Saturday morning in 1971, I ran into Mick Comodromus and two girls he was with, they needed a ride back some kilometers to take the girls home after a late night.

Driving up Stafford Road I was supposed to turn left at a set of traffic lights and turned left at the first intersection instead, then drove past an unattended Police car parked with its windows down on the opposite kerb! The girls had told me as soon as I turned that I was on the wrong road, it was too narrow to do a U Turn, so I had driven on looking for somewhere to turn.

Past the police car the road petered out and I entered a vacant block that appeared to back onto a creek, someone had placed a row of about eight or nine light wooden fruit boxes in a semi circle nearly blocking the way. A Holden sedan was parked twenty meters to the right, while another Holden Station Wagon was parked straight ahead by the trees.

A man carrying a rifle who I recognized as the manager of the National Hotel, walked up and shot the man behind the wheel of the Holden Station Wagon parked by the trees!
He was a local boy who had attached transfers right over a previous Holden Wagon he had, the last time I saw him was in the Royal George Hotel near here, he told me that he did not drive that wagon anymore he was a nice guy and was a bit depressed, I told him that I liked the transfer job he had done from the minute I saw it!

The time before I had gone to the National Hotel which was a great place where thousands of Brisbane's young ppl went, and where marriages often came about.

Young men were required to wear a tie, and as long as you were well dressed you could "hire a tie," the dude that was the manager had a big box of them and for two bucks you would place one around your neck, and if you never returned the tie he kept the dough .. Everybody had a good collection of National Hotel ties!

This night I had a tie on and went in, I knew the guy and he was the friendliest dude everyone knew, Police Inspector Tony Murphy was abusing him solidly as I walked in .. I returned a couple minutes later and the poor guy was totally stressed out!

File shot of The Nash'