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Thread: Scabs & Murder on the Docks - Scabs at the BLF and in the Mines!

  1. Scabs & Murder on the Docks - Scabs at the BLF and in the Mines!

    Scabs on the Australian Docks: July 15, 1991 a Fijian seaman from the British ship Pacific Guardian, used a ship's stores hoist to complete a job begun by a striking dockyard crane driver, one man only refused to work, the remainder of the Queensland Painters and Dockers worked on when he was sacked!

    WARNED OFF: KW & IS Briggs whose influence on this union has been pernicious and whose presence at or near this union will not be tolerated. Likewise Neville Ash, Jim Elliot, Keith Welsh, Dave Rawcliff, Jack Fein, Ron & Danny Kepple, the revolting ponces Peter Kennedy and Pat Meehan, with Lorraine Meehan's consort,

    Ivy the Wooloongabba prostitute the consort of the scab ponce John Burke, hangers on Noel Wyeth and Tich Kilroy. John Etchells, Commo Mick and John Diggins from the WWF, Hugh Williams from the TWU and the dogs in human form Bill Coleman and Gordon Buchanan.

    The scabs Ken Reeves, Jim Reber, Ron Spence, John Sheehan, Mick Dwyer, and Jos Witjes likewise and bar staff Mary at the Empire Hotel, Ruth at the Local Hero Hotel, Jan at the Royal George formerly WWF Club Bar and Prune Face at the Shamrock, these last four are fellow travellers with scabs and murderers, and like the other warned off persons and scabs, are regarded as being tainted with murder.

    Frank & Ken Currie and Bobby Anderson better keep away as well. Citing Franks long term membership of this union and Ken Currie's membership at least since 1974. Frank tossing his head in the face of the union campaign, seeking prosecutions re the murders of his workmates. Ken Currie peeping from a safe distance, at the union man distributing leaflets in King George Square in 1995, nor one syllable or one finger lifted in defense of the union, or in support of the justice campaign.

    Bobby Anderson likewise running around like a blue arsed fly, claiming to be an elder of the aboriginal people, and running just as fast away from the union campaign, what a dead set wanker, murdered Ronnie Chapman was an aboriginal, and for the way he stood to see these people run away, surely turned the guts of this writer.

    Calling people names like scabs and dogs is not what I do. If any body reckons that they have been maligned well all they have to do is get involved in the campaign. We are seeking the prosecution of those elements who harmed and killed our workmates. Prove you are not scabs and dogs. MT 1/06.

    Chapman's own family in the person of the scab Don Burns, who appropriated the murdered mans car, likewise regarded as having made insufficient effort in the campaign to reopen the inquest into his death. A campaign that will continue.

    Rocco Rogers was the strongest and toughest Painter and Docker, he and his two sons Gary and John
    scabbed in '91. Rock died in '95, John died about a year later. Could be he was euthanased along with his consort Cathy Meehan, the prostitute wife of the scab Pat Meehan, who died about a week after him.
    The Pacific Guardian Incident: The Secretary's decision. Expelled as scab Des Noon, Mick
    Williams, George Gray, Kerry Beak, expelled scab officer of the union, John Burke, Bob Mason, expelled scab Committee of Management Ian Bridges, N Brinleigh Williams.

    Not guilty scab as officer Ray Winning. Mr Winning had proven coercion in that Bob Mason had threatened his life. All other officers and members as of 15 and 18 July 1991 should show cause why they should not be gazetted as scabs in future editions of this journal.

    Gazetted as scab Don Burns. He claimed in 1988 it was for fear of murder that he abandoned his responsibility to defend the union against the depredations of the Smith/Reed/Mason clique and their political masters.

    Citing the deaths of Chapman who was his brother in law, and Batkin as reasons for his decision. He claimed he was leaving the industry for good. However once the union was deregistered he returned to work at Cairncross Dock, where scabs rule.
    Page 8 first published 1995. updated May 2004.Page 9
    Scabs .. Gazetted as scabs: Don Burns, Brinleigh Williams & son, Mal Golik & two sons, Joe Stella & two sons, Chris Hoylarnd, Des Youngberg & son, brothers Bohane, Keith Conway, Jack Wilson, Les Hewen-Nlcholls, P.W. Watts, Bruce Saunders, A Redding, A Sloan. These personnel and those scabs named on page 8 & 10 are regarded as having work records tainted with the murder of their workmates.

    Kerry Beak who wants to talk about Zervos and about a scheme he devised while he was foreman at Peter's Ship Repair re him pocketing the men’s meal money.

    Tell us about how you were a wharfie in Sydney and a scab in Brisbane, re working with a blackleg seaman from the British registered ship Pacific Guardian at Cairncross Dock 15/7/1991, who was impressed into service driving a ship's stores hoist, to complete a routine task at the workface begun by a dockyard crane driver who was on strike at the behest of his union.

    One man sacked for refusing to scab, the remainder of the membership working on as scabs or remaining mute in the face of scabbery or both. Page 4

    Intro: The Painters and Dockers Union, Queensland Branch had been infiltrated by scabs led by Zionist Izzy Wyner secretary of the Sydney Branch, who had brought Lebanese and Palestinian war criminals fresh from the killing fields, and inserted them into Australian's jobs on the docks.
    The same Zionist clique that was then and still is in control of Australian politics, had via their control of the press and news dissemination apparatus, endorsed as Prime Ministers the scabs Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, whose 1988 legislation provided de registration for unions with less than 10,000 members.

    The scab clique that was in control in Brisbane, led by Wyner protege Ray Winning, had similarly infiltrated scabs into the union that had been recruited off the street, or via the prison system or from other unions, notably the Waterside Workers Federation and the Seaman's Union of Australia, who were rewarded as scabs with jobs, who supported the push within the union that had surrendered to the Hawke / Keating legislation, which would effectively de unionize the docks.

    Members Ron Chapman and Les Batkin both vocal opponents of de registration, were murdered in 1987 within days of each other during the height of debate within the union re the future of the operation, another member was set upon in the union hall and beaten then raped with a broom handle, by three of the same scabs that had been recruited as standover men, who were from the union's management committee.

    Winning drank and smoked himself to death in 1992, whence I was elected Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union.

    My first act as secretary was to expel the remainder of the entire membership as scabs, they had worked, on or remained silent after I had been sacked 15 July 1991, after refusing to work with a scab Fijian seaman on the British registered ship Pacific Guardian, who had been impressed into service driving a ship's stores hoist, to complete a job begun by a dockyard crane driver who was on strike at the behest of his union.

    John Burke and Bob Mason were scab President and VP, during the scabbing and murder operations within the union, Jack Canning formerly the Engineers Union shop steward at United Ship Repair Services, was scab foreman on the day, he took advantage of the fear that the murders of Batkin and Chapman had caused which muted the union response, to push the scab agenda in the dockyard, and like the rest of the scabs his work record is tainted by the murder of his workmates!

    The Australian registered tanker Australian Achiever, of 127,575 tonnes summer deadweight, cleared the New Zealand port of Whangarei for the port of Brisbane at 2030 on 7 November 1992. The ship had part discharged and retained on board about 35,000 tonnes of crude oil.

    At 2230, the exhaust gas uptake high temperature alarm sounded and the temperature reading was seen to be 10 degrees Celsius above the alarm setting. The engine was slowed to reduce the temperature and the waste heat unit was inspected for hot spots. None were found and the engine speed was increased at 2345.

    At 0115 on 8 November, when about 11 miles from the nearest land, the exhaust gas alarm sounded again and the main engine revolutions were reduced. A further inspection of the waste-heat unit revealed a small area glowing red at the forward, inboard corner. The main engine was stopped and the crew were alerted.

    The fire within the waste-heat unit could not be fought directly and the main fire fighting effort concentrated on boundary cooling. After fire burnt a hole through the casing, several portable C02. extinguishers were discharged into the unit through the hole, without effect.

    The ship's engineers initiated the proper established procedures and stopped the engine. Although the weather was favourable and the current tended to take the ship offshore, given the proximity of the land and the nature of the cargo, the Master requested that a tug be made available to tow the vessel back to Whangarei.

    The fire in the waste-heat unit had reached such an intensity that areas of the generating section's steel tube banks, and a small section of the steel casing reached fusion temperature with resulting meltdown of the materials.

    At daybreak, the crew prepared for the tow by hanging off the starboard anchor and ranging the anchor cable. A tug arrived at 0955 and the tow was connected at 1132. By 2100, the ship had been brought safely to harbour and it subsequently anchored in Bream Bay.

    The fire was contained throughout 8 November and into 9 November by boundary cooling. It was extinguished by 1515 on 9 November, but it was considered prudent not to open up the unit until the area had cooled further. in all the fire burnt for some 39 hours.

    Officers of New Zealand's Ministry of Transport, Maritime Transport Division, were appointed by the Inspector to undertake an initial investigation on behalf of the Australian Department of Transport and Communications.

    20 November 1992 Whyte Island Ferry Terminal Friday, Mason phones and says there is a job on a ship that had a fire in the engine room at sea which was moored at an oil terminal at the river mouth, and that one should proceed to Whyte Island, take the ferry from there to the vessel, go aboard and report to the mate for further instructions.

    During the previous communication we had in October, one had told him he was expelled from the union and that his life membership was rescinded.
    Citing threats he made to oneself to and other members, and his conduct re Pacific Guardian scab affair. And that his conduct was the subject of complaints one had made to variously to Peter Beattie 9 October '92, in his role as PCJC chair as described above, then five grand out of pocket with nothing to show, on 6 November to the police re Detectives Kajewski and Doyle at City CIB telling them of threats, hijacked elections and murder, then on 17 November after disinterest from Kajewski and Doyle, to inspector McMenamin at the CJC.

    One asked Mason what the police had said to him, he replied he had not been questioned by the police at any time regarding any matter whatever, and did one want the job or not.
    At the ferry landing was a group of seedy strangers, their leader a man who identified himself as a member of the Seamen's Union of Australia who said he and his group were to be going aboard the Australian Achiever to clean up after a fire in the engine room. When asked if any of them had signed articles or was going to sign articles when on board, he replied no.

    When asked of the scope of the work to be performed, he replied they intended to erect scaffolding, remove and replace any fire damaged material, then prepare and paint the fire blackened paintwork, this person was then told that within the precincts of the Port of Brisbane such tasks were undertaken by Painters and Dockers.

    He then smiled, his lips parted and his teeth appeared prominent, like the visage of a fresh corpse being consumed by flame .. I realized I was in the presence of the Devil.
    Decades of bashings and murder and infiltration by nancy boys and thugs had led to this.. Joe whose nephew Mark Redding was subsequently to disappear, set upon on union premises and biffed by Committee Members Edwards and Percy then raped with a broom handle by Committee Member Bridges later to scab on the Pacific Guardian.

    Their description of this event recalled Bob Foreman's disclosure in the same place that he had raped and murdered Judith and Susan, Foreman hooting and hollering re the girls vagina's being tight, Percy hooting and roaring describing Joe's ordeal.

    The SUA scab and his boys were warned theirs and their union’s industrial reputations were then under extreme duress, they were told of the historical imperatives that existed regarding the division of labor on the Australian waterfront and they were being used as pawns and scabs, of a systemic campaign of terror, violence and murder being waged against Painters and Dockers.

    As a result active membership consisted of one man only, the treacherous S 193 of The Australian Industrial Relations Act providing de registration was about to be implemented, and if they wanted to work on the Australian waterfront their responsibility was to belong to the appropriate union.
    One scab yells you would not have said that twenty years ago.. "Not so my man," says I "are there any fighters among you." A red hatred pony tailed scab was reminded if he should want to put up his fists now was the time.

    Deja vu at the BLF meetings re the Bell Scaffolding sacking when the daisies and pansies there talked tough, one mug swings his hand toward MT, I place him in a Chinese death lock, he nearly wets his pants.

    Tony Bigmouth is challenged to put up his dukes and his money, get your scab mates Moxham, Simcoe and Puplett to back you, runs out of the meeting like a dog with his tail between his legs. One mug full of dutch courage and surrounded by scabs says he will knock me out.

    Does not try though might have heard about the hammering I served up to Bob Reed when he threatened Normie I say, 'in case you reckon you can tell me who I can talk to. get this.'
    Or the flogging I dished out to Les Smith, he had run out of the union to the far more lucrative fields of sea going employment In 1985, only coming near the P&D's when Merv Collins or somebody needed to be bashed. He is big mouthing it to his rotten cronies and alternately glaring at MT, says "you had better get your head out of union business, and do not go picking on Bobby Reed," I tell him since he is no longer a member of this union but a member of the SUA to go and have it out with them, then I smack him around a bit.

    At Whyte Island the ferryman refuses MT passage I was not going aboard when scabs are on the job anyway I tell him, so off the scabs go in the ferry. Next on the scene was Mr Revolting, Peter the scabby shipwright a member of the Waterside Workers Federation, there to take the next ferry out to the Australian Achiever to complete barge to ship transfers of ship's stores, work hitherto in this port at least, carried out only by Painters and Dockers or articled seamen.

    His droogs were scab dockers who had fed for years on the union, parasites, tradesmen who had abandoned their trades or beached seamen, who had jobs by Bob Mason's good grace, who claimed to have voluntarily relinquished P&D union membership and joined the metal workers union.

    In a scandalous deal brokered by class enemies which was to leave the combined scab forces of the WWF and the SUA free to form the super scab union the Maritime Union of Australia.
    Kim Beazley seems to be a mole, a John Le Carre style deep penetration agent controlled by George Schultz of the United States State Department, who was the author of a press release issued by Beazley, paraphrasing Australian Labor Party policy re US nuclear armed warship visits. page 7 July 1998 Page 8


    This is the face of criminal murder in Queensland Australia.. Premier Anna Bligh who has "hands on" involvement quashing the investigation into the death of Kay Chambers, and the subsequent abandonment of proceedings against Paul Johannsen!
    THE WLODARCZYK KILLING: Terror becomes horror, Kay Chambers is dead .. In July 1994 Kay Chambers and Paul Johannsen were extradited from Sydney to face charges in the Brisbane Supreme Court re the 1975 mutilation murder of this popular and loyal member of The Painters and Dockers Union.

    In response to demands this journal published in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial, Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996, after key prosecution witness Chambers had committed suicide, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before.

    At the July '94 extradition hearing in Sydney, Chambers pleaded, screaming to the judge not to send her to Brisbane, shrieking she had been shot in the head there shortly after John Wlodarczyk's death, in an attempt to kill her. When asked of the probity of the delay in proceeding with the trial, the Justice Department man replied the question of probity was not for him, he garbled some bull about defense lawyers making applications, evading the issue of the delay.

    Asked why did the trial not proceed immediately the pair arrived in Brisbane, whereas she appears to have been in custody for at least thirteen months, remanded, charged in relation to a nineteen year old murder investigation.

    And was he aware this union had been pursuing this matter independently, and had made statements in court, and to the police, and the Criminal Justice Commission since 1992, regarding the activities of a man called Stretch Johannsen, who was said by the same source ultimately to name Smith as the murderer of Batkin, ie the dockyard grapevine, to have along with a woman accomplice killed John Wlodarczyk, aka John Grosvenor, aka Mexican Johnny.

    The JD man remained aloof.

    The union insisted probity was lacking, evidenced circumstantially by the death of this woman, which lack of probity we have alleged consistently is tied to terrorism on the docks, and wanton and serious corruption among the police, at the CJC, and in Parliament. However the most serious corruption and the place where probity has least place we allege, is within the Crown Law Department, The Public Prosecutors Office.

    The JD fellow was become a tad churlish by then.


    We persisted, Peter Beattie was Parliamentary Criminal Justice Commission Committee Chairperson when the union approached him in 1992, additionally he was Member for Brisbane the electorate in which the union office is located.

    We told him corrupt murderous elements from within and without the union, were in the process of hijacking the electoral process within theorganization, and that the mob at The Australian Industrial Relations Commission were getting cute re their role in proceedings, that members had been openly threatened, in company with murder, and that threats had preceded the deaths of Ron Chapman and Les Batkin dead up until then, as we told Beattie, and Merv Collins and now Kay Chambers since.

    ITEM: Xenophon Zervos was shot dead as he was getting into his car at his home in the Brusbane suburb of Holland Park on the early morning of March 26 1986.

    Fitzgerald QC

    In 1988 Constable Butler told the Fitzgerald Inquiry, an inquiry into police malfeasance formed on the initiative of Bill Gunn then Police Minister and Deputy Premier, that Mr. Zervos was the victim of professional assassins recruited from the Dockers Union, by police to murder another policeman, a Detective Constable Salvatore Di Carlo.

    Butler alleges the murderers went to the wrong address and fired on a man whose fate was the random result of human error, and that Di Carlo was on the wrong side of his workmates because investigations he was proceeding with were sensitive, and involved a firebombing at a Fortitude Valley nightclub in 1973, in which fifteen people died.

    Whiskey au Go Go

    Mr. Zervos was it appears, related by marriage to Salvatore Di Carlo, in which case the plot is somewhat thicker than it would otherwise have been, had that not been the case.

    Di Carlo's lot has prospered, he has gone from undercover copper, where his role was allegedly to infiltrate criminal society, gain the confidence and the friendship of any lonely poor stiff he could, then fix him up with criminal charges. Now it's Sammy Di Carlo Barrister at Law, who until he instituted a policy of omerta toward the jolly old Dockies Union was quite a source of knowledge.

    Sammy there is a stone in my shoe about the whole thing, particularly about threats broadcast re Merv Collins, that Merv was a stone in somebody's shoe re the Zervos thing.

    ITEM: 1978 The Coroner recommends Vincent O'Dempsy and Pat Glancy be charged with three counts of murder, evidence linked the pair to police who wanted to urge a Billy McCulken not to testify in a court case then pending, which concerned police corruption, the victims were Mr McCulken's wife and daughters.

    O'Dempsy and Glancy were recruited by Inspector Tony Murphy of the Queensland Police, to kill the McCulken's to disuade the testimony of their husband and father Billy McCulken, from testifying re his involvement in the fire bombing of Torino's nite club in Brisbane in the early 1970's, which he maintained was at the behest of Murphy!

    The Crown Prosecutor did not proceed in the matter issuing a terse statement that in his opinion, evidence valid in the Coroner's Court was invalid in the Supreme Court because some of it was hearsay, no bodies have ever been found, O'Dempsy is said to be the proprietor of a private cemetery and an associate of Les Smith, both of whom are known associates of former Acting Police Commissioner Ron Redmond.
    Uncle Greg, and the charter of the CJC .. Which was to complete investigations into matters raised with Fitzgerald, including allegations Asian terror gangs operating in the Fortitude Valley business district that were importing and distributing heroin, relied on the services of Police Superintendent Greg Early to protect their drug operations fromthe outside, while homicide kept order within, witnesses told of murder committed at Cleveland. More shame.

  3. We contend at the P&D’s, that Kay Chambers was murdered to silence her, and that her death and the subsequent abandonment of proceedings against Johannsen, came about because the terror campaign waged against Dockers, which was supposed to shock or intimidate members into abandoning their role as unionists or murdering them, had failed.
    The trial was to be Peter Beattie's triumph, he would be seen as the instigator of prosecutions re the murders that had taken place on the docks, in his role as PCJC chair, then Premier he would shatter the wall of silence allegedly in place surrounding such crimes.

    By late 1994 Beattie's plan had to change, he had found the union was no pushover, his thugs had been biffed and expelled, while we had been making such a song and dance in the industrial Commission in Sydney, and the Full Bench and the Federal Court in Industrial Jurisdiction in Brisbane, and in Canberra, that he was not going to take the chance of the whole thing blowing up in his face so she was let out of prison and killed.

    No witness now against Johannsen so he is released.. no witness, no trial, no problems, Beattie thinks, at the union we are not going to let matters rest however..

    Getting no response from the police, the government or the Crimina; Justice Commosion in Queensland it's off to Canberra 3 May 1993, John Howard's office, in an interview conducted by Tony Blair later to become Prime Minister of Great Britain, we tell Blair on Howard's, then Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations behalf, of corruption, murder, hijacked union elections, and of zero response from the police, the government and the CJC.

    That we had gone through the range of resources and options available in Queensland to have these matters raised in the parliament, while Bob Reed, the source of much of the trouble on the docks, was then a solicitor employed by Wayne Goss the Labor Party Premier of Queensland.

    Of the Costigan RC report recommending Packer be charged..

    1984 The Costigan Royal Commission into the Activities of The Painters and Dockers Union, a commission of inquiry formed on the initiative of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in 1980, in response to stories published in Penthouse Australia, and in The Bulletin magazine detailing some of the more sensational slanders and wretched assertions, that such ill founded rags are wont to make regarding the affairs of this trade union.

    Recommended Kerry Packer, often described as Australia's richest man, be charged in relation to the importation of heroin into this country, in shipping containers leased to World Series Cricket, that had accompanied the Australian cricket team on the 1982 tour of Pakistan. Leaving Australia containing cricket gear and television equipment, which was sold in Pakistan to local sporting and television interests at the conclusion of the tour, returning full of drugs.

    The Hon. Lionel Bowen MHR, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, in contempt of the Royal Commission, shortly after Costigan's report was delivered, which took him over four years, and for which the government paid him over four million dollars in wages to prepare. Asserted in Parliament that Costigan was barking up the wrong tree when he recommended Packer be charged and that Kerry had not wronged.

    And the National Crime Authority, stating the CJC and the NCA perform similar functions in that both are sham, spuriously appointed organizations, founded when the political allies of criminals who were being thus exposed at the FI in Queensland, and the CRC Federally, claimed those Inquiries were too costly and the good work they had done was to be taken up by those respective organizations.

    Mr Blair said he thought Sir Peter Abeles was the Mr Big in Australian crime, and assures us he will make known to Howard the union's wish, that he take our cause up in parliament, he gives a date on which to ring back, when we do so he assures us he has briefed Howard of our concerns and wishes, and puts one through..

    Click ..Howard's voice, "I'm not talking to him," ..clunk, dead phone.. proving the bi partisan nature of murderous corruption as it exists in Australia at State and Federal level.
    At the time of the Wlodarczyk killing the Sunday Sun a now defunct news paper, said the dogs were barking all over town about what had happened, not quite, the dogs were barking it is true, however their song was that Kay had killed the man, Paul's name was not bandied about re this matter until things were warming up again in the mid to late eighties.

    Around the time the Smith/Mason/ Reed faction had gained power and Influence within the union by bashings and terror and fear, innuendo from Mason re John Wlodarczyk's murder toward a job delegate who requested the union rule re exposure to tar & epoxy paint be observed, he says it was not a random act of violence, but a calculated decision to kill a man.

    Reed warning a member " not go writing letters Norm, and you had better not talk to Drummond!

    Norm, whose teenage son was to be killed by an unknown hit and run driver before years end, had outlined at a meeting that he had written to Fitzgerald, outlining the most serious misgivings re the thrust this faction was presenting.They had declared union owned property at Kangaroo Point superfluous, and with their filthy murderous scab mates stand up Col Woods, who they had infiltrated into the union, were pushing through a highly questionable land sale.

    Norm explained Fitzgerald replied that he should ring him and he would make arrangements for an interview with Drummond QC council assisting, Reed's warning coming only days after the 1987 murder of union member Les Batkin, itself only days after the killing of member Ron Chapman.. Chapman's last political speech In the P&D's union rooms was that the time was long overdue for MT to be union secretary.
    Angelo Vasta was DPP in 1978 who decided not to prosecute 0'Dempsy and Glancey, recalling evidence the Coroner heard that Mrs M and the girls firstly did all they could to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their assailants, hoping thus to save their lives, after that the screaming went on for hours before they died.

    Recalling Vasta being elevated short time later to the bench, from where he was removed in 1988 in the wake of the Fl, allegedly because he maintained an allegedly unhealthy relationship with senior police who had been adversely named in evidence at the FI.

    Interested whether either of the Vasta offspring employed at The Crown Law Department was involved in the abortive prosecution of Kay Chambers and Stretch Johannsen, indeed what prosecutions have they gotten up to, for instance did either of them have any input re the proceedings against Arthur Stanley Brown re Judith and Susan..

    1999 the Director of Public Prosecutions in Queensland, says he is to prosecute a Mister Brown re the rape and murder of Judith and Susan Mackay, aged five and seven years, near Townsville in 1970 .. We had been to the police and had said in court since 1993, that Bob Foreman was constant in his boasting, that he and no other had committed this crime.

    Mr Brown's solicitor was a woman named Lisa Macnamara, we contacted her in 1999, she told us she can not see any way round the problem, since Bob Foreman's name is not Bob Foreman and we do not know what his right name is, we obviously are unable to proceed.

    That is corrupt and should be enough to hang her, we had told her it was the name he used at work and had been the name he used as a professional boxer, that he does not deny that both he and his car were at the crime scene the day the children died, and that he fits the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop on the morning of the day they disappeared.

    Nevertheless as she insisted brusquely and with superb woman's logic, she would be unable to proceed further on that point, and hung up the phone.

    The jury in Mr Brown's trial threw the crown case out finding him not guilty, after a petrol station attendant who saw the girls crying in a car the day they disappeared, in company with a man who stopped to get fuel, positively stated that Mr Brown was not the driver.
    Or the abortive prosecution of a young man who was charged re the 1990 disappearance of Mark Redding, or court proceedings wherein union member Tommy Moloney, who also disappeared in 1990 may have been called as a witness, and what does Jolly old Salvatore di Carlo get up to as a barrister even as the Zervos murder hangs over his head.

    We have a problem likewise with prosecutor Barrister Neville Weston, whose input re our attempts to bring all these matters before Connolly and Ryan led to disaster, he at least agreed that corruption in a capital case, ie a murder case, is capital corruption.. which is great since it is the basis upon which we propose to hang him, and Angelo Vasta, and to do a job on corrupt lawyer Susan Austin as well.

    Now another glimpse into the future ..Susan Austin is in high dudgeon, it’s ladies day at the execution ground and she is about to be beheaded is why..

    "Poisson fraise.." the executioner mutters, he is a dour and morose man whose role model is Sanson the state executioner during the French revolution, who history records, cut twenty two heads in thirty five minutes the morning he guillotined Robespierre, head of the dreaded Committee for Public Safety, indeed he often wonders whether he is the reincarnation of that personage, to which end he maintains a constant banter in a kind of bastard French with his assistant and his clients.

    Courtly now he offers Susan his arm "Madam.."

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    Scabs at the BLF

    This document below indicts Union Secretary Simcoe, industrial Officer Moxham, and Union Organizer Puplett of The Builders Labourers Federation as class enemies.

    Facts relied upon: At work the week prior to 1/10/96, two twin speaker ghetto blaster type radio systems were intermittently turned on full bore causing excessive noise. Before work 1l10/96 member 200325 reminds all hands this type of personal equipment on the job is banned by the union.

    One Saal says he is the delegate, says he will ring the union and check, some time later during work one Moore turns his blaster on full bore, claimed he wanted to be able to hear John Laws, over the noise of a yard forklift that had a rooted muffler.

    One checks back with Saal the bug delegate, he says he did not ring the union at all but telephoned Yates the yard manager who was on his way, ringing the union one speaks to Kerr and gets abused and hung up on, then drives into union premises, Kerr is busy while he is waiting spots Gary Howcroft, former, before Smith, president of the P&D Union, who by now had wormed his rotten way into the offices of the BWIU.

    eminds Howcroft the current campaign the Dockies Union was undertaking, requires him to testify re his relationship with Ron Chapman, like when was the last time he saw him alive and in whose company was he, and about Batkin, and Norm Foorde, and re his hightailing it out of the said Dockies Union, at the time of the 1980 union election campaign,

    Despite the fact he was then Union President, and was a candidate for election to the position of Secretary, and was he in fact warned he would necessarily be running afoul of elements who might kill him as they had killed before.

    Howcroft sneered, and almost got through turning his lip in contempt, when he had to beat a hasty retreat into the interior of a locked office complex, MT in pursuit.

    Kerr arrived back on the scene, shook hands with MT, cluck clucked at the Howcroft chasing incident, listened to the account of what had happened at Bell Scaffolding explained Ted Puplett was the organizer for that area, rang him arranging for him to be at Bell's gate.

    Which is where he was when MT arrived back, briefly explaining the situation to him and being assured in return, that double or multi speaker systems were indeed barred from the workplace by the union.

    Puplett's clear role then was to upbraid the members for having this gear on the job, explain that the concept of bodgey delegates who rang the boss instead of the union, was as iffy as can be, endorse MT as new and fair dinkum delegate, and we all go back to work.

    Instead of that, Puplett hears Yates out then tells MT to hear Yates out, who says MT is sacked and he had better get off the premises, or he will have the coppers to him, all the while Puplett and Saal are smirking and grinning to each other like vicar and choirboy.

    Howcroft suffered two broken legs in October 1996, maybe he approached someone to have M Timothy seen to, and got seen to himself.

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    Wanker runs school for scabs in Gove!

    Tia Dargaville, one of three scab Mouri brothers, introduced himself in Gove when he told me in the crib room at lunch time, I had been on the job about four days, that he thought all Aussies were cowards, he's mumbling this **** for a while then starts mumbling '...bring it on.' Brave in company with his two scab brothers, I did not bash him sensless as I normally would have since it was at work, and I did not want to be sacked.

    Earlier that day on the way back to the scaff yard Benny Ratahi had stuck his finger up his nose produced a fair sized lump of black **** held it under my nose then after about twenty seconds asks '...what do you think of that.' Working out on the wharf I find a fishing reel and some bait, I bait up and throw in ten minutes later I check the line, no fish and still baited,

    A Mouri bloke one of the crew men on the tugs comes up tells me that I am out there to work, not to go fishing. '... yeah righto mate' I tell him, presently Tony Williams the team leader arrives and gets up me for fishing. I know that I am among scabs thugs and dogs.

    In about June I am elected co-delegate and attend with Dana the delegate who is herself a foul mouthed scab, a combined union meeting comprising the maintenance staff as well as construction personnel on the G3 expansion then underway.
    The issue was a detectable level of mercury had produced a spike in a test reading. The test had been conducted some weeks before, had been restricted to one only water cooler on site and the matter had been rectified, likewise weeks before and was for all intents and purposes ancient history.

    The matter became an issue when someone scrutinized the report sheet that is issued from time to time on site and decided that mileage may be made over the fact that no alarm had been sent when the spike was discovered, so here we were in a combined meeting. Listening to debate ... 'we are not taking this sh*t... they can fly the water in from Darwin...'

    This BS goes on for a while then I put my two bob's worth in. I tell them not to panic, there is nothing wrong with the water there never was, on a bauxite site mercury contamination exists throughout the whole site, the fact that a mercury spike showed up in test data indicated a bit of dust or something had got into the system. That the hospital had taken no extra measures, neither had the aboriginal community.

    At this point heckling and slander had broken out a Mouri guy in the crowd starts screaming '... whose this ****...' at this point I tell him that I am not a **** and for him to address me that way rendered him liable to getting smashed in the mouth, he says '...wha... what the f**k...' read above about Eric at Newlands Mine and the coons in Brisbane, same **** different day, he says '... you're an old man, you're not worth bashing,'

    I say '...hop up here we'll see who is an old man.' The cannibals are not real brave either, and the dog who stuck his finger up his nose was about two seconds from getting the floggin’ of his worthless life.
    We have a day and a half off, the dispute had no merits and was a power play by the meeting's organizers. Up until this time the major drama apart from racism on site consisted of smoking in the twin cab company vehicles used on site.

    As an employees elected representative the most requests I got were from workers who were made ill constantly day after day and in response to the same persons smoking in the vehicles.

    I told them at duly constituted employees meetings: It was against Civil Law, company policy, and site rules and the union policy was that any departure from site rules constituted a breach, thus anyone sacked, reprimanded, disciplined, or served notice as a result of smoking in a non smoking area had no case at all.

    Month after month the same ones did not care about anything, their mates going home crook after breathing smoke in a twin cab all day.

    I try to get the safety officer on side, about all I knew about him was his chortling and chuckling when he showed photographs of deceased workmates which are included in incident reports when a fatality occurs in the industry.. He stormed out of the meeting hopped into a company vehicle on site, stuck a fag into his gob and drove off!
    The supervisors approach, he was a Dutchman was the same, re smoking he said it was OK provided there were no non smokers in the vehicle.

    During this debate a black guy from Mackay in Queensland spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth just where I would have to put my foot when I got out of the vehicle, the next day he was rude to me so I belted sh—out of him.
    Someone else said it was only courtesy that you did not smoke when there are non smokers in the truck, I say that courtesy consisted of not farting in the truck, site rules on the other hand were concerned with smoking.

    This debate raged in October my two workmates Darryl Russell and Joe Guzara turned on me at work, Joe threatened me with a hammer then went berserk attacking a scaffolding wedge all the time frothing at the mouth, he's fukkin stone mad. The other turd had asked me what his leave entitlements were,

    His mother in law was in an old peoples home in Port Augusta a new wing was being built just where her bed was. She'd taken a bit of a turn, he told me and was he able to get leave. I reckon he went down and finished her off. This prick like Joe, different personality every day.

    Next gang first day a dog scab named Daniel Macintyre lights up in the cab. I tell him he is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle he says '...says who.' I tell the Dutch super that his duty of care to provide me with a safe working place has not been met and in that case I will be leaving the site. Off site I ring the union talk to Frank Chambers who says Marina Williams State Secretary will be in Gove later that day and will be on site the following day.

    He agrees with me that the situation at Kaefer Scaffolding was scabbing and was critical. Marina Williams tells me on the phone 1 November 2005 that I was correct to make a stand re smoking, and that the smokers were scabs, is aghast re the Safety Officer's and the Supervisor's assertion that smoking was OK in vehicles except if there were non smokers.

    Assures me that she will ring Brian Keenan the head man at Kaefer, insist that site safety rules are obeyed, and see to it that I was paid for the time I was off the job since it was a safety issue.
    She says she will be on site the next day and she will see me then. That day Rod Welsh the scab leading hand from the previous day says I wont be working with him and he will smoke just when and where he feels like it.

    Pete Dargaville whose brother reckons all Aussies are cowards tells me that he wont be working with me, Tony Houston another scab who I have taken a collection up for, $ 651.00 plus card since I had seen him he had lost his possessions in a house fire, is giving me the cold shoulder.

    A few months before he had been full of sh*t on the job making one wait for him while he went through a bonding session with one of his bum buddy scab mates. I pull him up about it he tells me to get over it, and undergoes a personality change when I challenge him. Says he thought putting **** on me was OK since he thought I was a space cadet.

    I do not know what a space cadet is but I know Gus Brooker is a scab. Marina Williams had not got in touch with Brian Keenan the boss as she said she would, I ring the union Frank tells me to stay cool, Marina was gonna be on the job later that day, she had already endorsed the stand I took as delegate, had assured both he and I that we were right and she would remedy things ASAP.

    A good man at work tells me that he wants to work with me, he walked one hundred and ninety kilometers after his car broke down four years before, and had backed up with a ninety K walk a few months before I met him, he had given his shirt to his mate who was barefooted to put on his feet. Other good men concur... so I stay there all day, despite there being scabs on the job.

    The wanker who ran the place a morbidly obese man, so named because the only time you would see him on site was when he was heading to the latrines, Penthouse Magazine in hand for his daily wank, has the temerity at the end of the day to hand me a notice saying I had left the site the previous day without going thru the disputes resolution procedure outlined in the workplace agreement. Now there's a wanker for you, this dispute had been going for months.

    I tell him I will be guided by the union response, and not to expect me back until he has sorted out the matter of scabs on the job. I ring Marina Williams she has had a personality change says she knows of no place where the union forbids smoking in vehicles, I tell her union policy is that site rules are obeyed, that I will not be going onto the site while there are scabs on the job which does not mean, as I succinctly tell her that I am demanding any persons dismissal, just in case the wanker reckons I am.

    An apology for being scabs will do as long as a commitment is received from all scabs that is all who just go ahead and light up that their ways are changed, she makes a sort of a snorting animal sound becomes intelligible and is gone from the phone. Next day Shane Cotton the wanker rings, tells me he wants me back at work I tell him to ring back when he has sorted out the matter of scabs at work. Brian Keenan rings the same thing, I tell him I will go back when he can guarantee a smoke free workplace as is guaranteed under the terms of my hire, and that I wont be working while there are scabs on the job. \

    That afternoon Marina Williams returns my calls, she tells me I will have to provide a written statement, one problem honey, reticence in a scab affair from a trade union official is scabbing, I tell her that. I know my job is gone, I ring Cotton tell him I want to return to work the next day I want to convene a meeting etc he says no.

    There's scabs for you Geoff Hoani is the new and scab delegate he was a scab the day he came onto the job smoking in the vehicles and a scab the day I left it. I haven’t worked since and I despise the whole race for their gluttony, treachery and filth.

    I was warned that the cannibal race Mouris are the most treacherous people on the Earth in grade school… That all is well then one day they are stomping and carrying on outside your house and they are gonna kill and eat ya. Their war dance song translates to “…we are gonna come to your village, and we are gonna kill and eat your children in front of you,” …that ethic honed up to perfection as their race turned upon itself in an orgy of cannibal feasting generation to generation, till the European man turned up and put a stop to it.

    Hungarian and Albanian guest workers, white New Zealanders and Australians made up the scab numbers!

    Racism at Waco: Scabs at Bell: thus The BLF enters the new world order: The docks collapse in '93, in '94 I try to get a job at Waco Scaffolding, ring the boss Tia Howson tell him I'm looking for a job '...yes mate...' he says, '...I've got your number...' he says, reads my number back '...nothing now I'll ring when there is a bit of work'. I put up with this bull ringing him off and on till about '03, then I tell him he's a racist and that if I was a member of the Mouri tribe I'd have been working since '94. He says that's bull and hangs up.

    Trash at Superior Scaffolding in about '97 Paddy Quinn tells me not to ring back I was employed there one day. More of the same at Central Scaffolding in '98 after one day Ray Batchelor says 'you're finishing up'.

  6. #6
    Trade Unionists murdered in Queensland Australia - Vale Norm Foorde & Mark Redding

    Norman Foorde disappeared in 1979, newspapers of the day said he was murdered because he 'yapped' re a bank robbery that had taken place at Murwillumbah in New South wales, which was said to have netted several million dollars.

    Keith Briggs turned up in Brisbane with a union book from the Melbourne branch of the union sometime before 1972, Foorde's last known words were to other residents of his boarding house, that he was off to see 'Stewie'.

    The scab Ian Stuart Bridges nee Briggs did a heap of time in Pentridge Prison, while in prison he formed an acquaintanceship with Foorde, he had ceased by that time to use the moniker Ian, preferring to use his middle name shortened to Stewie.
    When his brother arrived in Brisbane with a crook union book, and a desire to establish a new identity, he began using Ian's commonly used name Stewie, changed Briggs to Bridges thus Stewie Bridges came into being, however work on the docks was not up his alley so he returned to his trade which was plumber.

    He did not however cease his association with the union, he was seldom seen in the workplace but was a daily attendee at the union rooms, as were any union men that wanted to go to work and an army of 'outies', non union members who were temporarily inducted into the union for employment when all the union men that wanted to go to work had jobs.

    Thus the scheme was that the union was always kept under manned, thus trainees called outsiders shortened to outies, would make up the shortfall, which meant that any man and his dog who turned up, no matter what his background, would in his turn go to work if he had the will to keep turning up.

    No man was ever turned away, or was ever denied the opportunity to gain honest employment in this fashion, thus many people from the prison system or the mental health system, with little or no training or work experience, found their way into the workforce via the docks.

    Periodically the union would 'open the books' inducting the most experienced outsiders into the union. Countless men gained confidence and self esteem in this way, including the author of this document.
    When Foorde who was an outie disappeared, the police questioned Stewie Bridges, he says he was grilled by then Assistant Commissioner for Crime Tony Murphy, the same officer Jim Finch said had persuaded him to bomb the Whisky Au Go Go night club, he said he knew nothing and was never charged.

    We believe that the Stewie Foorde was off to see was in fact lan Stuart Briggs, who had arrived at the docks in Brisbane in the late seventies, unable to use the name Stewie his brother had appropriated, he resumed calling himself lan, while he too changed Briggs to Bridges .. he was still known as Stewie by Foorde however,

    The police questioned the wrong brother, it was the two card trick as well, since the yapping that Foorde did re the Mur'bah bank job was to the police, who were crooks and who tipped off whomsoever told him, Ian Bridges it seems.

    Suggesting that K. Briggs got wind of what went on at Mur'bah via his own criminal connections, he passed that on to his brother, who passed it on to Foorde, who passed both it and its source on to the police, who passed back to Briggs that Foorde had informed on him, whereupon he passed down to Foorde that he desired his company and when he came over murdered him.

    In 2009 we received phone calls from Arthur Redding's daughter and from Brian Cosh, a scab former member of this union, attempting to coerce a change of policy in relation to the death of Mark Redding .. Both were put on notice that they were on the wrong side of a capital murder investigation, and would be called as witnesses.
    Mark Redding was struck by a motorcycle as he was crossing Main Street Kangaroo Point in about 1981, when he was ten years old, he suffered severe head injuries which left his speech slurred and affected his gait .. Through the normal course of events he made a third party claim against the motorcycle's insurer, and was awarded some seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation.

    In 1990 Joe Plunkett who Ian Bridges had buggered with a broom handle in 1988, in an attack carried out on union premises by three members of the Union's Steerage Committee, said Mark who was his nephew was missing, said he had not been seen for about a week and was very distressed.
    Joe said he had gone into a sports car yard and had priced a couple of vehicles, then had rung his mother saying that he wanted to obtain some of his compensation money to purchase a car, Joe said no communication had been received since.

    When one stated that perhaps the young man was with friends, since he had only been gone a few days, and it may not be entirely out of character for him to be a bit sulky, particularly if his mother had refused to entertain the notion that he should be buying an expensive sports car.

    Joe shook his head .. At work a bit later one runs into Artie, Joes brother and Marks dad, with all the very best intentions one asked questions, Arthur said that the sports car yard was no longer the last place Mark was seen, that witnesses had seen the young man in company on a train on the evening of the day he had gone to the car yard, that he said he proposed to go to a party with some people he met that day .. A most sinister development one supposed.

    Later, maybe a couple of weeks one is working with Artie again, asking if there was any news he says, Mark was positively identified by bar staff at a pub some place in the Four Rivers Shire half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
    That he was in the company of an older man, who was distinguished by being short, well dressed and well spoken, one conjectured that this person was a murderer who had enticed the young man from the party.

    Arthur says maybe not, says there is a lot of money involved since once Mark was declared dead the seven hundred G's would revert to his care, he said the police had told him that he should get a lawyer, since he was well spoken, well dressed, below average height and appeared to have a motive to murder his son thus making him the prime suspect.

    In the union rooms one asked John Burke who knew the young fellow well, whether the injuries he sustained in the accident had a particularly visible affect, at this point Ian Bridges chimed in obsequious in his denial that Mark was impaired, pressing the point one says all the news reports stated he was severely physically impaired, "no no no" he says, Burke says he was.

    I reckon Bridges murdered him at his old man's behest, and that the aborted trial for murder of a young man allegedly in possession of an item of Marks clothing he apparently found on a river bank, was a sham organized by crook lawyers in for their cut of the money.

  7. #7
    The John Kennedy Assassination - Who's Who on the Grassy Knoll

    911 was not the only outrage carried out in broad daylight on American soil..

    The other was the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas Texas, on 22 November 1963.

    Lethal gunfire came from two directions on the GK, the red spot shows the location of the weapon fired from behind the picket fence some meters past the corner, positively identified as a "Short Sam" version of an AR 15 rifle..

    In the super enhanced pic a la the Badgeman pic below that has disappeared from the internet, which also positively identifies the third tramp Charles Frederick Rogers as the gunman, the "pinwheel" pattern is where the flash dissipated thru the flash hider at the muzzle.

    The figures behind the shooter are Martin Luther and Coretta King!

    Download The Moorman Polaroid large file,

    Then use the above negative image as a guide, search for the "pinwheel" pattern, then use photo enhancement software to enlarge and process the image to see the MLK's faces emerge, good software will show the raised foresight of the "Shorty" AR 15, and will positively identify Charles Frederick Rogers, the "third tramp" as the shooter!

    As well shots were from within the Presidential limo.. as the limousine emerged from behind the freeway sign, the driver William Greer turned and looked over his right shoulder, he turned back and while holding the steering wheel with his left hand, retrieved something from under the dash with his right hand.

    He then transferred the object in his right hand to his left hand, then turned his head back around to look at the President, and brought his left hand around his body and aimed and fired, what appeared to be a nickel plated .44 Cal revolver, at the President’s head.

    Not counting shots fired from the roof of the Dal Tech Building, the jury is still out as to whether any firing came from the sixth floor of the TSBD!

    Witnesses make the case for the Limousine Driver shooting JFK!

    From Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams' book entitled "Murder from Within," © 1975 derived from original research done in Dallas in 1968 when the memories of witnesses were still fresh, Mr. Newcomb's book made the case for the limousine driver shooting JFK so well, that he sent copies to the 1975 Congress and Senate, believing he would be guilty of obstruction of justice" if he did not do so.

    These are the witnesses whose statement to Mr. Newcomb and sometimes the Warren commission included the words "in the car."

    1. Mary Moorman - school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

    2. Jean Hill - Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Spector would change the subject or say "it's time for a cup of coffee."

    Zapruder frame 298 shows that Mary Moorman, and Jean Hill in the red coat were the closest eye witnesses.. in this frame the President has already been hit by a shot believed to have been fired from the Dal Tech building, before Greer, Officer Joseph Smith and Charles Frederick Rogers fired!

    3. Austin P. Miller - Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was "from right there in the car." Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.

    4. Clinton J. Hill. Jacqueline Kennedy's bodyguard reports in Vol. II, pp 38-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes: "I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Just as I reached it, there was another sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard seemed to have some type of echho."

    5. Hugh Betzner - Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound "like firecrackers going off in the car."Link to Betzner’s official statement:

    6. Senator Ralph Yarborough - 3rd car back Source: taped interview with Fred Newcomb. "Smelled gunpowder in the car." (statement made to press but not to Warren Commission) He was challenged by Newcomb on the phone and he then said "I must have smelled it coming down from the book depository."

    This is the Moorman Polaroid, enhancement of the corner of the rotunda wall carried out by a supercomputer..

    Revealed a uniformed figure believed to be Gordon H Arnold, talking into a hand held radio to this man believed to be Lucien Sarti..

    A Corsican adventurer, accomplice of the so named Umbrella Man whose raised umbrella signaled the shooters, to Arnold's left a uniformed policeman wearing glasses, thought to be Dallas Police Officer Joseph Smith, fires a shotgun .. Cecil B de Mille, is the best guess for the identity of the figure wearing glasses with "Krusty the Clown" hair to his left.

    Update: Cecil B de Mille died 21 January 1959, in Hollywood.

    Left: Ed Hoffman, above: the Hoffmans in Dealey Plaza November 22 2003. The next figure seen in profile has the same shoulders as deaf mute Ed Hoffman who claims to have been there, the face looking over his right shoulder looks like his wife.

    Charles Frederick Rogers a former US Navy enlisted man, is pictured behind the policeman in the Three Tramps pic above, the other tramps are E Howard Hunt of Watergate fame at the back wearing a hat, positively identified by his son St John Hunt..

    "Around 1975 I saw a poster about who killed JFK, it had a picture of the three tramps, the guy in that picture was my dad," the taller one is Charles Harrelson, father of television actor Woody Harrelson.

    Everette Howard Hunt, Jr. October 9, 1918 - January 23, 2007 was an American author and spy, he worked for the CIA and later the White House under President Richard Nixon, he along with G. Gordon Liddy and others, were the White House's "plumbers," a secret team of operatives charged with fixing "leaks".

    Hunt, along with Liddy engineered the first Watergate burglary, in the ensuing Watergate Scandal, he was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping eventually serving 33 months in prison.

    Hunt joined the CIA in 1949, and became station chief in Mexico City in 1950, he and fellow rookie officer William F Buckley Jr worked within the Mexican student movement, Buckley and Hunt remained life long friends.
    There is something about William F Buckley that says "Umbrella Man!"

    William Frank Buckley Jr.November 24, 1925 – February 27, 2008, was an American conservative author and commentator, he founded the political magazine National Review in 1955.

    He hosted 1429 episodes of the television show Firing Line from 1966 until 1999, he was a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, whose writing style was famed for its erudition, wit and use of uncommon words.
    Feedback says: Good coverage, my understanding of Howard Hunt's deathbed confession, was that the trigger man who was on the grassy knoll was a man named James Files ..have you researched this possibility?

    Reply I believe that the whole James Files situ is a red herring designed to distract, notwithstanding the wickedness of Files, and that Wim Dankbaar and Jim Marrs are deliberately muddying the waters with this type of material.

    The JFK debate is riddled with false flag websites and sham forums, Mr Dankbaar is a polite and co operative man, despite he has banned me from participating in his on line forum at!

    The same can not be said of Marrs, whose deportment at Waco Texas in 1993 during the siege of Mount Carmel, that resulted in the deaths of as many as eighty eight Branch Davidians, was reprehensible.

    Vernon Howell aka David Koresh had pleaded with the Press Corps for a fair hearing, the ATF had entered shooting, and he fired back in defense of his household, Marrs led the response which was mockery and chanting!

  8. #8
    A Cruise Missile slammed into the Pentagon on 911
    Reporter says a cruise missile struck the building!

    The missile impact is at 1 minute 09 seconds of the above 3m 42s video, which also has footage of a cruise missile in American Airlines livery being loaded onto a B52 Bomber!

    Looks like the cruiser had a device that homed in on the laser spot!

    Only minutes after the strike, a television reporter says there is nothing to indicate a plane struck the Pentagon.

    The highlighted object in the small pic, which is the first frame in the only officially released footage of the Pentagon strike, resembles the nosecone on the cruiser and the streaking object in the moving video above!

    Now we must consider whether the plane climbing above the Pentagon launched the missile that hit that building.

    It seems it did, a cruise missile on the test range.. looks exactly like the Pentagon strike.

    Above N644AA2 Flght 77, the aircraft "they" say struck the building.

    This is the latest mystery plane, it is thought to be the same aircraft seen climbing over the Pentagon during its approach!

    Above, from, a computer animation of the flyover compiled from the testimony of numerous eye witnesses.

    Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, former head of all intelligence says: "I do know that the Pentagon was not hit by an aircraft, no way, the press is saying what they have been told to say, the stories about 9/11 are false."

    911 Commission member says missile strike, then quickly corrects himself.

    The previous mystery plane pictured over the White House at 9:44 am on 11 September 2001, was a highly modified E-4B Boeing 747 operated by the National Airborne Operations Center.

    This video shows no plane impact accompanied the explosion!

    Few weapons are capable of penetrating the amount of reinforced concrete seen in the Pentagon attack, this brilliant white fireball is typical of the plasma type reaction of a tactical "Bunker Busting" thermonuclear warhead.

    Pentagon witnesses claim to have heard whooshes, smacks, etc..

    Rick M, "we heard a sound like a missile,"

    Joel Sucherman, "almost like a heat seeking missile was locked onto its target,"

    Micheal DiPaula, "it sounded like a missile,"

    Richard Benedetto, "sounded like an artillery shell,"

    Tom Seibert, "sounded like a missile."

    Diagram shows the thermonuclear warhead vaporized seven layers of especially reinforced concrete, before exiting on the inside of C Ring!

    Professor David H. Edwards, "after I boarded the Orange Line [Metro Line] train, a young man and a young woman, both in their early twenties and wearing backpacks, burst into the subway car shouting and exhibiting extreme excitement and agitation.

    They addressed the entire car, which was mostly empty except for me and perhaps three or four other men in suits. The young people yelled, "we were standing at the Pentagon Station, waiting for the train to come, and we saw a missile fly into the Pentagon! We saw it, we saw it!"

    One of the men sitting closer to them must have asked for clarification, because they reiterated the same information several times, saying repeatedly, "a missile, we saw it, a missile, it flew right into the Pentagon, I can’t believe it.. now it’s on fire, there’s smoke!"

    Lon Rains was convinced a missile hit the Pentagon by the way it sounded and how fast it flew in, he stated, "at that moment I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound that began behind me and stopped suddenly in front of me and to my left, in fractions of a second I heard the impact and an explosion, the next thing I saw was the fireball, I was convinced it was a missile, it came in so fast it sounded nothing like an airplane.

    In a Parade Magazine interview, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, made his infamous slip of the tongue, "here we’re talking about plastic knives, and using an American Airlines flight filed with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center.

  9. The Disappearance of Steven Goldsmith!

    Brisbane Australia July 2000: On the supermarket checkout line one evening there is a guy in his twenties, red hair and looks a bit lost, his name was Steven Goldsmith he had come to my door a couple years before hawking a book of poetry he had written.

    He was wearing worn football shorts, sneakers, a T shirt and light jacket, the line I was in ran parallel to his, while he shuffled forward open faced and vulnerable, he was with a fellow who was a regular patron of the local gym, who was a policeman as far as I knew, who saw me looking and glared.

    A couple days later Goldsmith was reported missing by a flatmate who has not seen him for several days.
    After getting no response from an internet campaign, in 2006 I contacted Queensland Police Missing Persons and told them I had information re this young man's disappearance, the woman to whom I was directed said her name was Clair then got bitchy and hung up.

    Ringing back she would provide no further information like her full name and police rank, and when I protested she got bitchy and hung up again, I went in to Police HQ in Brisbane the next day and told them I wished to report a sighting, the police at the desk told me to get out. .. The murder of Katherine Schweitzer: Cover up underway in Sydney Australia.

    The date was December 28 2006, Katherine Schweitzer's body was discovered in a wheely bin inside her high security Sydney apartment on the evening of the same day, she said that her family was arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1944, whence only she survived out of fourteen, by a Jew who had taken up residence on the same street in Sydney.

    Update: While doing additional research Googling Steven Goldsmith, one encountered a listing for Australian Missing Persons
    I contacted them in November 2006 telling them I had info re Steven's disappearance, and that this was only one of many cases where we had a problem with the inadequate police response re murder.

    I called again early May 2007, they said an Australian TV Station had recently contacted them re this man's disappearance, and that they had advised the television people of the connection to Fitzone Gym.

    That the TV people had contacted both the Gym in question, and the supermarket where I had reported the sighting, to be told at both places that security footage from that far back was no longer available, and that Steven Goldsmith had never been a member of the Gym

    No one had ever said that Goldsmith had been a member of the gym, the person with him on the night he disappeared was for a period of years, a regular and prominent member of a clique of undesirables who frequented the gym.

    Who were police as far as I knew, since they looked and acted like police, and drove half broke down old automobiles which is what police drive, which leads to the conclusion that the Australian Missing Persons @ website, is a false flag op in the matter of murder and disappearance.

  10. Update: The height of cynicism..

    This poster has recently appeared in Sydney Street New Farm adjacent to Mr Goldsmith's previous residence!!

    It resonates with the Johnny Gosh case in the United States, he was abducted at twelve years of age in a highly publicized kidnap to become a "Milk Carton Kid," his image was published on some billions of milk cartons across the USA .. during which campaign he was photographed in company with George HW Bush, the then Vice President of the United States!

    This case is the tip of an iceberg of murder and disappearance that has characterized political and police activity here, at least since the 1973 fire bombing of the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub, in which fifteen ppl died, an earlier firebomb had devastated Torino's, another night spot located in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

    In 1978 after criminal charges were levied against one Police Superintendent Tony Murphy, at whose behest Billy McCulken says he bombed Torino's, Mr McCulkens wife and two beautiful school age daughters disappeared.

    THE WLODARCZYK KILLING: Terror becomes horror, Kay Chambers is dead

    1978 The Coroner recommends Vincent O'Dempsy and Pat Glancy be charged with three counts of murder .. Evidence linked the pair to police who wanted to urge a Billy McCulken not to testify in a court case then pending which concerned police corruption, the victims were Mr McCulken's wife and daughters.

    The Crown Prosecutor did not proceed in the matter issuing a terse statement that in his opinion, evidence valid in the Coroner's Court was invalid in the Supreme Court because some of it was hearsay. No bodies have ever been found, 0'Dempsy is said to be the proprietor of a private cemetery and an associate of Les Smith, both of whom are known associates of former Acting Police Commissioner Ron Redmond.
    We contend at the P&D’s that Kay Chambers was murdered to silence her

    Angelo Vasta was DPP in 1978 who decided not to prosecute 0'Dempsy and Glancey, recalling evidence the Coroner heard that Mrs M and the girls firstly did all they could to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their assailants, hoping thus to save their lives. After that the screaming went on for hours before they died.

    Recalling Vasta being elevated short time later to the bench, from where he was removed in 1988 in the wake of the Fl, allegedly because he maintained an allegedly unhealthy relationship with senior police who had been adversely named in evidence at the FI.

  11. Mister Brown - Bob Foreman & Judith and Susan Mackay

    Article from "The Australian" October 21 1999

    1999 Queensland Australia, a Mister Brown in Townsville was prosecuted for the August 1970 rape and murder of Judith and Susan Mackay, aged five and seven years.
    Brisbane Sunday Mail 5 September 1993

    I had been to the police since 1993 re this matter, and told them Bob Foreman was constant in his boasting, that he and no other had committed this crime - Mr Brown’s solicitor was a woman named Lisa Macnamara.

    Contacting her, she said that since Bob Foreman’s name is not Bob Foreman, and we do not know what his right name is, we obviously are unable to proceed - I had told her it was the name he used at work.
    And had been the name he used as a professional boxer, that he does not deny that both he and his car were at the crime scene the day the children died, and that he fits the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop, on the morning of the day they disappeared.

    Nevertheless she insisted brusquely and with superb woman’s logic, she would be unable to proceed further on that point and hung up the phone, when I contacted his barrister a Mark Donnelly in Townsville, he pooh poohed it all and then he hung up the phone.

    The jury in Mr Brown’s trial threw the crown case out, finding him not guilty, after a petrol station attendant who saw the girls crying in a car the day they disappeared, in company with a man who stopped to get fuel, positively stated that Mr Brown was not the driver.

    Feedback: Peter Hansen at the Brisbane Sunday Mail, who wrote the "Union Grass" story above, says that Bob Foreman rang him, saying he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him!

    In 1987 in the P&D’s union rooms at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, he declared he had been questioned by the police regarding this crime on two separate occasions.
    A witness had recalled seeing a car, subsequently identified as his, parked unattended on August 26 1970, the day the children disappeared, near where their bodies were found at Antill Creek, midday on August 28.

    Foreman said he told the police, he had lent the car to another man that day, who had suffered mechanical breakdown at that spot, that fellow Foreman said, had telephoned him from a pub near there telling him of the breakdown,

    He said he walked to the spot and found the car but not the man, he went to the pub and conversed with the female bar attendant, claiming he still had not found the man to whom he had allegedly lent the car, he said he walked back to the car, got it going and drove away.

    In 1987 the day after he told that tale, in the union rooms in precisely the same circumstances, and in the same company as the previous day, he launched into the same story.. his face was hideously contorted, and a ghastly light shone from his eyes!

    He was thrusting with his pelvis, and hauling with his arms in a terrible parody of the sex act, he hooted and hollered and repeated the word tight, “tight ..whhoo tight,” thrusting and hauling, “whhoo tight..” one concluded he had done it alright.

    Question: Why did you not go to the police, when he first boasted of the crime in 1978.

    Reply: Because it was at work on a union job, he had been infiltrated into the union for this very purpose, they were thinning out the members with murder, and would lay baits, then anyone going to the police would be turned back into the original source, for killing.

    I call it the "Two Card Trick," vale union member Norm Forde, he had “yapped” to the police re a 1979 multi million dollar bank heist at Murwillumbah, in New South Wales.

    He got turned in to the scabs who were the original source, who had infiltrated the union, the Briggs boys know all about the Mur’bah job and both use the name Stewie, Foorde’s last recorded words were that was he was, "going ’round to Stewie’s place."

  12. #12
    911 in Australia - The New Farm Connection - Lowy Silverstein Pizza Woodledoodledoo!

    Australian Jews and 911 .. Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who rose to prominence after being arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack, in their words to "document the event," had all been residents of Brisbane Australia!

    Shmuel had been a regular sight in the New Farm shopping precinct thru most of the 1990's, while the Kurzberg boys moved into Heal Street NF at around the same time, precocious teenagers on bikes .. see if they are so precocious when I get 'em onto the gallows!

    Michael Mukasey's head has been spotted in the same New Farm location .. he as a New York Judge awarded Silverstein billion$ in insurance payments, who then became US Attorney General in the latter stages of the GW Bush administration, who endorsed the use of torture against the same innocent ppl who were blamed for the attacks .. More evidence that Brisbane has become a haven for international criminals and a hub for terrorism!
    The 911 Pizza Connection - The 911 song ..woodledoodledoo!

    The American Securities and Exchange Commission says Israeli citizens sold short a list of 38 stocks, that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the attacks.

    These speculators operated out of the Toronto Canada, and Frankfurt Germany stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    It was via the buddy system on Odigo software, which allows one to communicate to a large group of people that share a trait such as the Hebrew language, and from the pulpit of New York synagogues that thousands of Israelis were warned not to go to the twin towers on 9/11.

    Could be Jews who knew the attacks were going to happen, sat up late in Melbourne and Sydney Australia on the evening of September 11, to watch the show which began in those cities sometime around 00:02 AEST Sept 12, maybe it was common knowledge in some schools, picture teenage entrepreneurs sitting up late stuffing their guts with pizza, watching their investments mature.

    We talked to their private security staff, we talked to people who were there with Larry Silverstein on 9/11… they said he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work, and he called his daughter and she never showed up either.” Rudkowski Prison Planet

    Hey there honey get rid of them blues
    Daddy’s getting money you’ll be wearin’ new shoes
    Turn on the telly it’ll be on the news
    Stay at home today like the rest of the Jews

    Cause today were gonna blow… Woo Woo /
    Down the freakin buildings go Woo Woo /
    We collect the dough Woo Woo /
    Stay at home and watch the show… Woo Woo Woo Woodledoodledoo… Rip it up Frank

    Hey Man you say that four thou were away
    That’s a lotta bodies at the end of the day
    This is the way I see it don’t wanna be crass
    There’s a whole lotta Jews thatta gotta get put on trial ///

    Did a spike occur in late night food orders in Australia prior to the attacks on the evening of 911, if it did, were those extra orders delivered to the homes of Jews, more specifically Frank Lowy of Australian Soccer and Westfield fame, he was mixed up with Larry Silverstein re the proposed redevelopment of the WTC site.

    It follows that if Silverstein knew so did Lowy, pictured with then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.. They can cry tears of blood, but 911 and the subsequent wars are by Jews, for Jews, and enable a Jew agenda, read the Talmud it endorses genocide against non Jews, the Jews wantonly blew up the Twin Towers, then blamed innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  13. #13
    Scabs on the Australian Docks ..

    Monday July 15, 1991 a Fijian seaman from the British ship Pacific Guardian, used a ship's stores hoist to complete a routine job at the workface, begun by a striking dockyard crane driver the Friday before, one man refused to work, the remainder of the Queensland Painters and Dockers worked on when he was sacked!

    The matter was raised at meeting at the Union's rented premises in Adelaide St Brisbane City July 18, not one man stood with me in defense of the union, nor uttered one word in condemnation of the scabs, which is the genesis for my claim the entire membership as of those dates are scabs!

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