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Thread: Stone and Steel Weapons & Tools on Mars


    At top spear point from Sol 620, below three more weapons located within meters of each other on Curiosity Sol 606.

    This one is a bit hairy, we left it in because it is a decent panorama


    The rounded pitted piece top left in highlighted section of this frame from Curiosity Sol 186 looks a bit like a sea shell, the part to its right looks like the skull and headgear of a miniature Martian, a spear point and stone axe round out the tableau.

    Here's seven more frames from Curiosity Sol 186, all have stone tools with square chisel marks that have appeared elsewhere on Martian and on Earthly artifacts, which indicates they were manufactured by the same hands.


    Two more from Curiosity 329 top and Op 4303 above.

    Left panel "Clovis" stone axes from various Earthly locations, right panel stone axes identified on pics returned by the NASA Mars Rovers.

  4. "Clovis" type stone axes found on Earth are identical to Martian items on pics returned by the NASA Rovers - Elongated skulls possessed by Martian & Egyptian Royalty, indicate a space faring civilization colonized both worlds!

    The Martian King .. statue on Mars Photographed in Gusev Crater by NASA's Spirit Rover in 2008 shows a robed figure wearing a Crown, that he could pass for a modern man turns Charles Darwin's Descent of Man on its head, as well it refutes Adam and Eve and the notion men evolved from Ethiopian ape brutes.

    Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti]() 1370 - 1330 BC, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten whose name means "the beautiful one," who ruled Egypt after her husband's death and attended to affairs of state in the nude..

    Also had an elongated skull which appears to be a Martian trait as per the elongated skull in the montage lower right, the image top right attests to the sheer abundance of skulls on the Martian plain.


    The square chisel marks on this item from Op Sol 1567 identify it as a [man made] artifact.

    Although the stoneware outlined in this frame from Op Sol 1582, certainly resembles a spear point and what could be a stone axe at left and an arrowhead at right, however the absence of secondary workings and chisel marks and the resemblance to other stones in the frame, says the jury is still out!

    Op Sol 1586.

    Opportunity NavCam Sol 4313.

    Opportunity PanCam Sol 4313.


    As with other stone Martian artifacts, the square chisel mark identifies this piece from Opportunity Sol 4318 as the product of a sentient being.

    Axes from Op Sols 139, 3233 & 3240.

    With such an abundance of weaponry littering the landscape one should expect there to be injuries .. so does it appear the skull outlined from Spirit PanCam 1352 suffered severe trauma causing death, the indentations surrounding the wound indicate the body was prepared by a mortician!

  7. http://www.thesubversivearchaeologis...1_archive.html

    Native American artifact from El Puguero Suroest on the Gulf of California, has chisel marks.

    The square chisel mark on the quartzite handaxe from Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain dated circa 350,000 years, and the Martian artifact from Curiosity Sol 308 are identical.

    Acheulean short ovate shaped hand axe, Valladolid province Spain .. the square chisel mark low on the right hand shot resembles the chisel marks on numerous Martian handaxes, closer scrutiny reveals more possible chisel marks on all three images, postulate this and the Martian implements were fashioned by the same hand!

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