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Thread: Architecture on Mars Shows Separate Building Epochs

  1. Architecture on Mars Shows Separate Building Epochs

    The squares resemble Eridu an ancient Sumerian settlement situated 11.25 km southwest of UR and 22 km south of Naairiya, the traditional location of the Garden of Eden, present day Mughair is 40 km to the north east.

    This image shows one of the square features seen in abundance on most Mars panoramas up close .. its alien, its terrific its on Mars!

  2. These are screenshots from the same video, both show multiple courses of stonework and brick .. the video never disclosed the alleged Martian location nor did it say by what means they were taken, so in this instance at least it is quite right to be skeptical.

    The bricks in the upper shot bear resemblance to those in the Great Wall of China, they have virtually no signs of weathering which would be expected had they been exposed to the elements for so long.

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