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Thread: IMAGE: Martian Skull About an Inch Wide, Gauged by the Rover's Wheel Tracks

  1. IMAGE: Martian Skull About an Inch Wide, Gauged by the Rover's Wheel Tracks

    The Martians were tiny little critters ..

    There are thousands of similar skulls littering the plains on Mars, as per pics by NASA's Curiosity Rover .. above a typical Martian skull located next to the Rover's wheel tracks, that is not quite as wide as the distance between the cleat marks, which appears to be a little over an inch!

  2. Update ..

    Skull Buried In the Sand on Mars

    Check the video, I counted about another fifty skulls in a screenshot of the opening frame ..

    Millions of skulls litter the plains on Mars as per pics by NASA's Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers .. how they Martians gained sustenance remains a mystery, there no evidence of agriculture nor of animal husbandry, while the absence of shellfish, crustaceans and bivalves in lake sediments, indicates there was no food to be had there either!

    Sea foam which is caused by an interaction between sea water and rain is in fact a protein, postulate the volcanoes on the Tharsis Shield were in a state of constant eruption.

    That when gas, steam and other elements released by the volcanoes interacted in Mars' atmosphere, it produced a similar protein that sustained the Martians .. manna if you will .. that when the volcanic epoch ended they starved to death!

  3. Update ..

    The image at left taken by NASA's Spirit Rover in Gusev Crater in July 2005, shows "normal" size skulls measured against the cleat marks on the Spirit Rover's wheels seen middle right, which are the same distance apart as on Curiosity's wheels at top, the front wheel is from the Sojourner Rover which landed on Mars in 1997.

    Gusev Crater is some distance from Gale Crater where the miniature skulls were photographed by the Curiosity Rover, thus it appears the Gale Crater Martians were from a race of "little people," whereas the Gusev tribe were more Earthman size .. as far as their heads were concerned anyway.

    Opportunity Sol 1075 - The above image dissolves into a matrix of skulls as per the inset!

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