Disgruntled Australian MPs Voice Unease at Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who goes on grizzling about "wreckers" and an obstructive Senate.

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The whole lot should be arrested for spurning evidence, inculpating Brisbane Jews in the September 11, 2001, attacks against America.

The Government of Afghanistan had allegedly granted safe haven to Osama bin Laden, whence bombing commenced before midnite in NY on the day of the 911 attacks. OBL was innocent, the crime was by Jews.

The "Celebrating Jews" arrested on the day enjoy safe haven in Brisbane, absolutely making this country a legitimate target for genuine anti terror forces! Is why it is essential that Australia clean up its own act, which means halting RAAF deployments underway against ISIS.

Which is a tool of the CIA and Zion in any case, and removing all Australian overseas deployments in the War on Terror, which is similarly based on the false premise the crime was by OBL and mad Arabs!