on you for the dogs that you are!!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:42 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! Letting the Oil companies buy up battery patents...Keeping the war on...not moving forward on energy independence...not investigating 9-11.

    Not taking care of veterans...not doing anything about the stop-loss orders that are continuing...not protecting the border while fighting your faux-war on terror....backing Narco Regimes in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico.
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:38 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! YUUUUUUUUUUUU...HOO! Got that spending under control? Solved the crime problem? Addressed those CIA drug/rendition planes that went down in Mexico? Got your $14,000 Congressional cost of living increase over the last few years...while Social Security recipients got next to nothing!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:35 PM EDT

    Hey, Demopublicans!! Wake up!! How''s that draft bill doing...will it be coming out after the election?
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:32 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! How''s that inflation?? Keeping it under control, are we?--Using core inflation figures that don''t include food and energy, to keep it low? Pretty clever, otherwise the inflation rate might be what it is if we used the 1980 method of figuring inflation--Over 12%!! Think the sheep would bleat about that?
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:30 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! Did your Congressmen scold the oil companies enough about high gas prices?...They sure fixed them, didn't they?
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:28 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! How''s that war going?! Paying for it with Iraqi oil, are we??!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:27 PM EDT

    Demopublicans!! How are those Open Borders working out for you?!!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:26 PM EDT

    USBrit--And just who are your reputable sources?
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:25 PM EDT

    Crooks! Scum! Vermin! The bought dogs of the Oligarchy .. McCain the Keating Fiver and land swap promoter, Cattle Futures Clinton, the war piggy, Backstabber Obama, got his payoff in the form of a cut rate mansion and his Foundation lucre, supported by the Rockefeller's, the one''s profiting perhaps more than anyone else from $4 a gallon gas. Keep voting for your Demopublican scum candidates-- and you will get more of the same!!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:18 PM EDT

    USBrit--If you knew anything about Counter Intelligence you would know that anyone who has been under enemy discipline is not to be trusted with secure information...much less as Commander in Chief.

    McCain sold his soul for better treatment...He married into a family that is connected to organized crime. He is a bonified Keating Five crook! Which ties him to the organized crime figures who spun off Keating to Arizona...Filth! Supported by Filth!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:14 PM EDT

    McCain, Obama and Clinton, ALL WANT OPEN BORDERS!! All support the policies that allowed an illegal immigrant to get three liver transplants while an American is denied. McCain, Obama, and Clinton, All ignore the CIA drug planes that went down in Mexico.

    All support war...One Obama says he doesn''t, says he does and then says he doesn''t again but leaves himself an out on withdrawal that you could drive a semi through it--if you could afford to!! These Demopublican monsters are part and parcel of the problem!--and the dumb animals are lining up behind them once again.
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:09 PM EDT

    Read what real Vietnam Vets have to say about Juan McWar!--the man who lost five US planes...which puts him at number 18 in the rankings of North Vietnamese aces...

    Human garbage=Obama, Clinton and McCain!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:04 PM EDT

    Obama...McCain...Clinton... ..Scum of the Earth... Open Borders! War! Squander! Corruption! Demopublicans!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:01 PM EDT

    Yeah, they may be bitter...I''m bitter that I have to waste my time posting against a d*amned lying treasonous animal who supports open borders, 100 years in Iraq and is a Keating Five corruptionist married to a druggie...supported by Israel-first war pigs like Liebermann ..Obama''s mentor in the Senate, whom he endorsed in his run against an antiwar candidate in Connecticut. McCain is compromised, and it has been known for decades!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 5:21 PM EDT

    The lemming trash who support McCain are one in the same as those who supported the lying deserter, Bush. Open borders! Gun Control! War! Corruption! Demopublicans! Enjoy those policies that gave us $4 a gallon gas and are creating food shortages! Vote for McWar, Clin'toon, or Obomb'em!
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 4:57 PM EDT

    Chuck Baldwin, a good man, is the Constitution Party candidate.[/COLOR] The Demopublicans are human garbage! Owned lock, stock and toe tapper by Big Oil, Israel and International Bankers. And their misfeasance and malfeasance has caused only death, human misery, debt and destruction.

    Never vote for these monsters! It is time for real change! Stop re-electing 91% of the Demopublican garbage...Stop buying their promises and lies! Vote Third Party! IT IS TIME FOR ANOTHER AMERICAN REVOLUTION! TIME TO SUPPORT THIRD PARTIES! TROOPS HOME NOW!

    Let us restore that God D-mned piece of paper the US Constitution--as the law of the land...restore our Republic...Down and Out with the Oligarchy and its three tame stooges...Obama...McCain and Clinton!The Libertarians haven''t even had their convention comes up later in May in Denver.
    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 4:44 PM EDT

    USBrit -
    The Price Of Bananas

    Prinzowhales May 12, 2008 3:46 PM EDT

    And the other, poor little corporations just paid off the goons in Central America to murder union organizers...Poor corporations! Who will help the poor corporations!! They''re only trying to sweat labour to untercut American workers...they''re only trying to make a profit....they''re only trying to bleed labour and gouge you! Its their right! Submit! Submit!
    Obama Says US Commitment to Israel "Unshakeable"

    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 10:23 PM EDT

    On 9-11, Israeli intelligence agents had cameras set up to document the attack prior to the attack on the WTC, one would think Americans would be angry about this, one would assume that they would demand to know why they were not warned but a Mossad crew from a Israeli psy nest centered around a moving company in Jersey was ordered to document the attack.

    Only traitors and dogs support Israel--who with their accomplices in Washington murdered 3,000 Americans and started the wars in the Middle East. If the gung-ho Neo Con trash wish to destroy terrorists--Israel is where it has always been for the last 60 years!
    Prinzowhales May 10, 2008 6:28 PM EDT

    Obama''s praise of Herzl is even more insane than his adherence to a Church whose theology views the whites as the enemy, he is backed by the Rockefeller interests and other ZioNazi oriented corporate interests. The more this creature opens his mouth the more I view him as the most pre-eminent danger of the three to our nation. Obama must be stopped at all costs!
    Al Sharpton Under Fire

    Prinzowhales May 10, 2008 3:13 PM EDT

    Rowdy Texan--They were stopped--allegedly for being involved in the''re not resisting when you are laying on the ground being kicked... We have no results of any paraffin test, if one was evening taken, to suggest that they were even involved in a shooting. Why not? We have no guns to suggest that they were involved in a shooting. Why not? There was no excuse for the police to let the suspects get into an automobile where they might have had a weapon when the police officer alleged that he heard one of them being instructed to ''get his gun''.

    There is testimony that the officer placed his leg on the hood of the car and was looking into it...other testimony is that the passenger, after the police started firing told the driver to get out of here because they were trying to kill us all. These people were scum...but they did their time and Mr. Bell didn't deserve to be murdered.
    Prinzowhales May 10, 2008 2:45 PM EDT

    You may rest assured that racially charged ''happenings'' will crop up all over as the election approaches....The Establishment wants this election to be over race...over abortion...over sexual orientation over anything but class issues in the class war that the Oligarchy is waging against the American People!!

    Notice how Hillary blames OPEC for high fuel prices...but right over the border in Mexico, diesel was being sold for $2 a gallon--and it was coming from a refinery in the US!!! The Rockefeller family is synonymous with Oil and Usury--they have three candidates in the race...Obama, Clinton and McCain...George Soros backs all three as well...

    Notice how all three candidates shy away from addressing the rising police violence against the people...notice how they all are backed by huge corporate interests that benefit from a complete lack of meaningful change. The Oligarchy is fighting a multi-front class war against you! If you don''t wake up and fight back we are going to lose this war and fall under the sway of a tyranny as bad or worse than that of Stalin, Hitler or Mao.
    Prinzowhales May 10, 2008 2:37 PM EDT

    Notice how ''Establishment'' Fat Al is? This is a text book case in how a faux-opposition is created and controlled by secret police or operatives.

    First, he has the tax cases over his head if he gets out of he has the money and support from corporations and their political flunkies...he has publicity from the propaganda apparatus--CBSNBCCNNABCFOXPBS--and up he pops like Jessie Jackson all over the place to take control of situations that might get out of hand.

    The Tawana Brawley case did not need a grand jury to confirm that it was a blatant fraud. Al dances away...In Durham this b*stard shows up again in the corner of a lying to create racial unrest with another fantasy island tale of rape by whites. The dumb animals in Durham just elected former prosecutor Mike Nifong''s closest ally in the Durham/Duke LaCrosse Affair to replace him as Prosecutor--because she was black. She was as dirty as he was in this.

    He goes somewhere...he does have a presence...and creates tension and focuses attention on himself with the help of the media...It takes peoples minds off of more important the murder of a Houston CIA the silencing of Ms. the tons on dope found on CIA drug and rendition planes captured in Mexico and Central America.
    Obama Takes First Steps To Unify Dems

    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 1:06 PM EDT

    McCain, Obama or Clinton...Everyone likes vanilla! There is not much difference between these three candidates...if you want open borders, exported jobs, obscene gas and food prices and for them! We''ve had two Congressional elections and one presidential election since the 9-11 false-flag attacks...YOU have supported one side or the other of the Establishment''s Demopublican Party in each instance.....How''s that working out for you?
    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 12:38 PM EDT

    I don''t really care which Rockefeller candidate wins. People silly enough to vote for either of the three Rockefeller-backed Demopublican candidates under the delusion that they will somehow get "change" will deserve what they get...just as they did when they voted for Bush...just as they did when they imagined Pelosi and the Democrats to be a real alternative to the Republicans.

    Enjoy! Keep filling the Rockefeller''s coffers with gas whose price has been driven through the roof by them...Keep paying farmers not to plant and export jobs...Americans deserve to pay through the nose for a New World Order...and that is exactly what they will do when they put another Demopublican arse-puppet into office.
    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 1:17 PM EDT

    McCain''s drug-addled wife is the daughter of major player in the Kemper Marley mob in Arizona as an Anheuser-Busch beer distributor. They, like other distributors, were major beneficiaries of Prohibition.

    Small breweries were put out of business and when it was lifted, only a few of the big boys could get back into the business...Brewing became a corporate enterprise rather than a family tradition...But, Americans enjoy drinking pi*s, almost as much as standing in the yellow rain. Vote McCain, Clinton or Obama...Keep a Rockefeller arse-puppet as your leader.
    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 1:59 PM EDT

    12,000 suicides of veterans a year...LOOK! THERE IS A SINKHOLE IN TEXAS!! Keep voting Demopublican! Who lied us into this war? Who funds it? Whose media supports it? Whose bonds finance it? Who is gouging you at the tank? Who is gouging you at the grocer''s? Who is shipping your jobs overseas? Who is stealing you blind? Who is keeping our borders open?...Demopublicans!!

    And who runs the Demopublican apparatus?--the bankers...the corporatista...their attorneys and their lackeys...Dumb enough to imagine that Obama is different?--Ziggy Brzezinski, Tony Lake, Austan Goolsby, the Rockefellers, Lester Crown and the same folks who have been running this country into the ground for decades are in his corner as well as in the corner of Clinton and McCain.

    The Demopublicans want to focus on race...the problems of America primarily relate to class...We are in a class war with the Oligarchy...and YOUR vote is being divided between three Rockefeller arse-puppets. Brutal beatings, murders and assassinations of Americans by the police! Obama, Clinton and McCain .. We didn''t see a thing, honest officer! America!...Like a monkey with a revolver and three bullets playing Russia Roulette: ...Clinton...McCain...Obama... Which one will the silly creature fire into his silly head?!

    Here is an article from the rather useless Kissinger/Rockefeller associate--Gorby. He makes several interesting points...broken promises by the US...renewal of the Cold War...the US insistance on a uni-polar US run world...In short, the US following the Brzezinski docrine!...Obama''s foreign affairs handler. Enjoy your wars! Kiss the kiddies good bye as you feel the nice cold draft from Washington... You really deserve these Demopublican vote once, vote twice! But vote Demopublican!
    Prinzowhales May 9, 2008 2:48 PM EDT

    Gas prices...Open borders...exported industrial base...the devaluation of the prices... corruption in government...wars based on lies...the building of a police state and the setting aside of our Constitution...12,000 vets committing suicide in a year...what do silly American arse-wipes talk about?....the race question, of course...

    When I returned to this God-forsaken land, if memory serves, there were four Garfield books on the New York Times best seller list...Ezra Pound was right as rain when, as he boarded the steamer to return to Italy, after being held as a political prisoner at St. Elizabeth''s, he proclaimed, America is an insane asylum!
    Taxpayers Shell Out For Near-Empty Flights

    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 3:14 PM EDT

    I suspect the planes are leased from the banks and the banks are making a killing off of the program... kind of an indirect subsidy to the banks.
    Missiles Destroy Sadr City Command Center

    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 3:50 PM EDT

    9-11 was an inside job! The biggest conspiracy theory is the official fable of 9-11 in which 19 Arabs who could not fly jetlners, seven of whom are still living, rammed planes into the WTC and Pentagon. The FBI has admitted that they have no case against bin Laden for 9-11...they don''t even want him for it on their website.
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 7:38 PM EDT

    Libagenda-- If terrorism is no more or no less than Islamic Jihad, then the list of terrorist organizations of the State Department must be in error...unless, of course, the Kahane Chai are closet Moslems...along with FARC and Shining Path as well as others.

    Mr. Cohen''s work on the link I posted is pretty informative...simply from a historical and religious perspective. Thought you might be interested in that it dovetails into the foundations of Christianity and the religion of the Pharisees.
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 7:15 PM EDT

    Libagenda--On another subject... beside your bad math - terrorism = Islamic jihad .. Check this series of articles under a yahoo search - difference between Jews and Judaens[/COLOR]
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 8:59 PM EDT

    Want cut are cut columns hundreds of feet below the explosions that occurred when the planes slammed into the towers causing fires that were insufficient to melt the steel at the impact point much less cut steel support beams hundreds of feet below the fire.

    That is the reality
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 8:19 PM EDT

    Speakingup--And I thought there would never be anyone clever enough to see through my support for Ron Paul, the Constitution and the support of sound money, an end to corruption, NAFTA, the current system of so-called free trade as well as to try to halt the oligarchy's march toward a new world order as an attempt to destroy our country .. And, speaking of FeelFree...I haven't seen a post in a while.
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 10:00 PM EDT

    Speakingup? ..Try the red pill, for once ..'One of the nineteen'', what? HIjackers? The government''s own report from their medical examiners shows no Arabs on Flight 77...All of the passengers were accounted for by some bit of remains save for an infant.

    There were no remains left over to be hijackers...Are you maintaining, perhaps, that Allah, brought them directly to heaven for a little bouncy-bouncy with the seventy virgins so often mentioned in Neo-Con circles as an explanation for suicidal jihadis
    Prinzowhales May 4, 2008 9:32 PM EDT

    May I remind you that the lying neo-Scum piece of dreck, Judith Miller wrote for the NEW YORK TIMES... All the news that is fit to print;...her''s is a name almost synonymous with lying war-mongering propaganda. This is America''s so-called ''Paper of Record.'' I challenge you to find anything at WHAT REALLY HAPPENED that is less credible.

    This is the American equivalent to the samizdat that helped bring down the Soviet system...this is an electronic one is asking you to take their word for it alone--do your own you should have done when Judith Miller was feeding you and your fellow ''I want to believe'' Republicans down the yellow brick road to wars of aggression.

    You won''t find the mass murderers at Merck supporting this site...or Alex Jones'' sites...You won''t find any of the Federal Reserve banks supporting won''t find corrupt corporatists supporting, I guess they just don''t meet your high standards of credibility...maybe if they included a section on Hollywood starlets and royal marriages, it would seem more credible to you?
    D.C. Madam Spoke Of Suicide

    Prinzowhales, May 2, 2008 9:29 PM EDT

    Many of the Neocons drifted over from the Democratic camp...Richard Pearl, for instance, the fat Israeli spy who busied himself betraying America on the staff of Senator Scoop Jackson earlier in his career and then ended up on the board of Zionist thief ''Lord'' Conrad Black''s Hollinger Corporation and settled into the Neo-Con nest at PNAC is one example...

    These people are opportunists and manipulate the false left/right, democratic/republican paradigm to achieve policy successes for their masters. They failed to move Clinton into war, they became ''neo cons'' and got the war on with a willing Bush.

    The Oligarchy is not necessary of one mind on everything. They struggle among themselves as segments in every large group struggle and alliances change...You see the so-called conservative...Limbaugh, FOX and friends move toward Hillary.

    You see the interests behind Bush at CBS move in a direction that does not reflect poorly on the Regime or the elites among Palfrey''s customers... You see the Democrats leaning toward the exposure of Cheney and McCain....We''ve got the body, which is dead and the motive...blackmail or possible blackmail...Now we need to figure out ''who done it''.
    Prinzowhales May 2, 2008 5:18 PM EDT

    What did Ms. Palfrey and her employee know that got them killed?
    Prinzowhales May 2, 2008 1:26 PM EDT

    Moldea has quite an interesting body of work...He whitewashed the LAPD in the matter of the Bobby Kennedy assassination, according to ''Probe''.

    His quote from Sirhan regarding RFK turning his head at the last minute, doesn''t jive with the tapes, if memory serves...Sirhan reported denied making some statements that turned up in his book.

    I can hear Palfrey in her own words on the Alex Jones show saying that she would never commit suicide in a public broadcast. The suicide of Dr. Brandy Britton suggests that a clean up crew is busy with the Palfrey stable.

    Ladies stupid enough to trust any deal or understanding they might have with their elite''d best think again...they are''ll never see it find an alternative media outlet and sing like a bird!!

    They cleaned up around the Kennedy assassination...they cleaned up around the Clintons... around OKC...These people murdered a police officer...Officer Yeakey who knew too much and was looking too closely at the real perpetrators of the April 19 attack on the federal building.
    Economists Knock Proposed Gas Tax Break

    May 1, 2008 2:48 PM EDT

    Its simply amazing! They give McCain''s asinine proposal weeks of attention, but ignore my humble proposal to hang large oil stock owners and executives until prices decline.

  2. Wesley Snipes Gets 3 Years In Prison

    Prinzowhales April 27, 2008 11:55 AM EDT

    The 16th Amendment was never properly radified as the Constitution demands....but the ''liberals'' of the age...the so-called Progressives just didn''t care... and, as it was only used to take a pittance from the very one felt the pain. The lie it stands today.

    It was needed to fund World War I...just as the other mechanism that the ''Progressives'' cursed us with, the Federal Reserve, gave the money creating powers of the government to private bankers...the bank would create the credit for the war loans, the people would pay the taxes for the interest--as well as the blood for the war and any ''sacrifices'' that need be made.

    The Constitution forbids direct any case...the XVI Amendment allows only tax on income...not wages...and this was confirmed by Supreme Court decisions. The wage comes in exchange for labour not as income from a property, a note or some other obligation.
    Inside Barack Obama's "War Room"

    Prinzowhales April 27, 2008 12:31 PM EDT

    Behind the carefully crafted rhetoric created for Obama to dispense, stands Ziggy Brzezinski, Michael Lake and Austan Goolsby...Trilateralists, CFRers and Skull & Bones...Lester Crown and his General Dynamics, defense and Israel-first interests. For every thing he says that draws applause, stands a policy that negates the happy talk.

    These are the forces of constructive change...these are the forces of chaos and war...of pre-emptive wars, Chicago School Economics and Ford Foundation supported racially charged theology.

    Note: It didn''t make CBS that our helicopters that were sent to Israel are ending up in the hands of the drug cartel in Columbia. Just like no one is demanding answers about just what 5.5 tons of cocaine were doing on board a CIA plane tied to both renditions and drug smuggling. You can bet Obama won''t be talking about it--any more than McCAin or Clinton.
    Record High Gas Prices On The Map

    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 4:11 PM EDT

    If you want to control oil prices, you''ll have to stop voting for their Demopublican servants,the Democrats have been doing the same thing that the Republicans were doing when they controlled Congress...funding the war, building the police state and allowing the FED to run amok.
    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 3:56 PM EDT

    Myopic clowns still think that there is a political party that does not serve Rockefeller Oil. Saint Jemmy, put into office by the Rockefellers said a quarter century ago at an Atlanta Energy conference that keeping the price of oil up was one of the priorities of his administration.

    The Democrats tanked, in 2005, a bill to allow more drilling in Alaska...two Republicans had to cross over to help kill it...this was to keep supply down to justify higher prices...King Abdullah just said that Saudi Arabia has discovered and not tapped huge fields.

    We are sitting on reserves that make Pudhomme Bay seem as paltry a discovery as a quart of oil at Walmart. We attacked Iraq in part to keep them from flooding the market with oil--which was P*ssing off OPEC.
    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 3:49 PM EDT

    The oil companies have bought up battery patents that would extend their storage capacities. When GM ended the electric car program and destroyed all of the vehicles, there were batteries that allowed 300 miles on a single charge.

    If this program had continued, we wouldn''t have these skyrocketing energy prices today, IMAGINE THIS! the dumb animals in America elected a bunch of Demopublicans to office who decided to squander a trillion dollars for Oil, Israel and Opium instead of for America''s future energy needs.
    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 3:44 PM EDT

    Maybe Congress should subpoena the oil company executives to appear for another scolding, this time, get the CEOs to stand near their gilded corporate cages so the Congressmen can holler and sling feces to mollify the public while the lobbyists feed them bananas.
    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 3:06 PM EDT

    Cheer up! With the food shortages you won''t need to drive to the grocery stores or restaurants...nothing there to buy!...and, with the FED and its masters busy tanking the economy, you probably won''t have a job to go to....and, with the drought you probably won''t have to mow your lawn....Just stay home and watch the Food Channel...Rachel Ray will be preparing a 30 Minute Meal with dirt dobbers and sticks.
    The Most Deadly Forms Of Melanoma

    Prinzowhales April 26, 2008 5:21 PM EDT

    CBS is apparently not aware of the many chemicals in sunscreen and block that are carcinogens...They are to be commended for noting the importance of Vitamin D that the skin produces. Americans are chronicly Vit D deficient, particularly in winter and in the North.

    Studies in Australia revealed that lifeguards were less likely to get skin cancers than office workers who got little sun--and in most cases the cancers occured in areas covered by clothes.

    Vitamin D levels are important to maintain to help fight flu and colds as well. Get your sunshine! Don''t burn...increase your exposure gradually if you are pale--and black folk need a lot more sun to produce adequate amounts of Vitamin C.

    Dr. Mercola, I believe, recommends at least 40% of your body should be exposed for at least 15 minutes a winter, this may be problematic and need to be increased due to cold and the sun''s angle.
    Petraeus: Troop Buildup In Iraq Unlikely

    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 5:01 PM EDT

    Border Patrolmen Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean did their job! They arrested a drug smuggler--and shot him after he tried to run them down with a car...

    The drug smuggler was freed and the border patrolmen went to prison! Bush won''t do anything for them. NO!--Instead, he works to overturn the conviction in Texas courts of Mexican nationals who murdered two teenage girls after raping them. The Washington Regime is a Criminal Conspiracy against the Constitution and the Republic! Free Compean and Ramos!
    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 4:50 PM EDT

    Cele Costillo--Vietnam sniper, DEA and local law enforcement officer as well as many other accomplishments in on the Alex Jones Show found at or at the Genesis Communications Network. He was a resource for a SHOWTIME special and is telling the story of his harrassment by the criminal swine from BATF for talking about he widespread Regime involvement in the narcotics trade. They harrassed and threatened his 84 year old grandmother and when they had permission to search.

    He reports that Daniel Casey, who headed the search threatened that if his wife didn''t sign a consent to search, they would wait till his grandchildren came home and truamatize them...These people are scum!! Bush has authorized increases in the size of this bureau to harass gun owners....He is a weasel. He is a liar. He is a murderer of Americans and a thief!! His website is is a man who should be supported.
    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 3:43 PM EDT

    Ted Olson lied about his phone calls from his wife from Flight 77 on 9-11! The FBI, in court documents in the Zacarias Moussaoui case, they say only ONE Unconnected Call was made by Ms. Olson.
    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 12:26 PM EDT

    TIME OUT!!....I hope everyone has had the chance to visit and see the Cheney photo at a government website with a naked girl reflected in his sunglasses from a ''hunting'' trip out West. It has long been rumoured that Cheney hunts humans for sport. There is also a rumour that Cheney is unusually endowed...There is a picture there of Cheney with either a partial erection or a ferret in his britches. I suspect it is an implant...considering his cardiovascular status, I suspect he would need a Viagra drip to engage in anything more strenuous than a peck on the cheek.
    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 12:17 PM EDT

    Its the lying, murdering pigs in Washington who are keeping our troops in Iraq...not Iran. Most Iraqis want us gone...Go to and the link to the interview with the Iraqi who helped bring down the Saddam statue on the fall of Baghdad...HE IS SORRY NOW AND SAYS ALL HIS FRIENDS ARE SORRY THAT SADDAM IS GONE! Is this your idea of success?

    Iran has not fought a war of aggression for centuries...Its influence in Iraq, regardless of how great, could not be worse that the living h.ell that America has made out of Iraq during it''s five years of occupation. TROOPS HOME NOW!! DOWN WITH THE DEMOPUBLICAN REGIME!
    Iran Announces New Nuclear Progress

    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 12:10 PM EDT

    The more oil on the market, the less upward pressure on prices...Iran should be supported in their quest to master the entire nuclear cycle. America wanted to build nuclear plants in Iran decades ago when Iran was run by the Shah and his SAVAK terrorists...apparently, its not that Iran has nuclear energy that is the problem, but who is in charge of Iran that matters.
    Prinzowhales April 10, 2008 12:07 PM EDT

    Iran has not waged a war of aggression in hundreds of years. It has every right under treaty to pursue nuclear power and enrichment. Unlike the misquotes and outright lies told about Ahmadinejad threatening to wipe Israel off the map, a member of the Israeli government has threatened Iran with destruction as a nation.

    In the face of threats like that from a nuclear power, I hope Iran is developing nuclear weapons to respond in kind if push comes to shove. Khomeni did not support the development of nuclear weapons as a matter of religious principle. Iran''s plan to build nuclear power plants makes perfect free market sense...They can export MORE oil for foreign exchange and use cheaper nuclear energy for their electricity generation.
    Al Qaeda's No. 2 Defends Deadly Attacks

    Prinzowhales April 4, 2008 3:19 PM EDT

    I see nothing was learned from the disaster at Chernobyl or from Hiroshima...or Nagasaki...or the DU already spread throughout Iraq...Label someone an extremist, .and drop a nuclear weapon on them, even the bizarre world portrayed in the film IDIOCRACY did not reach the profound depths of stupidity and moral depravity that is reflected in such mouthings.
    Prinzowhales April 4, 2008 1:31 AM EDT

    Its good that Ayman has steady employment with the US government...The last time I remember seeing him he was pushing a beat up old shopping cart full of gee-gaws down Rodeo Drive with a sad little balloon tied to it...He stopped in front of Bijan...hectoring was there that he was discovered by Mel Brooks and Zsa Zsa Gabor and became involved in the magical world of US-sponsored jihadi comedy.
    Prinzowhales April 3, 2008 8:09 PM EDT

    knayil--And, you could care less that the vast majority of Iraqis want us gone from the land..We should just operate on the fear that the worst will happen...We committed a heinous crime against humanity when we invaded that country--by continuing to occupy, rape, murder, humiliate, torture and maim Iraqis, we are doing nothing to help them.

    Mission Accomplished! A million dead, four million refugees and untold wounded with lifes destroyed... and still Americans want to pretend that they are there to help...that their murderous presence is going to make the lifes of these Iraqis better--when for over a quarter of a century we have dedicated ourselves to destroying Iraq!

    The last five years of bloody war and occupation are just the latest chapter in our dealings with Iraq... our interactions with that people have led to the steady deterioration of life in Iraq and there is no promise of a better future for the Iraqis. Get the servants of the Zionazi swine on Wall Street and in the City out of Iraq! That is what Iraqis want! If you want to help, go as far away from Iraq as you can!
    Prinzowhales April 3, 2008 5:58 PM EDT

    knayil--Our presence and influence IS the destabilizing force in Iraq...and this is part and parcel of the Israeli design for the Middle East--to break the large states into statelets that can be played one against the other. Iraq would remain as before the invasion and occupation....though with a million less Iraqis than before we ''helped'' it.
    Prinzowhales April 3, 2008 3:37 PM EDT

    This is a war that is all about oil and Israel. It is why we don''t have an electric car and a massive solar and clean energy is why we don''t have an efficient system of mass is why we have a suburban layout that makes mass transit more expensive and inefficient...

    It is about selling gas to move people and product in the world for the sake of Big Oil...That is what this war is is about allowing the Zionists to expand the state of Israel without fear of being stymied by the natives.
    Tall Tales On The Campaign Trail

    April 3, 2008 4:26 PM EDT

    RowdyTexan2--And, Soros is the money man for the Empire''s colour-coded revolutions...picking up the resources of Kosovo for Queen and Empire. The fraud of our two party system can be seen in the aftermath of the 2004 race when Kerry and his shrew flew off to party with Schwartzenegger and Shriver in Colorado...and in the picture of the Terminator, Lord Rothschild and Warren Buffet all chumy at the Rothschild estate.
    Prinzowhales April 3, 2008 1:57 AM EDT

    My imaginary retarded cat Bonkers, co-authored this article with the Rainman. I guess we don''t need to know that the Rothschilds and Soros are backing all three mainstream candidates...let''s just deal with the silly lies these puppets are spouting.

    Though I hate saying anything that might benefit the candidacy of H. Clinton, there is the possibility that she was given ''the treatment'' by her military handlers...told that they were "under fire" to create a kind of excitement and shared danger to facilitate bonding with them so that she would be more amenable to the points they chose to emphasize on her little tour. They are not above this.

  3. Deadly Clashes Break Out In Basra, Baghdad

    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 12:22 PM EDT

    Betrayus has finally confirmed that the surge was not a surge but a simple reinforcement. The Iraqi Regime has upped the ante and begun to attack the Sadr people...apparently, they have no desire to to maintain the truce. The US, which calls everyone they want to a terrorist will have no problem declaring any Sadrist they want to a renegade to justify action against them.

    Conducting suspicious activity merits the death penalty in Iraq today....Like that suspicious family that lost 15 members when the US rocketed their home in Baquba... Why, oh why do they hate us?
    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 12:10 PM EDT

    Since Afghanistan does not exist in the CBS matrix is a link to an article from Reuters regarding the Afgahn freedom fighters destroying tankers carrying fuel to the NATO occupation forces... and, it was a really big fire, apparently. Thirty-six tankers at the Pak-Afghan border.
    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 1:09 PM EDT

    Venkata4--I always think of USS Grant when I think of bad presidents...On the other hand, I think of Andrew Jackson and George Washington when I think of great ones.
    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 1:16 PM EDT

    This year, we have three nothings running for office...a lousy pilot and security risk and two ambitious attorneys who have to lie to boost their curriculum vitae while keeping their shady dealings suppressed. Even Truman had a career as a Senator.

    He came within an inch of getting a Bush indicted under the Trading with the Enemy Act. And got one of the Queen''s horsey set, who headed Standard of New Jersey, dismissed in disgrace for their actions of behalf of the Nazis. Neither Obama nor Clinton have distinguished themselves in that ignoble body.
    Brits Unveil New High-Tech Security Camera

    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 4:32 PM EDT

    We''ve beaten them to the have them to watch protect them, of course. And it was just a big coincidence that pictures of kids taking showers ended up on the internet from a Tennessee school, if memory serves. The Grand Old Perverts aren''t the only pederast scum running around the US.
    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 2:09 PM EDT

    If you are interested in disasters coming out of military this link, the sinking of the ESTONIA...and the jamming of its Mayday calls while a NATO fleet was an hour away and did nothing while hundreds died, nothing constructive that is.

    The other cases in this article include the attacks on the London underground while an exercise was in progress for attacks on the very sites struck, and of course, the exercises ongoing as the planes struck the WTC on 9-11. So, the UK has a new magic will it keep the UK, the US and Israel from carrying out their false flag attacks on their respective citizens?
    Prinzowhales March 25, 2008 2:03 PM EDT

    Degress12--Bitter? Did you see the episode of SOUTH PARK when the bomb sniffing pig located the snoot bomb?So, now they can find the snoot bomb on Hillary without the explosive sniffing pig?
    Al Qaeda Deputy Threatens U.S., Israel

    Prinzowhales March 24, 2008 4:34 PM EDT

    lfitts1--Why does the Demopublican Regime that you support, support terrorist drug dealers in Kosovo with the help of al Qaeda?...Why did they support the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo? Why did they support the destruction of over 100 Orthodox Christian Churches and monastaries? Looks like YOU are the one who supports terrorists... From the death squad ring master, Negroponte to the airline bomber Posada who worked for the CIA.

    lfitts1-- Do you deny that Ayman''s brother Zaiman was training terrorists in Serbia''s stolen province of Kosovo under the guns of US troops?
    Prinzowhales March 24, 2008 4:27 PM EDT

    We've heard from the al-Zawahiri concept-terrorist... we've heard from Osama bin, where, oh where is Adam Gadahn, the ADL's American al Qaeda''?

    lfitts1--Do you deny that Adam Gadahn is the grandson of a board member of the Israeli intelligence front, the Anti-Defamation League?--The group found guilty in California for spying on Americans?
    Prinzowhales March 24, 2008 4:23 PM EDT

    lfitts1--I see you have no response to my posts and citations other than your your usual lying gibberish.
    China Issues "Most Wanted" List Of Rioters

    Prinzowhales March 21, 2008 3:13 PM EDT

    And, just look what Demopublican Corporatist-beloved Red China did to the Falun Gong practitioners... selling their body parts to the Rockefeller-connected hospitals...Everybody wins! We need Tibetan body parts and collagen...for our dead hearts...poisoned livers...failing kidneys...sagging ta-tas...chicken lips.
    Prinzowhales March 21, 2008 3:04 PM EDT

    Pelosi is grandstanding...She has no power over the situation so she can squeak out noble sentiments... it''s what fashionable liberal swine are ever so good at...but, will she FREE IRAQ!!?? No!...will she impeach Bush!! NO!...Then, what good is she? Vote the deceitful, stealing B+tch out!
    Prinzowhales March 21, 2008 2:59 PM EDT

    The Beijing Regime is very good...they murdered 60,000,000 Chinese...and what is good for China, is good for Tibet, uprootingsilly cults and murdering their adherents is very, very good. While we no longer wear our Mao suits and little caps and stand around like standard consolidated blotters, we still appreciate uniformity...and the Dalai Lama rains on our parade!

    He is very bad. Just like in America...kill what is not uniform...Branch Davidians are different...they deserve to die. Burn them to death--men, women and children...Randy Weaver was different...lets murder his wife while she''s holding a baby...Uniformity is good! Think alike...that is true individuality! Americans--like Chinese--are individuals--Now! Love it or leave it! Brought to you by the Ministry of Truth Division of New World Order, Inc.
    Prinzowhales March 21, 2008 2:11 PM EDT

    The real estate thief, Pelosi, and her Pee-lousy wing of the Demopublican Party, have the power to FREE IRAQ!!...But this vile and evil, hypocritical b*tch would rather give lip service to freedom in Tibet. Its, oh so liberal to pose with the Dalai Lama and purr about the poor Tibetans...tell us Pee-lousy!!... Why don''t you support freedom for Iraqis? Say, B*tch! Why don''t YOU support freedom for Iraqis??!!

    You know, Fasicst Wh*re, that YOU will do nothing but offer lip service...YOU will not interfer with the China Trade of your Corporatist masters...just as you''ve done nothing about the organ selling...or the treatment of dissidents in China, or the poisoned products that are sent to our shores...lead for the kiddies...debased heparin for our sick.
    Five Years In Baghdad: A Changed City

    Prinzowhales March 21, 2008 2:18 PM EDT

    According to CBS, nothing has happened worth reporting in Iraq yesterday or Friday...guess the ''surge'' is reports of continued violence. Are the courts ready at our billion dollar Iraqi embassy?

    As Petraeus said, we need to halt the withdrawal of more troops...we need ball boys and security to keep those nasty freedom fighters from lobbing mortar shells at our tennis parties...were they serve those tasty little cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off... FREE IRAQ!
    Prinzowhales March 20, 2008 4:05 PM EDT

    I guess it wasn''t news that US soldiers died in Iraq yesterday ..

    CBS doesn''t think it is important that you worry about casualties...or worry about the 250,000 Americans on permanent disability from Bush41''s war against Iraq...or the 60,000 wounded in this war, see? The surge is working!! Now you not only don''t see the planes landing in Dover with the flag-draped coffins of our don''t even hear about them dying...LOOK!! Its March Madness!!
    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 10:24 PM EDT

    ''Mission Accomplished'' and ''Home by Christmas'' is now replaced, after five years, by "Job Half Finished'' and ''Home in 2013''. I''m sure brand new promises and lies will set the stage for continued occupation if the Corporatist Demopublicans remain in power. FREE IRAQ!!...FREE AMERICA!
    Analysis: Someone's Going To Feel Cheated

    March 20, 2008 4:13 PM EDT

    Human garbage for Obama and Human Garbage for Clinton are putting their differences aside and joining with Human Garbage for McCain to support all the things that are important to human garbage...War, Open Borders, Exporting American jobs, recession and keeping barriers down to the drug trade. Vote Demopublican? Human Garbage depends on it!
    Prinzowhales March 20, 2008 4:10 PM EDT

    Demopublican Scum!! Two stolen elections out of the last two presidential election and "Someone is going to feel cheated, did you know that COMCAST is putting cameras in their cable boxes so they can watch you? Nothing like freedom in Demopublican America!

    Learn more at much are you charging COMCAST to watch? Remember the schools with the cameras in the children''s stalls---That''s how the Demopublican pedophiles keep your children safe!! Vote Demopublican and maybe they''ll quit!
    Bin Laden Warns EU Over Prophet Cartoons

    Prinzowhales March 20, 2008 5:36 PM EDT

    FREE TIBET!!....FREE IRAQ!!...FREE AMERICA!! We supported Mao--one of the biggest mass murderers of all time...Today we are one of China''s largest customers in everything from the organs of dissidents to their collagen which goes to fill out the features of the thin-lipped spinsters of New York.

    We are supporting the Zionazi oppression of the Palestinian people...We are supporting the drug lord regimes of Kabul, Bogota, Mexico City as well as the drug dealers of the KLA...

    Our Demopublican Regime imports drugs into the United States and then arrests their own customers to work for nothing in privately owned prison factories. And, Americans have the audacity to call themselves a Christian people? By their support of the Demopublicans, they betray everthing that Yeshua stood for.
    Prinzowhales March 20, 2008 6:16 PM EDT

    America has many billionaires...but Mexico has more per capital! The Mexican people are voting with their feet and moving to the US because when they vote with their ballots, elections are stolen from them with the support of the United States. It is no accident that the leaders of the US, Canada and Mexico have agreed to use each others armed forces to quash civil unrest in each others countries. There has been open rebellion in Mexico against the rule of the Oligarchy.

    Prinzowhales March 20, 2008 5:42 PM EDT

    Absolutely! While Britain harbors the terrorist financier, Boris Beresovsky, who bragged in the French press that he helped Chechen terrorists. And, lets not forget Kermit Roosevelt who overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran using false flag terrorist attacks.
    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 10:28 PM EDT

    Posted by beehive21 at 07:18 PM : Mar 19, 2008 Absolutely right!! They shoot down mothers walking hand in hand with their children...they throw hand grenades at sheep and sheep dogs and laugh maniacally about the suffering of innocent animals...they gut poor old dogs who trail their intestines behind them whining...laughing...laughing with that crazy Muslim laughter.....they throw puppies off of cliffs for the sheer delight of doing it...Oh, wait...THAT''S WHAT THE AMERICANS mistake.
    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 10:17 PM EDT

    If it came from al-Sahab that means it is from SITE which is HQ''d just outside America''s ********--Washington DC. Bin Laden is dead. Benazir Bhutto told you this on David Frost''s program shortly before she was murdered by the Pakistani Regime.

    Frost didn''t bat and eye... didn't ask a follow-up question to this astounding bit of news...dessicated piece of Establishment dung that he is, he was announced dead in the regional papers years ago. The boogeyman is useful to scare dumb Demopublican animals into supporting candidates who support the war--in one way or another.
    Gen. Petraeus' View of Battleground Iraq

    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 3:13 PM EDT

    FREE IRAQ! Dung-eating Demopublican dogs have no honour...They launch wars based on lies and brag of successes which exist only in their own minds... Is it a ''success'' to murder a million people to remove one man? To create 4 million refuges? To destroy the civilian infrastructure of a natioin?

    To murder and humiliate the civilian population...shoot down its women and children for sport and murder dogs, puppies and sheep for laughs? No!! Only scum support such things...such creatures...such villainy. And, to top our ''success'' in Iraq...our sacrifices for Big Oil, Israel and the Dollar...we have our ''successes'' in Afghanistan! We restored and redoubled opium production in that country! We protect with our soldiers, Marines and airmen the Kabul Regime of the drug lords!

    And! Kosovo, we and our erstwhile creatures--the al Qaeda--support an INTERPOL-named drug gang--the KLA!! A drug gang whose heirarchy contains al Qaeda terrorist...a drug gang protected by the armed might of the United States!
    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 3:03 PM EDT

    JERsupporter-- Is it honour to fake intelligence to gain the support of the American electorate for a war based on 935 lies against a hapless land? destroy its civilian infrastructure? murder its women and children?... Honorable people do not do this! The Demopublican Regime and its arse-licking minions-- like yourselves--do this.

    Betrayus is perfectly safe! Just like Cheney and McCain when they came a callin,' even Hitler could see the sights in Paris after success in war against France. Betrayus is safe...just like Schwartzkopf was safe, in a bunker hundreds of feet below the desert while his adjutant was on the surface with the troops and like the troops suffering form the effects of that lying creature''s orders to blow up bio-chem munitions inappropriately to hide the fact that they were provided by the US and its friends.

    250,000 American veterans are on disability now because of the first war for Big Oil against the people of Iraq. Four thousand soldiers have died on the ground in Iraq in this war...many more have died in the ground or in the lovely kennel-hopitals provided by Barney''s protege and his masters...the tres brav Betrayus, Bush and Cheney.
    Prinzowhales March 19, 2008 1:20 PM EDT

    Barney''s protege, General Betrayus, must be feeling his oats...with his arch-nemesis Admiral Fallon leaving Central Command...He''s out there trying to boost the price of real estate in American American Iraqi suffering... He refuses to acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis want us gone...but, we''ve already seen the value that the Demopublican Regime puts on democracy in Palestine...

    He refuses to acknowledge that al Qaeda came to Iraq with us. Not a word....His master said this war based on lies was worth it, Betrayus certainly thinks so...He gets to puff and prance behind his human shield of soldiers and Marines...These Demopublican ''saviors of Iraq'' dare not walk among those whose benefactors they claim to be without a wall of security to protect their sorry hides from a swift and just retribution. FREE IRAQ!
    Obama Silent On Spending As State Senator

    Prinzowhales March 14, 2008 1:54 PM EDT

    What Social Security Crisis? We are going to put all of Mexico under our Social Security System! It is their human right to our Social Security Program!! And be sure that all of those kiddies who are ''disabled'' by vaccinations and other mind destroying elements perfectly legal and even endorsed by the FDA, NIH and the AMA.

    Get their disability checks! Remember! Under the Demopublican ''Free Market'', Merck rightfully profits from its murderous nostrums...and YOU pay the costs! That''s how it get out there and vote Demopublican! And Remember!...You are an evil racist if you build a wall to keep illegals out AND you are an evil racist if you oppose the building of a wall by the Israelis to keep Palestinians off of their lands!! Vote Demopublican!
    Prinzowhales March 14, 2008 1:36 PM EDT

    Want massive debt? Want War? Want Open Borders? Then you definitely want Obama, McCain or Clinton...Vote Once...Vote Twice...Or just let Diebold vote for you...but vote Demopublican!
    Prinzowhales March 14, 2008 1:34 PM EDT

    I really envy the Demopublicans--you''ve got three fine candidates...all support the war based on lies and its continuance...all of them support the racist regime in Tel Aviv that is outside all treaty obligations with regard to proliferation...all support the expansion of the Police State in the US... they want a renewal of the Cold War, Free Trade and Open Borders...Where else can Americans find such swell folks to vote for? Americans are right to support the Demopublican Party!
    Clinton Team Strained By Internal Strife

    March 6, 2008 3:17 PM EST

    Cattle Futures Clinton, Rezko''s Cup Cake Obama and S&L Thief McCain are the perfect candidates to lead America right off the cliff! Get behind them and continue to push! You deserve their criminal leadership!

    Pack your child''s bags! He''s going on an adventure when the Demopublican Draft gets here! And, he''s going to have so much fun murdering puppies and babies...torturing civilians...sexually torturing children....Soon he''ll be depressed, just like the vets!! You''ll be so proud of what you do on November 5...that you may just put a gun to your empty fu-king head and pull the trigger...but, don''t are so fu-king dumb, you''ll probably miss.
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 3:11 PM ESTVote Demopublican!

    We need to expand NAFTA...export more jobs...provide government support by subsidizing a health care system that ranks 37th in the world and provides the 29th highest life expectancy in the world...And lets expand the Stupid Peoples'' War! Halliburton has been so cruelly deprived of profits because the war has failed to expand! Lou Dobbs is on the Alex Jones Show at Genesis Communications Network.
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 3:41 PM EST

    Vote Demopublican! If you don''t, the Taleban are going to destroy the Opium Trade that we have spent so much blood and treasure to re-establish! Don''t let our soldiers sacrifice be in vain!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 3:36 PM EST

    There''s a million ways to skin a cat...but to debone it, can it and ship it from China to America requires a license from the US government! Vote Demopublican! More cats...less paperwork!! Heparin is being withdrawn from hospital stocks because of contaminants in the Baxter product from China...Increase free trade! Vote Demopublican! Lead in your child''s toys! Vote Demopublican and years later you''ll learn about it!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 3:28 PM EST

    Under any of the Demopublicans, the NAFTA super highway will become a reality and we can finally dispense with many of those highpaying longshoreman and clerks and checkers jobs at the West Coast ports...The Unions will be pleased! They support the Demopublicans! And these Teamsters and Independent Truckers.

    When the Mexican truckers are finally on the road in full force we will dispense with their sorry butts as well. Keep voting Demopublican! Keep supporting your anti-labor, anti-working people unions! Keep exporting those high paying jobs. As long as dumb working and middle class animals vote for the Demopublicans, they''ll keep up the good work!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 3:23 PM EST

    When will the mystery be solved? Whose blond hair was found in the undershorts of the dead Vince Foster? If there is a Hillary/Barrack will there be a complimentary White House crackpipe for when Barrack comes to dinner? Will Bill and Barrack become best friends and giggle and do lines and bowls all day while Hillary is busy driving America into the gutter?
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 5:34 PM EST

    Vote Demopublican! Can you imagine a world without us? Who gave you the glorious wars for Big Oil, Israel and Opium? Who gave you huge deficits? Who gave you trillions of dollars in debt? Who gave you the glorious false-flag attack on 9-11 to justify the wars and the cost?

    Who gave you NAFTA? Who keeps the borders open for drugs and illegals? Where would you be without us!!?? Vote Demopublican you pathetic scumbags! While the rest of the world is hobbled by highspeed rail travel, we are failing to maintain crumbling decades old infrastructure and will soon be charging you tolls for the privilege of using it!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 5:27 PM EST

    Under the Demopublicans our energy prices have more than doubled! That is wonderful news! We are the Demopublicans who made the California energy crisis possible! Help Demopublicans keep energy prices high! This is important for America''s future! Who needs electric cars when we''ve got high energy prices? Vote Demopublican...and we will talk about energy for four years.
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 5:21 PM EST

    Vote Demopublican! The Nazis put fluoride in the concentration camp water to keep the prisoners passive...the Demopublicans do to--all over America!--and they allow it to be put in toothpaste, mouthwash, sprayed on vegetables and in dental treatments. Eat your veggies! The fluoride also disrupts neural development and lowers intelligence!

    Your child would never eat the flavoured toothpaste full of fluoride would he, It couldn''t be absorbed in through the buccal membranes and sublingually could it? Now, could it!? The poison control number on the tube is just to scare you...the Demopublican Regime loves you...Got Fluoride? Its the active ingredient in many rat poisons...and its good for you! like mercury!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 4:38 PM EST

    Sara Carter, national security reporter for the WASHINGTON TIMES, is on the Alex Jones Show talking about the Mexican Army moving drugs into the United STates--and the US documents that prove that this is being monitored by the Regime!! Listen now or to the replay!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 4:34 PM EST

    lewiston14--What a Demopublican says and what he does and what he says he is going to do about what he said he did will require more studies to show that the original studies were flawed,

    And they were working under a misconception and mis-statments, obviated the need for a restatement of policies once supported on the basis of said misconceptions, that made them say they would do what they said they would do, if and when they did it unless it was necessary to adjust our goals to our ambitions, and do what is best for the children.
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 5:43 PM EST

    Support White Slavery! The white slavers are Dynegy remain Demopublican supported defense contractors unchallenged by hundreds of Demopublican congress critters! Keep the trade in children and women going with your tax dollars! Vote Demopublican! Vote Demopublican! We didn''t even have to read the Patriot Act to pass it! This is representation you can trust! Vote Demopublican! Free Speech Zones for everyone!
    GIs Battle Depression In Afghanistan

    March 6, 2008 2:53 PM EST

    In the 1960s, the dung-eating electorate supported the war to enrich Brown&Root...Over 55,000 Americans died for this and tens of thousands more were wounded and psychologically maimed. The Vietnam War was based on the same kind of lies that the current Stupid Peoples'' War is based upon...we hear the same lame be anti-war is anti-American... that we need more laws and police to control individuals and fight drugs...while AIR AMERICA was shipping in the drugs every single day.

    The War Pig Regime in Washington and the Oligarchy that runs it are evil incarnate. They want more war...more debt...more sacrifice for THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER AND THE FURTHER DESTRUCTION OF OUR NATURAL RIGHTS ENSHRINED IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE US CONSTITUTION....and they have a draft bill ready to pass after the our children will fall into their clutches be drugged and abused and murdered as they are sent to oppress the natural rights of other living beings.
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 2:28 PM EST

    Support Your Local School Shooters! Make sure the supply of armed, trained and chemically altered veterans is there to augment the chemically altered school shooters and suicides so that anti-gun wags will have an argument to disarm the population.

    The Washington Regime''s CIA is already bringing cocaine and heroin into the United States while fighting a drug war to suppress any competition. Now, they are creating chemically altered human beings who under the influence of these drugs have an altered state of mind, consciousless and deadly.

    You''ve already seen this in the school massacres...all of the shooters were on these drugs... just think what is going to happen after the Regime finishes scr*wing these guys and the VA really p*sses them off....Now patch the vaccines, the madness promoting ethyl-mercury in them and the brain inflammation that it causes...and the vaccine itself causes by heightening the immune response within the brain. It is a deadly brew and it is coming home to you!
    Prinzowhales March 6, 2008 2:19 PM EST

    The repeated tours deplete them...this justifies the administration of the anti-depressants...the anti-depressants and the rest of the chemical cocktail turn them into souless and consciousless killing machines in the theatre of operation and at home...where, if they have a psychological diagnosis, they will be forced to give up their second amendment rights.

    The relatively unpublicized results of British studies show these ''anti-depressants'' to be no more effective than a sugar pill. Obviously, the Regime wants to keep these expensive mind-altering, suicide promoting, chemicals on the keep soldiers out their murdering puppies and torturing animals... and the civilian men, women and children who own them...not to mention their wives and children when they get back to Fort Bragg.
    Iran Winning Iraqi Hearts And Minds

    Prinzowhales March 5, 2008 12:31 PM EST

    General Odierno--the number two commander in Iraq--claims that the lack of mortar attacks on Ahmadinejad proved that the attackers are Iranian surrogates. He still claims that Iran is providing arms to the Iraqi freedom fighters.

    The Regime has yet to substantiate its claim that Iran is arming them, but that doesn't stop these accomplished liars from repeating it. He points out that VIP Americans are always targeted...of course they are! Leadership cadres are almost always priority targets. The Iraqi people are not at war with Iran...they are at war with the United States! Duh!

    Odierno, working to be as big a fool as Petraus, also opined that Iran was the biggest danger to Iraq. What that means is that his masters want war with Iran and will never cease to keep blaming the Iranians because the Iraqis have the audacity to fight the empire and its psychopathic puppy killers and animal torturers.

    One million Iraqis are dead because of the likes of Odierno--and most of them were civilians. Four million are refugees...and many more are wounded, malnourished and unemployed...and this lying general says that Iran is Iraq's greatest danger...these officers are contemptible!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 6:03 PM EST

    Crusherking--Americans know what respect is! They know it is a matter of respect the good and disdain evil...You just have things respect evil and disdain good. Still waiting for you to tell us why Alex Jones isn't credible.

    Baghdads Here--If anyone were a guy lover...particularly a dead guy would be your Commander-in-Chief...He has overnighters with military-themed male prostitutes...and, Big Gay George is afraid of horses!! Are you over in Baghdad with your buddies torturing animals and throwing little puppies off of cliffs? Tres brav!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 5:26 PM EST

    The Neoscum lied from the beginning...Look at CBS''s lead headline...''we need time to plan the troop draw down''...this shows that they had NO PLAN to ever end the surge!! The Demopublican Regime sold the Surge as a temporary move...but they never had plans to leave!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 4:27 PM EST

    Crusherking--A fascist know-nothing like yourself have no idea about what made America wasn''t a pack of fat, drooling pseudo-patriots putting slave-made American flags on their autos. Or supporting a lying president who launches wars of aggression against innocent lands for the sake of Big Oil, Israel, Opium and the Almighty Dollar! That is not American...and those who support such policies are the enemies of truth, the Constitution and the Republic! ..'Still waiting for you to back up your lying smear of Alex Jones!

    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 4:23 PM EST

    Time for Barney''s protege, General Betrayus, to take another stroll down Haifa Street to show us how safe Iraq has become...Wonder what Barney would think if he saw Betrayus''s puppy killers and dog butchers in action? And you have to wonder why they hate us?

    You have to wonder why they want us gone? The Demopublican Regime supports the sexual torture of children!! Their sick and evil minions torture and kill Iraqi people...they destroy ancient groves of date palms, olives and fruit trees and force farmers to use their GMO seeds while they rape and humiliate women, butcher children and kill civilians for sport. Oh, why, oh why, do they hate us? .. 1,000,000 dead - millions of refugees. [ oh, why, oh, why do they hate us?!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 4:02 PM EST

    These ''soldiers'' are going to come back and be on the business ends of the tasers that have been used on children...people in wheelchairs...old women... they are going to be the police officers who dump the handicapped from the wheelchairs...taser people in shock with third degree burns...rape prisoners with nightsticks or ride down protesters with motorcycles...

    Abu Ghraib was not an anomaly...Guantanamo is not an anomaly...the renditions are not anomalies...Look at the sick, murderous animals infesting the streets and prisons of America! Your own sick president was a torturer of animals!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 3:56 PM EST

    Crusherking--Alex Jones is nationwide...Of course, you don''t give him any credibility because you support the New World Order and the War....Why don''t you give us an example of why you say he has no credibility, he was asking his listeners weeks before 9-11 to call the White House and tell them not to attack the World Trade Center....You can''t get much more credible than that!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 3:53 PM EST

    sillywilly4--Alex Jones says he will be getting the links up...He has the stories from ABC on the site. People have sent him links of attacks on dogs and other animals by these psychopathic criminals after he mentioned the puppy killing on his TV show yesterday. His radio show is in progress and can be found at Genesis Communications Network or

    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 3:51 PM EST

    Sickrick--Do you not Christ said about those who harm children? What do you think He would say about those, like you, you support them in this? Here is the name of the Marine piece of dung who murdered the puppy...while Neo-con viewers post that they wish it was an Iraqi baby!
    Crusherking March 4, 2008 6:42 PM EST

    I would like to make a motion. I say that if you are going to bash America on this board, you should at least be American. Anyone opposed to that other than Prinzowhales? We can do this democracy style and vote. My vote: Yay - Ban Prinzowhales!!
    Prinzowhales March 4, 2008 3:20 PM EST

    The sick psychopaths who rule America are the scum of the earth!! They must be stopped! Their allies in Kabul, Mexico City, Bogota, Tel Aviv, the Green Zone, and London and in the KLA, ARE the drug dealers, terrorists and criminals that they claim to be fighting...And, Obama, Clinton and McCain are THEIR candidates!

  4. Suicide Bombing Kills 35 In Pakistan

    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 6:06 PM EST

    notblue--Interesting that a creature like yourself who worships at Bush''s shrine would accuse someone of being brainwashed because they didn't limit themselves to discussing what you, yourself, call the liberal media want to talk about. Hope you've got draft age kids! I know you will be willing to sacrifice them all for Big Oil, Israel and Opium in the Stupid Peoples'' War! God Bless America!
    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 5:28 PM EST

    lars, funny that the Qaesam firers are never found...but I guess you are right...kill babies and children because persons unknown are firing rockets. You''re really thinking like a Repubilican leader now. Fight Hunger! Kill the Hungry! Eye that pork chop again and we''ll put a bullet through your head! God Bless America! End rocket strikes on Israel! Murder a baby today!! It only makes sense!...I''ve finally seen the light! Thank you Jesus!
    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 5:12 PM EST

    The Zio-Nazis are threatening Gaza with a holocaust ..

    Support the Zio-Nazis! Many of you were too young to help finance Hitler and the Nazis like George Bush''s grandfather and the Harriman interests...Now''s your chance to help their sons and heirs! You too can help racist killers stamp out freedom in Palestine once and for all! Vote Demopublican! Bringing peace to the Middle dead child at a time!
    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 5:05 PM EST

    Vote Demopublican! Your children need to fight the Stupid Peoples'' War for a hundred years! America needs to control what Iraqi farmers plant! One of the first things the Bremer Gang did in Iraq was make the Iraqi farmers plant Big Agri seeds of destruction...instead of the seeds that had been grown since time immemorial in Mesapotamia.

    We need to kill and poison more Iraqis! Especially the children!! We need move depleted uranium love for them from our good American hearts! Can''t you see how we are helping them!!!!???? Over one million have been helped to find Jesus since we arrived!--They''ve gone to the promise land...

    WE HAVE SAVED THEM FROM AL QAEDA! There are four million Iraqis now who we have helped to find new homes! Don''t call them refugees that is so ''negative'' them opportunity seekers!! They are looking for better lives .. God Bless America!!! We really are this stupid.
    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 4:41 PM EST

    Monsanto has murdered thousands of times more people in India with genetically-engineered crops--including cotton! Will CBS tell you about these mass-murderers? Read SEEDS OF DECEPTION and learn about why your little 3 year old girl is a woman!--Thanks to the hormonal changes engendered by GMO foods!

    Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals! Ever wonder why your testicles never dropped?! Thank Monsanto! EAT MORE GMO--OR, JUST EAT SH*T AND DIE! YOUR CHOICE! And, while you are waiting vote Demopublican!--We need ever more dangerous foods! Got Crohn''s Disease?! You''re on your way to a GMO future! Keep gobbling GMO...YOU ARE THE FUTURE!
    Prinzowhales February 29, 2008 4:25 PM EST

    And of course, nothing about the Israeli murder of a baby and three children in Gaza...mustn''t confuse the sh*t-eating dogs who trust CBS and the rest of the mainstream media for the news.
    Dem. Governors See McCain As Formidable

    Prinzowhales February 26, 2008 4:17 PM EST

    The Republicans were all willing to drag the Clintons through the mud over the Chinese spy scandal at Los Alamos. Why don''t they want to talk about Clinton''s AIPAC connection? Why won''t Obama talk about Clinton''s AIPAC connection?...unless someone just dropped the strings that make his lower jaw flap up and down.
    Prinzowhales February 26, 2008 4:14 PM EST

    The last war hero Americans elected President was Ulysses S. ineffectual corruptionist who as a ''war hero'' made up for the Union leadership''s incapacity to fight a war of fire and movement with human wave assaults. Other humans aside from himself that is.

    McCain is no hero. He was a poor pilot, a worse commander and whatever laurels he has are due to his father the admiral. Unlike General Andrew Jackson who defeated the Second Bank of the United States, McCain is a servant of the FED and the interests that control it.

    General Jackson was pro-American and anti-British and set the stage for American greatness with reasonable tariffs - HE HANGED BRITISH AGENTS!! While McCain courts AIPAC spies and takes money from these interests and serves the interests of Anglo-American finance. Why are these candidates afraid to talk about the Israeli spy network and the AIPAC spy apparatus?--Their agents are awaiting trail!
    Judge Nixes Request For CBS Haditha Video

    Prinzowhales February 24, 2008 6:19 PM EST

    What an asinine ruling. The judge is trying to damage the prosecution''s case while posing as someone who respects the rights of the press. To say that turning the film over to the prosecution would turn CBS into an ''investigative arm of the government'' would hold true with any film of a crime or an admission of a crime or evidence of a crime taken by anyone.
    In Ohio, Promises Of Change Ring Hollow

    Prinzowhales February 24, 2008 11:55 AM EST

    Way to go Ohio Unions! Keep voting Democratic...Keep voting Republican! Its working out wonderfully, isn''t it?...rather like continued heroin use works out for an addict. Vote Demopublican! They have a suicide pact for America! Troops Home Now! Down with the Regime!
    Cartoon Reprint Reignites Fiery Protests

    February 16, 2008 12:34 PM EST

    Amadinejad disputes the extent of the Holocaust and the Zionists use of it for political purposes. This is particularly ironic in that Israel has been governed since its inception by the Jabotinski factions which collaborated with the Nazis, most spectacularly in the the betrayal of the Hungarian Congregations to the Nazis for the Zionist leaderships safe passage to Palestine.

    The irony extends to the fact that Hitler had the support of Anglo-American capital associated with the Harrimans and Bushs. But the greatest irony, I think, was, if memory serves, I believe it was Montague Norman head of the bank of England who, in words reminiscent of Ariel Sharon''s boast to Cabinet members regarding Jewish control of America, ''We control Hitler.''

    I believe this quote was in one of Edwin Black''s books, may have been in another along with the commemorative coin of top Nazis visiting the Palestine Zionists with a Swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other.

    There is more history to the Nazi rise to power than either the Anglo American Oligarchs or the Zionists want people to know, and this history will not go away to satisfy the myth makers who celebrate either Zionist innocence or Anglo-American benevolence in world affairs.
    Prinzowhales February 16, 2008 9:34 AM EST

    And, for the rest of the story, how about the outrage when over cartoons that offend the sensibilities of Israel firsters, the demands that academic lose their jobs, writers apologize etc., for questioning some absurdity that has become part and parcel of the cult of the Holocaust? It is precisely the same kind of mindset, save over a secular issue.

    Meanwhile, here is another ''terror'' case where the authorities lied and ruined the life of their victim to create sensationalist anti Moslem fear in the media. This doesn't mean that the religion of the Mohammedans is not chock full of nuts.

    It shows that the so-called Judeo-Christian world and its secularist and pagan managers, Tony Blair is just as bizarre a place full of frothy hyper-concern over the most trivial of things to the neglect of truth and justice.
    Canada To Hand Over Nazi War Criminal

    Prinzowhales February 15, 2008 7:38 PM EST

    libsrweak--Canadians are different from least on SOUTHPARK they were brave enough to point that out.
    Prinzowhales February 15, 2008 6:33 PM EST

    Now that the war crimes and crimes against humanity are public knowledge, I expect to hear these great righters of wrongs, who bagged the 83 year old, will be after these people who rape, murder and torture innocent people and then brag about it on video.

    Perhaps they are too busy at the ''Friends of the KGB Institute'' supporting admitted Hitler admirer, Governor Schwartzenegger, whose father was an SS man.
    Prinzowhales February 15, 2008 6:24 PM EST

    I seem to remember the case of another ''war criminal''...the autoworker who was sent to Israel for trial...who had ''Survivors'' testify under oath that he John Demjanjuk had committed all sorts of grizzly things...and if it had not been for the integrity of the Israeli judge, this man would have gone to his death even though it was proven that he was innocent.

    What this trial revealed was just how far these people were willing to go in the protection of a lie...If there is no other proof than the so-called witnesses, notice that the names of the victims are not noted, notice, however, that the ubiquitous ''witness'' is always there at the scene of his crimes. If you want to hunt down a raper and murderer of prisoners, here is a video interview with a criminal bragging about torturing people and raping a 15 year old girl.

    Scroll down a few stories and you will see the link to the Youtube video. These people are still walking the streets...still on the loose...I know that is not as attractive as hunting down an 83 year old man for crimes allegedly committed over 60 years ago.
    Analysis: Obama Wave Crashes Through

    Prinzowhales February 14, 2008 12:46 AM EST

    croft777--Yeah, he was one of Rezko''s biggest beneficiaries as far as campaign contributions go...its little wonder nothing has changed in Ohio since the election was stolen there in 2004--Obama didn''t say a thing about New Hampshire this year about the election fraud there...wonder why?--he suffered the most to give Clinton a win. He''s part of the culture of crime and corruption in Illinois and the United States. But, as with Bush, try to tell his chuckle-headed worshippers this.
    Prinzowhales February 14, 2008 12:40 AM EST

    Glossypan: You made me look! Here is the link to the obama website where he gives himself a loophole you could fly a Boeing through to keep troops in Iraq.

    He says if al Qaeda has a base in Iraq...we''ll have to hang around to launch attacks on them...We brought al Qaeda to Iraq and use it now to justify our continued presence. He has said before that we would have to stay in Iraq to take out thousands of activist extremists .. Obama is just gift wrapping a tur-d.
    Democrats Shift Focus To Wisconsin, Texas

    Prinzowhales February 14, 2008 11:57 AM EST

    It is time to discuss the lack of intellectual and moral merit of an electorate that would advance the careers of such sorry creatures as McCain, Obama, Clinton and Hucksterbee.

    The Demopublican Senate just granted immunity to the criminal telecoms...the Congress passed the Patriot Act without reading it and continued a war based on nothing but lies...and this electorate continues to support this for the candidates of this culpable party.

    The notion that Iraq possessed WMDs has almost passed from political dialogue today and has been replaced by the equally false notion that America is a force for peace in Iraq...providing the justification for our continued occupation despite the wishes of the Iraqis.

    The same befuddled electorate that accepted the first lie are assiduously supporting the second lie...and justifying their ''peace'' candidate''s well-financed reluctance to promise an immediate and complete withdrawal.

    Such an insipid electorate...such facile lies and obfuscations...chimps are more discerning...En masse Americans swarm to the Demopublicans who have already saddled them with two wars based on lies and a false-flag attack that killed 3,000 of their fellows.

    The American electorate is one of the greatest arguments against democracy ever made and for restoring the Constitutional Republic that at least sheltered the rest of us from the unfettered cupidity of an ignorant and sordid people.
    A Third Party Alternative To McCain?

    Prinzowhales February 14, 2008 5:25 PM EST

    lochlan--I agree totally with you on McCain--he''s married into the Arizona mob...he made 32 propaganda films for the North Vietnamese as a POW--how can the Republicans abuse Jane Fonda when they have McCain as their front runner? He''s a Keating-Fiver...he said he''d be willing to keep us in Iraq for a hundred years....and his crazy Bombbombbomb, bombbomb Iran, flippancy shows that he has no problem extending the war.

    Edwards was probably best of a bad lot--I was P-O''ed at him for his failure to do due diligence on the cooked intel that came through the Senate Intelligence Committee on which he served and for my troubles got a response from his office which just gave me the standard Regime line regurgitating the Bush position as to the ''evidence''. He was either in Big Pharma''s pocket on bringing supplements further under the purview of the FDA...the same clowns who approved Vioxx which killed some 60,000 people.
    Obama Makes Pitch To Working Class Voters

    Prinzowhales February 14, 2008 5:33 PM EST

    If we are moving by increments...those increments are taking us in the wrong direction...and we are walking calmly down the road to Corporatist Tyranny voting ourselves into a police state...To''ell with that!

    Vote Third Party! Fight the Oligarchy and stop pretending that we are winning when the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the undeclared wars based on lies and false flag operations are taking us steadily down the road to Corporate serfdom. Vote Third Party and start taking our freedom back!
    Two House Members Lose In Md. Primaries

    Prinzowhales February 13, 2008

    Vote for the Demopublicans! ''Christian'' conservatives and ''Moslem'' jihadists can work together under their leaderhip...just like they did on 9-11! Vote Demopublican! War is Peace...and when its not, we''ll start one for the sake of Peace!

    Vote Demopublican! If you don'' really doesn''t matter...our DIEBOLD machines will correct your thought crime! Vote Demopublican! We''ll make sure your grandchildren will have a war to fight for resources!Vote Demopublican! We gave you the Income Tax! Aren''t you grateful?

    Vote Demopublican! We put the Socialism in National Socialism.Vote Demopublican! We promise to make Janet Jackson''s breast and Britany Spears crotch national landmarks!Vote Demopublican! We have always had a contract out on Americans!

    Stopkidding - Stupid? How so? Usually such a charge comes with some kind of explanation...unless its from some hollow-headed little mouthbreather who mistakes spleen for reason.
    McCain Tries To Assuage Skeptics On Right

    Prinzowhales February 8, 2008 5:49 PM EST

    denn034--If the ''liberal'' American Psychiatric Association is going to ''normalize'' pedophilia, it should win the support of your toe tappers and pederasts who make up the leadership of the Demopublican Party, why should free people be fool enough to vote for the Republican wing of that party simply because some one is going to provide a state-issued scrap of paper to a gay couple who will not be doing one thing different than they are right now?

    Voting for the Republican hypocrites and scum is no different than voting for their Democratic associates, if you want open borders...war without end...continued corruption and a police state...then stick with the Republicans and watch your G-- D--- Constitution go right down the drain...That''s what your Repubican president calls it, just a G-- D--- piece of paper.
    Prinzowhales February 8, 2008 5:07 PM EST

    It is time to stand up for America and against its enemies--the Demopublican Party and the creatures who own it lock, stock and barrel...It is time to stand up for the Constitution of the United States and the Republic...It is time to vote for a Third Party and sweep these dogs from the corridors of power.

    If you oppose open borders...if you oppose unjust wars for the profit of oligarchs...if you oppose massive government, corporatist monopolies and the destruction of our freedoms...if you oppose the lies, the greed and the corruption that governs Washington through the Demopublican Party...they vote THIRD PARTY!! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything that is important in public life to gain! Down with the Demopublican Regime!
    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 3:51 PM EST

    Now the leaders of both parties'' primary races support open borders, war without end, huge government, the police state and are not cousins but best of chums. As if the Ameri-Sheeple could not come up with a more bone-headed, non-election than 2004 where the Skull & Bones cousins played the dung-brained electorate for fools.
    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 3:47 PM EST

    The London bombings, like the 9-11 bombings, took place during an ''anti-terrorism'' drill, the London story is so full of holes as to be even more incredible than the half-arsed Official Fable of 9-11 peddled by the Washington Regime.
    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 3:45 PM EST

    vivaviva80--It means it was a false flag operation to frame Islamists to justify the intensification of police state activities, the odds of the attacks happening at the precise times and at the precise places that the actual attacks took place were placed at over trillions-to-one...yet this is what Peter Power, who was running the drill, revealed on BBC.
    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 3:39 PM EST

    As to Romney being the most qualified we haven''t had a candidate as qualified as Romney since Herbert Hoover and he didn''t get to the reasons for the Great Depression, and Stock Market Collapse that Winston Churchill had been invited to view at the NYSE. He didn''t tackle the international banking interests who control the FED and dragged the nation into Collapse and Depression.

    Andrew Jackson was the last president who did anything about the banking establishment and lived to tell about it...surviving assassination attempts and destroying the Second Bank of the United States, a monster not half as vile, half as powerful as the FED. I just heard that Romney is quitting the race.
    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 2:55 PM EST

    The well of Republican stupidity is always overflowing...Now there is not even lip service given to the Constitution and Conservatism...

    ...Now, these clowns make a front runner out a man who made more propaganda films for North Vietnam than Jane Fonda!! A creature who is married into an organized crime gang....who was involved up to his neck in the S&L scandal that cost us hundreds of billions of dollars...

    A man who supported open borders with Edward Kennedy...which provided the bloody MS13 drug gang members citizenship and excused their crimes if they merely attested that they were no longer members...this is a man whose best friend in the Senate is Hillary Clinton...

    The purblind stupidity of the the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, head-banging, arse-licking Republican loyalists who support this animal is beyond belief and beneath contempt.
    Next Stop, The Potomac Primary

    Prinzowhales February 7, 2008 5:02 PM EST

    Memories .. Larry Nichols is giving us a trip down memory lane, Susan Coleman the Arkansas Governor's Mansion nanny, was going to come out and testify to her brutal rape by Bill Clinton, she made the mistake of waitng over the weekend and was found murdered, an Arkansas suicide - the official fable was that she committed suicide, her forehead was blown out, she was shot from behind.

    The Clinton gangsters pardoned numerous drug gangsters and the thief and Mossad operative, Marc Rich. Bill has said a run between the Mob-connected McCain and his wife would be a very civilized other words, the crimes of the Demo-publican regime and its supporters would be swept under the rug.
    CBS Poll: Clinton, Obama Tied

    Prinzowhales February 3, 2008 9:23 PM EST

    We spend more of GDP on health care than any other nation and we rank in the pitts among so-called first tier nations. I certainly don''t want to be taxed to purchase crappy health care for strangers...what did they ever do to me do deserve such cruelty?
    Prinzowhales February 3, 2008 9:21 PM EST

    Three hundred million people and these wretched creatures are all that Americans can find to head the state?

  5. Inside The New Terror Capital Of Iraq

    Prinzowhales January 31, 2008 12:41 PM EST

    j-whitman--It looks like the surge is going to be permanent. The only thing that keeps the Iraqi Army together is the paycheck...and if the Washington Regime ever makes the mistake of attacking Iran, they are going to turn on the ROBERT313122 notes, the Quislings and US forces are thoroughly compromised from an intelligence prospective...when you have virtually the entire population hating your guts, your options are severely limited.

    The Propaganda Apparatus will coo to Americans about helping one or two bring a tear to the eye of the fat ladies in the church choir...the same empty heads who supported the Contra terrorists and drug dealers...but they won''t talk about the million dead from sanctions and the destruction of the civilian infrastructure...they won''t talk about the huge increase of birth defects and cancer...that doesn''t make the empty heads feel good about themselves.
    Prinzowhales January 29, 2008 2:03 PM EST

    The Chief Ashkenazi rabbi of Israel calls for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza...He wants to move them into the Sinai desert...This pig, Metzger, suggests that the West should pay for the creation of this desert ''ell. http://www.informationclearinghouse....ticle19221.htm There is also a video interview at the information clearing house site. At least it is an admission that the Palestinians exist--as if the presence of ancient mosques were not enough.
    Prinzowhales January 29, 2008 1:46 PM EST

    How many more years will it take for Baghdad to be secured? The quislings are rushing troops south and now Mosul is becoming problematic for the occupation, its time for the troops to come home. We have no business being in Iraq...there is no ''victory'' to be achieved, only the conquest of oil lands. A conquest that has already increased the price of oil x3 and engorged the profits of the oil companies.

    Massive thefts by Halliburton and like ilk. The betrayal of our CIA officers by Zio-Nazi members of the Washinton Regime and the massive dossier of lies used to provide a rationale for this wanton act of aggression. If a restoration of democracy is needed anywhere in the world, it is in the United States.
    Afghan Cops Killed During U.S. Operation

    Prinzowhales January 25, 2008 8:28 PM EST

    Vet1971--I was at a post in Germany where we had three M-16s and two clips...they told us we were under threat of terrorist attack and shipped in an M-16 for everyone at our little ''intel'' site....but no more ammunition.

    From our towers we could watch the Warsaw Pact forces in their training area...When I think of how much money was squandered for the Cold War and how much blood such mad adventures as Vietnam and Iraq has cost it just astounds me that these creatures in Washington are returned time and again to office.
    Prinzowhales January 24, 2008 1:54 PM EST

    Here is what happens to a heroic non-commissioned officer who asks the question that any investigator would ask in a criminal investigation. Who benefits? Who benefited from 9-11? For this open and obvious question, this Sargent First Class was broken in rank and lost his security clearence for disloyalty. His entire chain of command are scum-sucking intellectual cowards and should be drummed out of the Army--Such as Colonel Green...a pig in pickle suit.

    This Sergeant shed his blood in the service of this country. For him to ask the questions he did falls within the kind of thinking an intelligence analyst would be prone to ask--a good one, that is. His C-i-C, the Coward-in-Chief, lied and did his dam*dest to keep 9-11 un-investigated. He is a traitorous dog with a traitorous Congress and a vile, bought and paid for court. This Regime forms the antithesis of a Constitutional Republic.
    Obama Distances Self From Indicted Donor

    Prinzowhales January 23, 2008 4:02 PM EST

    realpatriot1--The Crowns hold a major stake in General Dynamics, one I believe sits on its board. GD is a major defense you think they support peace? Another member is on the board of JP Morgan.

    This is the face of the Oligarchy...and they stand not only behind Obama, but behind the other mainstream candidates as well. These are the people who guided wages into the basement, supported open borders, war, war and war.

    With a willing press to paint Obama as anti-war candidate, though he has said he would invade Pakistan and that we need to stay in Iraq to take out thousands of activist-extremists.
    Prinzowhales January 23 2008 3:29 pm EDT

    Naturally, the front runners in the race are all controlled and supported by crooks and/or the international banking establishment. Lets see the media get into the Mena Arkansas drug and money laundering crimes, the murder of the two poor lads on the railroad tracks that Bill''s State Medical Examiner, Fahmy Malleck, tried to cover up.

    Dey, just fell asleep on da railroad track and da train ran over dem .. nothing to see here, move along! Arkansas suicide became a household word...

    Does anyone really think that the leading interests of General Dynamics would support an honest American? Do you think the Crowns would support Obama because he''s some kind of peace-nik who is pro-Arab? ''Dumb as dirt'' would be the best phrase to describe this kind of Obama supporter...And Rezko? Really, what do you expect?
    Canadian Gets Life In Embassy Bomb Plot

    Prinzowhales January 20 2008 3:55 pm EDT

    The DOJ and FBI tried to charge their own informant in the 1993 WTC attack. Wonder if this fellow didn''t cover his backside as well as the Egyptian informant did in 1993 by tape recording the instructions of his handlers NOT to replace the explosives with a harmless powder.
    14 Terror Suspects Arrested In Spain

    Prinzowhales January 20, 2008 3:15 PM EST

    Terrorist arrests just before an least the Regime didn''t blow up a train station to invoke fear this time...but they''ve still got two months till the elections.
    Huckabee on Confederate Flag & Gay Marriage

    Prinzowhales January 19, 2008 7:36 PM EST

    Vote fur Huck''!...or, he''ll kill yar dawg!
    U.S. To Saudis: Please Pump More Oil!

    Prinzowhales January 19, 2008 5:40 PM EST

    The price of oil has tripled since the treasonous dog Bush launched the is the same oil, from the same wells, with the same workers who were pumping it in 2003...the only difference is that YOU are paying more... All it takes for crooks to run riot is for citizens to sit back and accept it...You are doing your job wonderfully, America!...Keep up the good work! And, don''t forget....when you pack your kid off to fight the Stupid Peoples'' sure to give him gas money.
    Bin Laden Jr.: "Ambassador For Peace"

    Prinzowhales January 18, 2008 4:33 PM EST

    I guess the reporter tactfully decided not to ask Osama Junior where his Dad was buried. Or ask him about the authenticity of Ms. Bhutto''s information that he had been killed...The propagandist puke who interviewed her--David Frost--didn''t think this revelation deserved even a follow up question.
    Prinzowhales January 18, 2008 2:25 PM EST

    Curious, while jacka$$ Americans, fawn over and praise Omar...who offers the prospect of a horse race across North Africa...they ignore the peace candidates running for the presidency of our own benighted land...choosing the carefully coiffured swine from the Oligarchy''s War Piggery. Obviously, it is the horse race in which they are interested, not giving a fig for peace.

    Soon, by the grace of God, those who support the War will soon have the National Service Act that is winding its way through the Democratic Congress to plump out the ranks with their obese offspring....don''t forget to pack your inhalers War Piglets!
    Romney Skips S.C., Bets On Nevada

    Prinzowhales January 17, 2008 4:10 PM EST

    A fraudulent election in New Hampshire and more evidence of private fraud affecting the election process...Here is a story of how DIGG is tossing out stories on some candidates despite their ''fairness'' rules...DIGG=Scum...
    McCain Campaign Assails Mailer In S.C.

    Prinzowhales January 17, 2008 1:38 PM EST

    McClown is married into the Arizona Mob...this should dequalify him from any office that exposed this mad man to classified material...but, the matter of his time as a POW, under the discipline of enemy forces, should disqualify him from ANY high level clearance. From a counter-intelligence prospective, this Israel-firster, Mob connected, crooked-as-a-dog''s-hind-leg Keating-Fiver should not be within five hundred miles of classified material...much less be CiC.
    Prinzowhales January 17, 2008 4:25 PM EST

    Coming up at is the son of E. Howard Hunt and his taped admission of being part of the assassination of JFK, provided to his son as a death bed confession. Listen to how the last half century has been shaped by an assassin's bullet. Stolen elections...murdered heros...covered up crimes.
    Anti-Cholesterol Drug Bombs In Tests - CBS News

    Prinzowhales January 15, 2008 11:18 PM EST

    If you want to correct heart and circulatory problems, your first line of attack should be Straus Heart drops and radical changes in your diet and exercise regimen...under guidance of someone who knows what they are doing...and not just trying to hawk stents and CABGs.

    Cancer--like all disease--is caused by toxins and/or malnutrition. There are a host of alternative cures and it is best to consult with a professional to decide which one is best...or you can just endure the usual butcher, burn and poison nonsense recommended by the dedicated hawkers of Big Pharma''s nostrums.
    Emergency Room Waits Getting Longer - CBS News

    Prinzowhales January 15, 2008 10:57 PM EST

    And how many in these long lines are there because of untoward effects of their prescription medications? How many are there because of upper respiratory infections due to improper diet that tanks their immune systems?

    How many are there because they are overweight, don''t exercise and abuse alcohol and recreational drugs? How many are there because they like to drive and talk on their G-- D--- cell phones and text page? We have enough health care in America for everyone who really deserves it...what we utterly lack is nutritional care and physical and mental fitness.

    Merck, after lying and murdering tens of thousands of Americans with Vioxx is found covering up research that its cr*ppy drug Vytorin, does not work. But just keep taking it...dumba**es...there is a reason America is number 37 in the world in health care...the American people, you can''t fix stupid.
    Prinzowhales January 15, 2008 11:08 PM EST

    Cholesterol is your bodies answer to an insult to arterial walls...Homocysteine is often the culprit for this...If you look at the data on first time MIs your correlation between cholesterol and MIs break down. Statins are sold by Big Pharma''s chump physicians to ignoramuses...of course the sweet, sweet benefits of presribing Big Pharma nostrums...

    The speaking fees, the money for conducting surveys, the invitations to speak at gatherings in exclusive resort areas and vacation meccas...well, that just doesn''t affect the judgment of medical ''professionals'' who get an on-line course in nutrition in medical school and die at an earlier age than Cuban sugar cane workers. After murdering 60,000-plus Americans with the patent nostrum Vioxx, we''ve yet to hear any mea culpas from the medical profession.
    Prinzowhales January 15, 2008 11:00 PM EST

    Merck covered this up for over a year...a year in which patients could have been seeking a solution that worked...
    Sharif: Pakistan Is "Drowned In Blood"

    Prinzowhales January 14, 2008 2:07 PM EST

    Bush rode to power advocating a more humble foreign policy in contrast to the forward policies of Clinton...Once in power, on the basis of the false flag attack of 9-11, he launched his wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush leaving office will only change things superficially.

    The only candidates, thus far, who aren''t in the pocket of the Establishment are Kucinich, Paul and Gravel. The Democratic Congress changed nothing in 2006...a mainstream Democratic president will change nothing in 2008...I say again...If you want peace, you are going to have to vote for peace candidates.
    Poland: Show Us The Money For Missile Base

    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    radiob--Yes! Precisely because it was attributed to the Jews!...Look at the trouble it caused for them!
    The true authors had everyone looking at the Jews as the cause of ills that the Freemasons were causing.

    It is a goal of freemasonry to take over the far as my limited studies of Judaism have gone, I have never found that to be a goal that they pursue or endorse, as Jews.

    The Protocols do not require belief .. they exist, the fate of the world seems to be rather uncannily prognositcated. This does not prove or disprove a conspiracy, but it points in that direction. Dr. Makow has some interesting things to say about the Protocols and modern times...
    Satanic Verses'' was one of those books I always put off reading and still mean to.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    How do you think they played on people''s fears? Do you think that like atoms flying randomly about they all alighted on the same strategy together? There are laws against criminal conspiracy and people are in jail for such things as conspiring to sell a gram of cocaine...yet you would have us imagine that no such thing was possible for the war...

    And it was just by chance that troops and supplies were on hand for the attack on AFghanistan and that the orders were on the president''s desk and that the Indian press had reported prior to 9-11 that the US would invade in the fall.

    It was just by chance that anti-terror exercises were held at the same exact locations and at the same exact times as the London bombings occurred. Even the man who was running the exercises Mr. Peter Powers was running .. bomb exercises/109010[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Doctor is the customary address of PhD'' a matter of fact...the PhD is probably far harder and more worthy of the appellation Doctor than the Doctors of Medicine and Dentistry, that most people would be most likely to have occasion to address or write.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    The book sited in the article referenced in my last post by Charles Higham, TRADING WITH THE ENEMY is quite excellent on its chapter and verse recitation of collusion between financiers in Germany and the US is quite revealing.

    radiob--BE PARANOID!! We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars today on a war based on nothing but lies, sold by conspiracy of War Pigs known as Neo-Cons...Look at how the bankers backed the Communist Revolution in Russia and how Trotsky and his boat load of communists were captured by the Canadians and ordered released by Woodrow Wilson to subvert and overthrow our ally, Russia! Paranoid? You betcha!
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Here is a Makow article on the forgery issue regarding the Protocols:
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Thankyou for reminding me that it was well past cocktail hour...though, I think gin will do tonight.I do want to read it...after I posted, I read my post and it did sound as if I meant to never read it...sorry.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    A convicted dope dealer was responsible for the programming of software that was responsible for 81% of the New Hampshire count. I mean...''ell...when I was in the service people had their security clearances downgraded from TS just because they had participated in an anti-war demonstration.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    radiob--The election fraud that Dennis Kucinich has filed with the State to challenge--on behalf of the integrity of the system, not that it would affect his 2-3% totals. There is information at, Bev Harris''s website as well as the and and same sort of thing that happened to Howard Dean...he won the places where they hand counted and lost those where they were machine counted by varying margins.

    Peter Power, the Brit who was conducting the exercises was on BBC and revealed both the exercises and his surprise over the attacks...going from exercise to ''live''...I don''t have the link at hand but I saw him on MSM...of course the significance of this was never pursued and the chances that it was a purely coincidental event were astronomical.

    The MSM never pursued it, any more than they pursued the question of why witnesses reported holes in the carriage floor with the ends bent upwards as from an explosion beneath the carriage rather than from the alleged backpacks of the alleged bombers.

    The MSM will carry truth occasionally, but they quickly edit it out of future broadcasts.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    The Ukrainian massacres escaped the attention of the American people who read the NEW YORK TIMES during the 1930s because their man in Moscow, who was rewarded a Pulitzer for his work, said there was no massacre.

    A huge number of Americans believed and still believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attack on the WTC because of innuendo and accusations in the press. They even believe that WMDs were found! I don''t underestimate the power of the Great Wurlitzer as it has been called by CIA people... the American propaganda apparatus.

    The MSM is not telling us of vote fraud in New refuses to address the $2.3 TRillion that Rumsfeld said was missing from Pentagon accounts on 9-10-01...And, the convictions of the two vote fraudsters in Ohio that showed the fix of the 2004 election?
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    All of this escaped the mainstream media, no one from the New York Times or the LA Times, the BBC etc was able to discover this and prove it. In other words all of the writers, reporters are all in this gigantic conspiracy. Right, have another glass of whiskey.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Let''s see where you found info regarding the honorary PhD. That would be a bit shocking but does take away from his arguments.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Beg to differ...the editors decide what is in and on the news... They also decide which story gets promoted or demoted.
    If you don''t, for example, follow up the Peter Power story it dies.

    WE ARE CHANGE, London, followed up the story of late...Power actually ran away from them and locked himself in a closet to avoid answering questions regarding the bombing, I can only imagine what it like for reporters.

    It is a moral dilemma...but their stories face the editors knife and they get the sense of what will promote their interests and what will scr*w them for life...otherwise they go to the independent media and the internet.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Amazingly, CBSNBCABCCNNFOX is still considered ''reputable'' as well as the NEW YORK TIMES despite the fact that they all touted WMD stories out of Iraq and the NYT has a decades long history of lying to its readers.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Have you read the Protocols? For a hoax it will take your breath away. Was it Jewish? No. That such a thing should be discovered could well be part and parcel of the system of magic practised by occultic circles, Revelation of the Method, by telling one''s victims what you intend to do to them, you increase your power over them. Do I believe in the magic? I don''t have to, the people who use it obviously do.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    As in any criminal investigation you have a corpus delicti and the statements of witnesses. In the case of Treblinka the material facts do not match the stories of the witnesses... and those who support them refuse to address this discrepancy...they prefer to obfuscate, smear and assume a pose of self-righteous indignation.

    Note in the link I am posting again at bottom, that Yankel Wiernek, the eyewitness constructed a model showing the mass graves...but they cannot be fond using the advanced radar or other methods...millions of pounds of crushed bones and ash and all the earth disturbed to bury them could not be located. What your uncle saw at Buchenwald does not address what was found at Treblinka.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    The fact remains that they contain with uncanny accuracy an unfolding of our times and they were not produced by Jews. Those who head Freemasonry hate the Jews just as badly as they hate Christianity and Islam. Barry Chamish has written a great deal about the false Jewish Messiah and the Frankist conspiracy that followed.

    If you look to who financed and served Hitler, you''ll find lots of Jewish names and "honorary Aryans"...and lots and lots and lots of Christians as well.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    The true cruelty of the events that are in their totality as the Holocaust, rest on the fact that no one did a thing when the Jews were rounded up...they believed their government, or were terrified that they too would be rounded up if they dared to protest.

    By way of contrast, in the ''40s when the Zionists stirred up a program against Jews in Iraq on the pretext that the Jews were aiding the British invaders, the Zionists wanted them to immigrate to Israel, Moslems fought side by side with their Jewish neighbors to keep them from being killed. Not in one instance in all of Germany have I heard of this happening.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    The numbers are, indeed, the issue. It all turns on what the Holocaust was and was not...The Zionists rely on the 6 million total to gull religious Jews into believing that the prophecy concerning the re-establishment of Israel is being fulfilled.

    No one is denying that Jews and other minorities were not badly handled and murdered by the Bankers Nazi Regime. But, when you look at the cause of death of those bodies that your uncle Ernest photographed.

    How did they die? That is the crux of the matter...was it from typhus? People who succumb to typhus lose body mass and die horribly. At the end of the war, as the German transportation infrastructure broke down food, coke for crematoria and medical supplies were increasingly unavailable--

    See the US STRATEGIC BOMBING SURVEY and histories of the war....Bodies could not be disposed they sat...but none of the remains that were autopsied revealed death by poison gassing...Disease spread through the camp system as camps in the East were evacuated and the inmates moved to other camps...bringing typhus with them.

    That was what the gas chambers were for--decontamination--they were not fit for the industrial elimination of millions of people...You can find how the real experts in that kind of genocide proceeded by looking to the murdered Polish officers at Katyn Woods--long said to be the work of the Nazis, but finally admitted to be the work of the Reds.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    What did your Russian friend have to say? I have no doubt he found horrors at Majdanek...but, exactly what he found matters a great deal .. You waste so many words attacking me, when you could be explaining why no mass graves of 870,000 Jews were found around the transit camp of Treblinka.

    The people who offered the evidence of the ground penetrating radar are offering a reward for just one mass grave containing just 1% of the 870,000 claimed victims. It should be an easy money to claim... for those who claim it was an extermination center and the ignoramuses like yourself who believe anything that their masters drop on their plates.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    Vet1971--Russia is the enemy for the Anglo-American financiers. Bush has already broken the understanding that led to the stand down of the Warsaw Pact and is pursuing a strategy to break apart the CIS following, as Webster Tarpley noted in his broadcast yesterday, that was put into affect by Brzenzski under Carter.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    rudy654--I''ve posted the evidence presented in my initial post...If you''ve got something to refute it, or challenge it, post it!! I''ve looked at the controversy...if you have something to add to it other than your emotion and self righteousness...then, post it!

    I am sick and tired of Americans who refuse to think, refuse to look at evidence that challenges their pre-conceptions and accept everything that the Washington Regime lays on their plate either through the schools...which Jacques Ellul, if memory serves, described as pre-propanda in his work PROPGANDA or through the smaltz of Hollywood.

    It is simply amazing that those who hold to the myths and dogmas concerning the horrors of man''s crimes against humanity, that they will support, in many cases, the very men and women who made it possible,

    Or in the case of George W. Bush, their sons, grandsons and heirs...and support a regime in Israel that conducted the race murder of thousands of Sephardic Jews, the Ringworm Children with X-Ray machines and money from the United States.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008

    gkc99--Toadying, lying fool! Show evidence that refutes the story I noted and I will be glad to accept the mainstream Treblinka story. Until then, the physical investigations conducted at the scene are among those who deny reality...

    The Holocaust does not stand or fall upon what happened or didn''t happen at Treblinka or Aushwitz. For decades the ''authorities'' claimed that over four million died at Aushwitz...the total has since been reduced to a little over one million.

    Quite a drop but amazingly it doesn''t affect the 6 million total held to by the believers in Holocaustiania--the false religion of Zio-Nazis built upon the graves of real Jewish victims in the real horror of the Banker-established Hitler Regime....the false secular religion that is used to gain support for the false Israel of the secular Zionist regime.
    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008
    Have any of you visited the Georgia Guidestones?-- this is millions of dollars worth of work that call for depopulation...we stopped by one year on a hunting trip in North Georgia...really eerie.
    Blackwater Said To Taint Shooting Evidence

    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008 2:16 AM EST

    Of course, the Church-ite dog and enemy of Christ, Eric Prince and his firm destroyed the evidence to their violation to the commandment, Thous shalt not kill. Their brother in Belial, LBJ, did the same thing to the limosine in which JFK was assassinated. Mass murderers like these don''t wait for Justice to take its course.

  6. The "Pros" Of The Earmark Game

    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008 1:53 PM EST

    On September 10, 2001 and Secretary D. Rumsfeld admitted that $2.3 TRILLION was missing from DoD accounts...CBS examines chicken feed while theives feast on flocks of chicken!...The very next day was 9-11...and all interest in the missing trillions disappeared faster than the evidence from the crime scene in New York and Washington could be trucked away.
    Giuliani's Florida Gamble

    Prinzowhales January 13, 2008 2:46 AM EST

    McCain is a Keating Five crook. His position in the Navy was secured by his Admiral father who helped cover up the attack by Israel on the USS LIBERTY. He is married to the daughter of a Arizona organized crime family member of the Bronfman-connected Kemper Marley alcohol distribution rackets that date back to Prohibition.

    Bronfman--a Canadian bootlegger--part of the British Intelligence apparatus, controls the Seagrams label and others...they supplied the Capone gang with liquor during Prohibition. Bronfman is works the Zionist, Israel-first rackets of which McCain is an integral part.

    In any event, from a counter-intelligence prospective, a man like McCain, who has been under opposing force discipline, should NEVER!! be allowed access to classified information...One can respect his service, but one should NOT violate basic, common sense and long standing practice---His marital and personal relations should preclude high office of any kind.
    Prinzowhales January 12, 2008 6:25 PM EST

    Here is why Bush needed to go to Israel in such a hurry:

    Since this guy is a toe-tapping rabbi and not a toe-tapping church-ite...we aren''t hearing about it here.
    Prinzowhales January 12, 2008 4:23 PM EST

    The media continues to push this mass-murdering Sierra-Oscar-Bravo...this liar...this Mafiosi scum-bag...this War Pig...this betrayer of the first responders...this betrayer of his wife...this contemptible arse-licking servant of the Oligarchy!
    "French Anne Frank" Diary Enthralls France - CBS News

    Prinzowhales January 12, 2008 7:42 PM EST

    While the French are being enthralled...the new Hampshire elections have been stolen once again... the Regime has passed new laws to try and disarm veterans...the former President of Italy has said that it was an open secret in the intelligence community that 9-11 was a joint operation of the CIA and Mossad.

    Joining a host of former high-ranking intelligence officials, cabinet members, scientists and, military men who have come out publicly and denounced the Inside Job, though you would not know it from CBS...Covering Brittany''s Skivvies.
    Bipartisan Group Unity08 Suspends Project

    Prinzowhales January 11, 2008 2:10 PM EST

    Even if they get on the ballot, they are ignored by the Oligarch''s propaganda complex--ABCNBCCBSFOXCNN--save to blacken their reputations and diminish their hopes. Cancel your cable and satellite...demand the removal of the ''news'' networks from the program packages!
    NYC Mayor Researching Presidential Bid

    Prinzowhales January 11, 2008 2:59 PM EST

    Bloomberg is part and parcel of the the Oligarchy''s lying propaganda network...who met with him?--Mass murdress Christine Todd Whitman--whose EPA told the first responders and clean up workers that the poisonous air around the WTC in the aftermath of 9-11 was safe. Get back to work, or my friends might lose money!
    Prinzowhales January 10, 2008 11:27 AM EST

    More news on the theft of new hampshire from paul and obama!! Real time capture of ap election numbers on boston.Com, the boston globe net vehicle...

    We are not only dealing with the theft of the election which cbsnbcabcfoxcnn is studiously ignoring, there is the question of no chain of custody for the ballots which obviates the value of a recount! The election was stolen--the machines in South Carolina are even easier to use to rip off the voters!!

    Bloomberg? Who cares? Just another Demopublican pretending to be an ''independent''. Look who else was ''exploring'' an independent candidacy--Christine Todd Whitman, the mass murderer of 9-11 clean up workers, the now disgraced and displaced head of Bush's EPA
    Bush "Confident" Of Mideast Peace In 2008

    Prinzowhales January 10, 2008 4:42 PM EST

    Bush ''Confident of peace in 2008''...and Mission Accomplished .. Home by Christmas .. and the surge is working .. working to provide the Congress with a rationale for continuing the Stupid Peoples'' War. Where is the $2.3 Trillion that Rumsfeld said was missing on September 10, 2001, one day before elements of the CIA and Mossad launched their false flag terror attack against America?
    John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama

    Prinzowhales January 10, 2008 4:07 PM EST


    Here we have a cocaine trafficker who got a big break for dealing narcotics, a dangerous felon who has had restraining orders placed against him...we have him running with the New Hampshire electronic voting crooks at LHS who altered the New Hampshire results.
    McCain: "I Always Told You The Truth"

    Prinzowhales January 9, 2008 12:37 PM EST

    New Hampshire Republicans must agree with McCain...they are willing to keep America''s children in Iraq for one hundred years and spend trillions to control Haifa Street in Baghdad and little else .. A former Congressman from Georgia once described Congress as being composed of knaves and fools.

    Writing that the fools thought the knaves their best friends and supported them...Generalizing this, we have the unhappy tale of the New Hampshire primary and the silly creatures who supported McCain and the other supporters of Bush Regime''s policy of endless war, mega-corruption, open borders and police state madness.
    Colin Powell Discusses Obama - Horserace - CBS News

    Prinzowhales January 9, 2008 2:05 PM EST

    Powell has flushed any credibility he ever had right down the hopper when he repeated the Bush lies regarding Iraq in his address to the UN. It''s a shame, people like Powell--who I admire for his work as an administrator at State-- lend credibility to creatures like Bush.

    And, when he described himself as a Rockefeller league with a man who brags in his autobiography that he does not always do what is best for the United States, one has to wonder...The Obama campaign already contains CFR-War Pigs at the highest levels...looks like another one is climbing on board.
    Clinton, McCain Win In New Hampshire

    Prinzowhales January 8, 2008 4:33 PM EST

    Even Hillary serves a purpose...she makes the rest of the Establishment''s mainstream candidates look good while they feed mind candy about change to the dumbed down masses.
    Prinzowhales January 8, 2008 3:56 PM EST

    ]Lastdance7--You should get a job with FOX...Rupert Murdoch is backing the War Pig, Hillary Clinton, now that Bush''s mal-administration has probably ruined the Republican Party for years to come.

    The US government has destroyed health care in this nation--things really started going down hill with Nixon and the laws that helped private corporations take over county hospitals...government''s free lunch for insurance companies...government''s regulation of alternative health out of the market in many areas.

    The burning of Stevia cook books while allowing the mass murderers at Merck to take the lives of around 60,000 Americans with Vioxx to remain on the market...government and private enterprise working hand in hand...that is fascism and it is the fascism of the mainstream Demo-publican candidates.

    Dr. Paul''s message is one of freedom and Constitutionality...things that the dancing dogs of Statism refuse to understand. Albert J. Noch in OUR ENEMY THE STATE probably expressed this message of liberty best War, as the liberal Mr. Randolph Bourne said in the days of the first world war, is the health of the State.

    People who want the State to provide and solve all of their problems are begging for the slavery of Communism, Fascism, Corporatism or some unhappy combination of them...If you don''t control the threat to freedom that the Hegelian state, then you will lose your freedom.
    Possible 3rd Party Candidate Rumors Whirl

    January 7, 2008 4:43 PM EST

    Candide777--Gore was a second generation step and fetch for the billionaire son of a founder of the US Communist Party, Armand Hammer, who himself was a communist agent of influence. Gore is connected through the marriage of his kid to the banking family that in large part funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that knocked an ally out of World War I.

    I wouldn't trust him any further than I could throw him, his new persona - Fat Al - serves to promote him as a poster boy for man caused global warming, a fraud being used to justify the call for a carbon tax. I would no more waste my vote on Gore than I would waste it on Bush!
    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 9:10 PM EST

    This article gives a fairly good description of the incident between Rep. McKinney and the officer.

    Notice that it is Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert who are chastising her, an Enron crook and a supporter of the child molester, Tom Foley, who has also been named as one as well.
    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 5:59 PM EST

    Candide777--Bush''s cousin and fellow Skull & Bonesman John Kerry cost himself the election, he won Ohio but didn't have the fortitude to challenge the vote, instead he took off to party with Arnold Schwartzenegger in Colorado, if memory serves, and deserted the Ohio voters whose were disenfranchised for George W. Bush as promised by the head of Diebold.

    I voted for Nader, and I voted for him because he was a man of integrity, my vote would not have gone to Kerry if he were in the would have gone to the Libertarian candidate! Kerry would have made Bush''s war his own and betrayed the antiwar vote just as the Democratic Party betrayed it in 2006 and just as it is getting ready to do in 2008.
    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 5:53 PM EST

    Cynthia McKinney was not disgraced--she was right... right about 9-11, right about Dyncorps white slavery rackets, right about the $2.3 Trillion missing from Pentagon accounts as announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10-01.

    She was right about the war in Iraq and the bogus case for war, Representative McKinney can hold her head high along with Representatives Kucinich, Paul and others who voted against the war that has cost so many lives and so much money.

    The disgrace is that the House has not voted to impeach the vile, lying piece of human garbage, Msr. Bush, and his NeoCon accomplices that make up the sorry, lying Regime in Washington!
    PrinzowhalesJanuary 6, 2008 11:02 AM EST

    That mass murderess, Christine Todd Whitman has anything to say about a Third Party is laughable. That Boren More of the same dung, served up in a Third Party bowl, here we have Skull Bonesman and Rhodes Scholar from the intelligence community that gave us 9-11 and the faux war on terror, David Boren out there calling for a ''bipartisan'' third party.

    News for you! That is no third party, its just a combination of of the two worthless parties, the Republican and the Democratic parties, brought to you by corrupt elites, I expect Bloomberg will crawl up their backsides pretty soon, maybe even Liebermann and Al Gore.
    Campaign Diary: Celebrity Showdown in N.H

    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 1:53 PM EST

    It simply horrifies me that there are people walking around this land like the young woman described by Mr. Kirtzman...This is the kind of response that you can see in the faces of the German-on-the-street who was woo''ed by the rhetoric of Hitler...Both Hucksterbee and Obama seem to have the ability to get people to disengage their brains and let them manipulate their hopes, their fears, their desires.

    American info-tainment and ''education'' has created this kind of ''junior high pep rally'' politics... where people cheer for their hopes and dreams in support of candidates who support the very things that they ''hope will change.'' is a magnificent and horrific accomplishment by masters of mass psychology.
    Clinton Challenges Obama In Dem Face-Off

    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 11:43 AM EST

    The TIMES ON-LINE is reporting that Obama has a 10% lead in NH and that they are swapping recriminations within the Clinton campaign about responsibility for this calamity. Obama calls a single-payer health care system impractical because employers provide coverage???

    He wants incentives for insurers to cover low income people??? This combines the subsidizing of the private insurers with Hillary''s plan and looks as if it will continue the Bush subsidies to Big Pharma--which was also a key part of Hillary''s ugly committee derived plan during her husband''s presidency. It is somewhat better than the current police-state health plans of Edwards and Clinton.

    All of the plans look as though they have been cooked up by PR people--and Obama, looking to assume the position of Barney at the White House, has quickly stepped back from the most intelligent and workable solution--from a Statist perspective, that is.

    The best solution is to get the Federal Government the ''ell out of health care. We need to realize that we are, according to the WHO, NUMBER 37 in health care in the world and work for system-wide change both in philosophy and provision of health care-- not on how to pay for the continuation of the current public-private fascist model.
    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 8:36 PM EST

    Democrats and Republicans! If you are against the war then you have three anti-war candidates to choose from--Paul, Kucinich and Gravel. If not, support the war and vote for one of the simply doesn't matter.
    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 4:51 PM EST

    There has already been failure, we have attacked and invaded a sovereign nation without justification. Any military victory we may achieve will be a victory for international criminality. Neither Optimism nor Pessimism play in part in this--only the reality of hundreds of thousands of human beings being murdered and trillions of dollars being wasted and hundreds of thousands of refugees...the disabled and traumatized. That is the reality of the Demopublican war.
    Al Qaeda: American To Headline Next Video

    Prinzowhales January 6, 2008 4:45 PM EST

    This is rich...the grandson of a board member of the Israeli intelligence front, the Anti-Defamation League, is also the spokesman for al Qaeda.... Kind of brings back memories of the 9-11 hijackers where the Jewish kid who was later the star in the al Qaeda snuff film with his own beheading at a place that looked for all the world like Abu Grahib...down to the English voices coming through in the background of the tape...

    He had just been released by the Americans and fell right into the hands of ''al Qaeda''...will the coincidences never end? He, if you will recall, had by chance given his computer password to a total stranger on a bus who just happened to be the so-called twentieth hijacker.

    The ADL has already lost a case in California for spying on Americans. Their colleagues in the Israeli intelligence front, AIPAC, are awaiting trial for stealing American secrets. Now we have Azzam al Amriki aka Azzam the Putz, Azzam the Meshugganah doing video for the goofy Israelis with the SITE Intelligence Group to ''git up a skeer'' among America's dissociatives.
    Military: Iraqi Soldier Killed U.S. Troops

    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 1:35 PM EST

    That's nothing! Here's a story of a American soldier murdering a young, female fellow soldier, after plying her with liquor and running over her in a war zone while drunk driving, and getting off Scott free in a courts martial, while her parents were left with her son and the insurance money went to her husband! Bringing democracy to Iraq, all day, every day.http://www.informationclearinghouse....ticle18996.htm
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 2:44 PM EST

    Robertkjjj--Blame Hitler for what you will but, he did not start World War II...he invaded did the Soviet Union. World War II started when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany...this declaration by two world empires gave us the ''world'' aspect of the world war.

    If you look back at the ''Old Order''...that which existed prior to World War I, you''ll find neither Poland nor Czechoslovakia as independent nation states...the German moves were part and parcel of correcting the crimes of Versailles which created the basis for World War II with its conqueror''s peace that left an African-esque mosaic of conflict in Eastern Europe in the place of a vibrant and consolidating economic system. The most glaring crime of Versailles in this area was the Free City of Danzig which Poland tried to diminish from the outset.
    Clinton's Large Crowd Interrupts Event's Flow - From The Road

    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 5:57 PM EST

    What a fluff piece...I guess Clinton is probably lucky that Mr. Greenfield only devoted one scant paragraph to her speech...while his other scant paragraphs were dedicated to seating arrangements etc....another victory for ''form'' over ''substance'' in America.
    Huckabee Heads Into Rockier N.H. Landscape

    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 5:30 PM EST

    bdribus--Hucksterbee is an Establishment candidate who favours the war, illegal immigration and a tax plan that will allow incomes to leave the US and escape taxation, while the Middle Class pays for the servicing of the massive debts incurred to enrich Halliburton, and other merchants of death.
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 6:27 PM EST

    Aside from stealing furniture, Hucksterbee and the Clin'Toons are War Pigs...AND! they support criminals who break the laws of the United States...whether they scamper across the border illegally, or simply blow the cover of CIA agents--like the members of the Bush Regime who threw Ambassador Wilson''s wife to the wolves.
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 3:32 PM EST

    Hucksterbee has a lot in common with the Clin''Toons... both tried to walk off with public property after leaving the Little Rock governor''s mansion and the White House, respectively.
    Clinton Team Retools Strategy In N.H.

    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 5:23 PM EST

    libra127--I was lied to as well...and I live in the middle of the woods in North Carolina and knew it--and e-mailed Senator Edwards regarding the obvious lies, the cherry-picking of intelligence and knew of the results of the UN WMD teams in Iraq...These ''lies'' were easy to see through if one was interested in looking.

    What these lies did was to provide a rationale for the excuse for doing the inexcusable... Congress needed it, every bit as much as the Executive needed it...needed this rationale to justify the BIPARTISAN support for the war.

    Edwards and Clinton, as lawyers, in particular, should have done due diligence on these claims at the time...and, if they had, the tissue of lies that made up the case for war would have evaporated just as surely as it did in the days after the invasion--after the lies had served their purposes.

    This war was called for by the Cheney DoD during the closing days of the Bush41 PNAC as well...just as the Cheney DoD papers presented the strategy for the forward move into the Balkans which led directly to the move into Kosovo under Clinton.
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 5:00 PM EST

    Libra127--Just what makes Hillary so excellent as a senator? Her pro-war, pro-big spending, pro-illegal immigration agenda? Speaking of tools...Did they ever identify ''whom the blond hair belonged that was found in Vince Foster''s jockey shorts after his corpse was found in Fort Marcy Park where it was dumped after his murder?
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 2:20 PM EST

    Here is a ''Youtube'' of McCain at a campaign stop with Joe Liebermann standing behind him saying that it would be alright with him if we stayed in Iraq for a hundred years.

    Remember!! Obama supported Liebermann in his race for Senate. Obama tells his supporters one thing and his buddies at the Chicago CFR another. Just as the Democratic leadership played their supporters for fools in the 2006 Congressional elections, they are playing them again in 2008 with the same old ''anti-war'' message that masks support for the war.

    Do you think George Bush is the only politician in America who lies?! Barack Obama is for change alright!--a change in the person who will be lying to you! Remember the betrayal of antiwar movement by the Democrats in 2006!
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 5:47 PM EST

    Libra127--The Democrats have had the numbers in Congress, but not the will to stand up to the free-spending Republicans. The truth is, as Madeleine Albright put it, in a different context, years ago...while not an exact quote, it is close... ''One of the strengths of American foreign policy is that it doesn't change with the party in power...'' This is just another way of saying ''bipartisan''.

    The mainstream Republicans and the mainstream Democrats differ for the most part in how they market the same old cr*p to different gaggles of chuckle-heads. One readily sees this commonality between the mainstream politicos in Obama''s endorsement of Liebermann in his Senate race while Liebermann endorses McCain in his presidential bid and Hillary's stalwart support for the Bush wars...they are all War Pigs...only the squeal is different.
    Musharraf: Bhutto Knew Of Risks

    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 7:45 PM EST

    Remember the first absurd story from that putz, Musharaff?...She bumped her little noggin on the sun roof...I do de-klar...Dat bad ole sun roof done killt her dead!...That flew like a penguin for about a week, probably until the gun man had been liquidated and trail cooled.
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 7:39 PM EST

    Unfortunately, for Ms. Bhutto, the real assassins went after her while the false flag attackers tried to blow up Musharaff and missed by a mile...Of course, no one suggested that that Anglo America''s man in Islamabad should hunker down in the face of terrorism.

    She named the suspects in an e-mail--and one of them was the high ranking Musharaff official who was in charge of her security! Where did the cops go just before the assassination? Why didn't Musharaff allow the foreign bodyguards into the country that she wanted--HE REFUSED THEM VISAS!!

    And, there still remains the issue of the David Frost interview with Ms. Bhutto where she said that OSAMA HAD BEEN MURDERED! Frost didn't even bat an eye... didn't even ask a follow up to that astounding revelation from a internationally respected politician.

    She had also announced that she was going to talk to the Islamists .. take a step back from the NeoCon war against the world. The only question that remains for Pakistanis today is what bridge would be most suitable to display the last mortal remains of their own little Mussolini.
    Prinzowhales January 5, 2008 7:27 PM EST

    I knew it! I just knew it! She put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger...its as clear as the nose on Musharaff''s face...and then she set off the bomb! Just like those sorry b*stards at the WTC on 9-11-01...They didn't have to go to work that day!...might as well have committed suicide....just did it to embarrass Bush.
    Huckabee Pays Price For Yanking Attack Ad

    Prinzowhales January 3, 2008 4:11 PM EST

    Hucksterbee can''t even put out a campaign add without equivocating, has just opened for business, so if you want to find out about the only Republican or mainstream Democratic candidate who stands for something besides Open Borders, Usury, and War...go there and help Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones launch this web portal.
    At Iowa Caucuses, Politics Really Is Local

    Prinzowhales January 3, 2008 3:55 PM EST

    Whitewater was a PR stunt--it gave the dogs something to gnaw on while the real crimes of the Clinton were hidden from view by stained blue dresses and Oval office assignations. Mena was ignored. The money laundering through the Arkansas bond office was ignored...the assassination of Vince Foster was ignored--as were the secret accounts in Switzerland.

    And little wonder! The partner of the criminal Clintons was ''Poppy'' Bush whose private phone number was found in the belongings of the judicially set up and assassinated CIA drug smuggler, Barry Seal.

    Whitewater was nothing! The crimes of the Clintons, the murders, the statutory rape, the misfeasance and malfeasance have yet to be examined--and he was saved from impeachment by the vote, if memory serves, of the BCCI''er Repubican Senator from Utah--either Garn or the other one....The Demopublican circle of criminality is closed!
    Prinzowhales January 3, 2008 1:55 PM EST

    tuckerndfw--The parties may be private, but so is the media, the money-creating edifice of the FED, Big Oil, most electric generation...Its time for the masks to come off...we are not fighting a tyranny of people pledged to the common good and supporting the expansion of government.

    We are fighting a PRIVATE TYRANNY that uses government for its own purposes, its own gain--We are fighting the fascism of three-piece suits, spread sheets, private profit and public loss...As long people vote for the lesser of two evils...the left and right arms of Mammon... then fascism wins.

    I''ll support Paul or the Libertarians...or, I''ll support Kucinich, Nader and the Statists who will use the State for the common good...I prefer the former, but I''ll take the later over the human filth who are running this nation today...and running it straight into the ground. I don''t trust the Left to use power wisely, better to give them a chance than to continue to be ruled by psychopaths of the Bush, Giuliani, McCain persuasion.

    Leaving the ''private'' parties, is the first necessary step in turning things around--or taking over lock, stock and barrel, one of the major parties. Boycott FOX and its Advertisers!
    Prinzowhales January 3, 2008 1:18 PM EST

    Another crock-of-BS story courtesy of CBS-AP-WP... Nothing to say about the Israeli defense firm that will be tallying the caucus votes because no one in the entire state of Iowa--save a few inbreds--have more that ten fingers and ten toes and therefore are incapable of tallying the vote themselves.

    No mention, of course, of the fact that because the Golf-Delta caucuses are on a work day, it is less likely that working people will be able to attend. And, of course, it doesn''t seem important that Dennis Kucinich has to sue the Golf-Delta Democratic Party of Texas because he refuses to sign a loyalty oath to support whatever War Pig the Party eventually nominates to run against the Republican candidate.

    It is way past time for the People to destroy the entire corrupt edifice of the Demo-publican party-- the primary instrument of Oligarchichal control in this country. As with the old question, What if they gave a war and nobody came? What if the Demopublicans put up candidates and nobody voted for them? If you don''t have a Paul or a Kucinich to vote might as well be voting for Bush or his cousin, Kerry, again... Boycott FOX and its advertisers!

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