This is the face of criminal murder in Queensland Australia.. Premier Anna Bligh, who has "hands on" involvement, quashing the investigation into the deaths of John Wlodarczyk and Kay Chambers, and the subsequent abandonment of proceedings against Paul Johannsen!

In July 1994, Kay Chambers and Paul Johannsen were extradited from Sydney, to face charges in the Brisbane Supreme Court, re the 1975 mutilation murder, of this popular and loyal member of The Painters and Dockers Union.

In response to demands this journal published, in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial.

Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996, after key prosecution witness Chambers had committed suicide, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before.
At the July '94 extradition hearing in Sydney, Chambers pleaded, screaming to the judge not to send her to Brisbane, shrieking she had been shot in the head there shortly after John Wlodarczyk's death, in an attempt to kill her.

When asked of the probity of the delay in proceeding with the trial, the Justice Department man replied the question of probity was not for him, he garbled some bull about defense lawyers making applications, evading the issue of the delay.

Asked why did the trial not proceed immediately the pair arrived in Brisbane, whereas she appears to have been in custody for at least thirteen months, remanded, charged in relation to a nineteen year old murder investigation.

And was he aware this union had been pursuing this matter independently, and had made statements in court, and to the police, and the Criminal Justice Commission since 1992, regarding the activities of a man called Stretch Johannsen.

Who was said by the same source, ultimately to name Smith as the murderer of Batkin, ie the dockyard grapevine, to have along with a woman accomplice, killed John Wlodarczyk, aka John Grosvenor, aka Mexican Johnny, the JD man remained aloof.

The union insisted probity was lacking, evidenced circumstantially by the death of this woman, which lack of probity we have alleged consistently, is tied to terrorism on the docks, and wanton and serious corruption among the police, at the CJC, and in Parliament

However the most serious corruption, and the place where probity has least place, we allege, is within the Crown Law Department, the Public Prosecutors Office.


The JD fellow was become a tad churlish by then, we persisted, Peter Beattie was Parliamentary Criminal Justice Commission Committee Chairperson, when the union approached him in 1992, additionally he was Member for Brisbane, the electorate in which the union office is located.

We told him corrupt murderous elements, from within and without the union, were in the process of hijacking the electoral process within the organization, and that the mob at the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, were getting cute re their role in proceedings.
That members had been openly threatened, in company, with murder, and that threats had preceded the deaths of Ron Chapman and Les Batkin, dead up until then, as we told Beattie, and Merv Collins and now Kay Chambers since.

We contend at the P&Dís, that Kay Chambers was murdered to silence her, and that her death and the subsequent abandonment of proceedings against Johannsen, came about because the terror campaign waged against Dockers, which was supposed to shock, or intimidate members into abandoning their role as unionists, or murdering them, had failed.

The trial was to be Peter Beattie's triumph, he would be seen as the instigator of prosecutions re the murders that had taken place on the docks, in his role as PCJC chair then Premier, he would shatter the wall of silence, allegedly in place surrounding such crimes. Click to enlarge, newspaper clippings from 1993, outlining the struggle on the Brisbane Docks!

Text: For the Record 19/9/1992, Ray Winning incumbent Secretary, dies at home in bed of natural causes, associated with a lifetime of smoking and alcohol abuse, 5 October, I contact Burke then President, and tell him I am standing for Secretary, and will be seeking Peter Beattie's aid, in his role as PCJC Chair, in bringing to justice all and any persons, who have committed violence and murder against members of this union.

Burke says he will have nothing to do with it, 9 October I contact Burke .. disaster see above .. 11 October, Burke rings and says start work the following day Strang Patrick Stevedoring!
There I convene a union meeting and am elected delegate, I tell the members I am standing for secretary on an anti corruption ticket, and receive a standing ovation! Bruce Saunders agrees to nominate me for that position, Alec Sloan turns up on the job the following day, and agrees to second my nomination!

Lobbying all other members they decline to participate in the election, I ring Burke and tell him that counting the scab Bob Mason on his side, I have the numbers, he says life member Rocco Rogers is on his side.

Anticipating this I had already lobbied and received the support of life member Kevin Brady, thus I had four votes to his three, whereupon I declared myself elected, and of the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union of Australia, Queensland Branch, and that my first act was to expel him from the union as a scab, re the Pacific Guardian affair in '91!

FEEDBACK: Peter Hansen who wrote the Union Grass story above, said Foreman rang him, saying that he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him. Saunders and Sloan both recanted their support in late Octobe 1991, too late to alter events however, both had scabbed in the Pacific Guardian incident in any case!

Hoera Te Kooti 62, attacked by up to 15 young aboriginal people 11: 30 pm 5 April 1999, Ipswich Queensland, security camera footage shows them going thru his pockets as he lay dying, one charged none convicted - We got a problem with that here!

City slicker goes out to his mate's rural property, he gets a bit bored and his mate says, "why don't you take the dogs and go shooting," .."Ok," he says and off he goes .. comes back a bit later and tells his mate, "gee this shooting's all right, got any more dogs!" Boom Boom - As per Rolf Harris 1959.
By late 1994 Beattie's plan had to change, he had found the union was no pushover, his thugs had been biffed and expelled, while we had been making such a song and dance in the industrial Commission in Sydney, and the Full Bench, and the Federal Court in Industrial Jurisdiction in Brisbane, and in Canberra.

That he was not going to take the chance of the whole thing blowing up in his face. so she was let out of prison and killed, no witness now against Johannsen so he is released, no witness, no trial, no problems .. Beattie thinks, at the union we are not going to let matters rest however.

Howard & Blair

Getting no response from the police, the government or the Criminal Justice Commission in Queensland, it's off to Canberra 3 May 1993, John Howard's office!

In an interview conducted by Tony Blair later to become Prime Minister of Great Britain, we tell Blair on Howard's, then Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations behalf, of corruption, murder, hijacked union elections, and of zero response from the police, the government and the CJC.
That we had gone through the range of resources and options available in Queensland to have these matters raised in the parliament, while Bob Reed, the source of much of the trouble on the docks, was then a solicitor employed by Wayne Goss the Labor Party Premier of Queensland.

Goss & Packer

Of the Costigan RC report recommending Packer be charged, and the 1984 The Costigan Royal Commission into the Activities of The Painters and Dockers Union, a commission of inquiry, formed on the initiative of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in 1980.

In response to stories published in Penthouse Australia, and in The Bulletin magazine, detailing some of the more sensational slanders, and wretched assertions, that such ill founded rags are wont to make, regarding the affairs of this trade union.
Recommended Kerry Packer, often described as Australia's richest man, be charged in relation to the importation of heroin into this country, in shipping containers leased to World Series Cricket, that had accompanied the Australian cricket team on the 1982 tour of Pakistan.

Leaving Australia containing cricket gear and television equipment, which was sold in Pakistan to local sporting and television interests at the conclusion of the tour, returning full of drugs.

The Hon. Lionel Bowen MHR, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, in contempt of the Royal Commission shortly after Costigan's report was delivered, which took him over four years, and for which the government paid him over four million dollars in wages to prepare,

Asserted in Parliament, that Costigan was barking up the wrong tree, when he recommended Packer be charged, and that Kerry had not wronged

And the National Crime Authority, stating the CJC and the NCA perform similar functions, in that both are sham, spuriously appointed organizations, founded when the political allies of criminals.

Who were being thus exposed at the FI in Queensland, and the CRC Federally, claimed those Inquiries were too costly, and the good work they had done, was to be taken up by those respective organizations.

Abeles & Hawke

Mr Blair said he thought Sir Peter Abeles, whose unhealthy relationship with Bob Hawke Australian Prime Minister 1983Ė91 scandalized the nation, was the Mr Big in Australian crime, and assures us he will make known to Howard the union's wish, that he take our cause up in parliament.

He says to ring back in a day or so, when we do so he answers the phone, and assures us that he has briefed Howard of our concerns and wishes, and puts one through .. Click, Howard's voice "I'm not talking to him," clunk, dead phone.
Proving the bi partisan nature of murderous corruption as it exists in Australia at State and Federal level .. At the time of the Wlodarczyk killing, the Sunday Sun a now defunct newspaper, said the dogs were barking all over town about what had happened, not quite, the dogs were barking it is true.

However their song was that Kay had killed the man, Paul's name was not bandied about re this matter until things were warming up again in the mid to late eighties.

Around the time the Smith/Mason/ Reed faction had gained power and Influence within the union by bashings and terror and fear, innuendo from Mason re John Wlodarczyk's murder, toward a job delegate who requested the union rule re exposure to tar & epoxy paint be observed.

He says it was not a random act of violence, but a calculated decision to kill a man .. Reed warning a member " not go writing letters Norm, and you had better not talk to Drummond!
Norm, whose teenage son was to be killed by an unknown hit and run driver before years end, had outlined at a meeting, that he had written to Fitzgerald, outlining the most serious misgivings, re the thrust this faction was presenting.

They had declared union owned property at Kangaroo Point superfluous, and with their filthy murderous scab mates, stand up Col Woods, who they had infiltrated into the union, were pushing through a highly questionable land sale.

Norm explained, Fitzgerald replied that he should ring him, and he would make arrangements for an interview with Drummond QC council assisting, Reed's warning coming only days after the 1987 murder of union member Les Batkin, itself only days after the killing of member Ron Chapman.

Chapman's last political speech in the P&D's union rooms was that the time was long overdue for MT to be union secretary.
Angelo Vasta was DPP in 1978 who decided not to prosecute 0'Dempsy and Glancey, recalling evidence the Coroner heard that Mrs M and the girls firstly did all they could to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their assailants, hoping thus to save their lives.

After that the screaming went on for hours before they died. Recalling Vasta being elevated short time later to the bench, from where he was removed in 1988 in the wake of the Fl, allegedly because he maintained an allegedly unhealthy relationship with senior police who had been adversely named in evidence at the FI.

Interested whether either of the Vasta offspring employed at The Crown Law Department was involved in the abortive prosecution of Kay Chambers and Stretch Johannsen, indeed what prosecutions have they gotten up to, for instance did either of them have any input re the proceedings against Arthur Stanley Brown re Judith and Susan Mackay.

Or the abortive prosecution of a young man who was charged re the 1990 disappearance of Mark Redding, or court proceedings wherein union member Tommy Moloney, who also disappeared in 1990 may have been called as a witness, and what does Jolly old Salvatore di Carlo get up to as a barrister even as the Zervos murder hangs over his head.

We have a problem likewise with prosecutor Barrister Neville Weston, whose input re our attempts to bring all these matters before Connolly and Ryan led to disaster, he at least agreed that corruption in a capital case, ie a murder case, is capital corruption.. which is great since it is the basis upon which we propose to hang him, and Angelo Vasta, and to do a job on corrupt lawyer Susan Austin as well.

Update: Sam Doumany a reputed Zionist, was Justice Minister in Queensland, who accepted Vasta's recommendation that charges against O'Dempsey and Glancy not proceed!

Now a glimpse into the future.. Susan Austin is in high dudgeon, itís ladies day at the execution ground, and she is about to be beheaded is why.
"Poisson fraise.." the executioner mutters, he is a dour and morose man, whose role model is Sanson, the state executioner during the French Revolution, who history records, cut twenty two heads in thirty five minutes, the morning he guillotined Robespierre, head of the dreaded Committee for Public Safety.

Indeed, he often wonders whether he is the reincarnation of that personage, to which end he maintains a constant banter in a kind of bastard French, with his assistant and his clients, courtly now he offers Susan his arm, "Madam.."

Click to enlarge
The government response..

Xenophon Zervos was shot dead as he was getting into his car at his home in the Brusbane suburb of Holland Park on the early morning of March 26 1986.

Fitzgerald QC

In 1988 Constable Butler told the Fitzgerald Inquiry, an inquiry into police malfeasance formed on the initiative of Bill Gunn then Police Minister and Deputy Premier, that Mr. Zervos was the victim of professional assassins recruited from the Dockers Union, by police to murder another policeman, a Detective Constable Salvatore Di Carlo.

Butler alleges the murderers went to the wrong address and fired on a man whose fate was the random result of human error.
That Di Carlo was on the wrong side of his workmates because investigations he was proceeding with were sensitive, and involved a firebombing at a Fortitude Valley nightclub in 1973, in which fifteen people died.

Whiskey au Go Go

Mr. Zervos was it appears, related by marriage to Salvatore Di Carlo, in which case the plot is somewhat thicker than it would otherwise have been, had that not been the case.

Di Carlo's lot has prospered, he has gone from undercover copper, where his role was allegedly to infiltrate criminal society, gain the confidence and the friendship of any lonely poor stiff he could, then fix him up with criminal charges.
Now it's Sammy Di Carlo Barrister at Law, who until he instituted a policy of omerta toward the jolly old Dockies Union was quite a source of knowledge.. Sammy there is a stone in my shoe about the whole thing, particularly about threats broadcast re Merv Collins, that Merv was a stone in somebody's shoe re the Zervos thing.

1978 The Coroner recommends Vincent O'Dempsy and Pat Glancy be charged with three counts of murder, evidence linked the pair to police who wanted to urge a Billy McCulken not to testify in a court case then pending, which concerned police corruption, the victims were Mr McCulken's wife and daughters.

O'Dempsy and Glancy were recruited by Inspector Tony Murphy of the Queensland Police, to kill the McCulken's to disuade the testimony of their husband and father Billy McCulken, from testifying re his involvement in the fire bombing of Torino's nite club in Brisbane in the early 1970's, which he maintained was at the behest of Murphy!

The Crown Prosecutor did not proceed in the matter issuing a terse statement that in his opinion, evidence valid in the Coroner's Court was invalid in the Supreme Court because some of it was hearsay.

No bodies have ever been found, O'Dempsy is said to be the proprietor of a private cemetery and an associate of Les Smith, both of whom are known associates of former Acting Police Commissioner Ron Redmond.

Uncle Greg, and the charter of the CJC, which was to complete investigations into matters raised with Fitzgerald, including allegations Asian terror gangs, operating in the Fortitude Valley business district.

That were importing and distributing heroin, relied on the services of Police Superintendent Greg Early to protect their drug operations from the outside, while homicide kept order within, witnesses told of murder committed at Cleveland. More shame.