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Thread: Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia Da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007

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  1. Madeleine McCann abduction breakthru - In the eyes of Sophie Moon

    Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia Da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007

    Sophie Moon makes porno movies in Portugal with Viv Thomas .. We are gonna say the reflection in the girls eyes, indicate both shots were taken in the same studio .. the additional shot of Miss McCann above, came from a gallery at a CP website, that has been up and running for years!

    This is the VT production team .. maybe someone knows something, and just as the VT ppl will be required to respond to questioning, so will the webmasters at the site from whence the additional shot of M above originated.

    In a program that will identify all the ppl on similar CP and regular porn galleries, and find out what became of them, and whether they are connected to the fifty or so bodies of young women, that turned up on the outskirts of a Russian city four yrs ago!

  2. Picture by Lee Thompson 17/09/07

    Above, the Mark Warner Ocean Club apartments in Praia da Luz Portugal .. the McCann's apartment where Madeleine went missing, is bottom left of the picture.

    The same apartment and pool complex is visible in a Viv Thomas production, whence lesbian superstar Jo is at an upmarket swingers party, in what appears to be the McCann's holiday apartment.

    Jo and a black haired chick leave the party and proceed to the poolside where a torrid lesbian encounter gets underway, one of the background figures looks like lesbian queen Vera.

    We are gonna say it was in fact Kate McCann, reinforcing the connection between M's disappearance and Viv Thomas Productions!

  3. om/tfmforum/

    The posters above that parody the whole MM affair, appear to have been produced at the same place as the Bali Bomb poster, and the Brisbane Doomben poster below.

    Terrorists in Business suits: 2002 Bali bombing retro..

    2002 Bali Bombings: Israeli Micro Nuke Blamed! - Joe Vialls 13 February 2003

    As well the Sunburst logo at the South Brisbane Skin Cancer clinic where euthanasia killer doctor Peter O'Hara operates, resembles the Sunburst on the "Carry On.." poster above .. Looks like the tip of the icebergs of Zionist snuff porn, Israel sponsored micro nuke bombings and euthanasia are showing all at once!
    Sweeney Todd Brisbane - Go to see Doctor Peter O'Hara if you wanna finish up dead!

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