Queen Elizabeth on a tour of the Flying Doctor Service base at Alice Springs, 29 March, 1963.

Kevin Annett @ The International Common Law Court of Justice, alleges Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip murdered indigenous children in Canada during the 1964 Royal Tour, which resonates with claims they had done the same thing in Australia post the Queen's visit to Alice Springs, March 29, 1963.

Questions were raised in the Australian Federal Parliament in 1963, re what had occurred at a remote aboriginal community shortly after Queen Elizabeth visited the Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs, March, 29, 1963.

Some time after her visit images that appeared to have been taken with modern circa 1963 photographic equipment, which resembled official police photographs, were passed from hand to hand at Port Augusta High School. One showed an aboriginal girl of about 8 yrs whose body was severed completely in two, from about her breast bone one side to her kidney region the other.

The Norther Territory politician who raised the matter on a number of occasions in the face of hostile criticism, is thought to have met his demise at the height of the controversy .. check Hansard.

Edit: At a game of football in Alice Springs in 1966 a middle aged aboriginal man approached the group I was with and told an identical story, that the Royal Party including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had carried out a massacre at his home community.
His story evoked memories of the photograph I had seen at school three yrs before, and of the news reports re the questions in Parliament .. he wandered thru the crowd telling everyone the same tale.

A local bloke said he was on about the same thing all the time, and that he repeated the same material to everyone with whom he came in contact, the local consensus was it was true but in the absence of an official inquiry what the Hell are you gonna do about it.

Kevin Annett's stuff alleging murder against the last two Popes went onto rocky ground, when his witness testimonies fell apart.