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Thread: Headbones on Mars

  1. Headbones on Mars

    From the NASA Image PIA16440 Dated Nov. 9, 2012 - A low rounded cranium with two eye sockets, a nasal cavity, frontal incisors and an overall symmetrical appearance suggests the petrified skull of a Martian primate

    An ancient elongated skull that appeared on Curiosity Sol 315, bears some resemblance to the "headbone" above!

    These four skulls turned up in just a few minutes trolling on NASA's Curiosity Rover Sol 330 page, where the entire landscape is littered with skulls that all look to be about the same size as the one presented above.

    Opportunity Sol 1075 - The above image dissolves into a matrix of skulls as per the inset!


    This skull from Curiosity 959 appears identical to modern man.

    Mummified head C Sol 969 .. the stone piece protruding from the mouth looks like a weapon that might have caused death, the insert bottom left shows unusual texture, and has a dark crested skull and other skulls half buried in the sand.

    Opportunity Sol 1329 - A meters thick layer of skulls seen in the wall of Victoria Crater.

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