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Thread: Stone and Steel Weapons & Tools on Mars


    Op Sol 4322, looks like an axe and a spear point.

    Stone weapon Op Sol 4324, appears to have square chisel marks.


    Stone axe from Opportunity 4325.

    Stone axe in the first image returned by the Viking 1 Lander after it touched down on the Red Planet July 20, 1976 .. note square chisel marks on both artifacts.

    Stone axe Opportunity Front Hazcam Sol 4313, check the square chisel mark.

    Stone spear point, Spirit Sol 1375.


    Axe and Spear Point Op PanCam Sol 304.

    The stone implement from Spirit Sol 1362 appears to have a face etched onto the visible surface, as well there are chisel marks.

    The knap marks on the handaxe from Bose, China, said to be about 803,000 years old, and on both artifacts recovered in Kansas USA, resemble the Martian artifact sufficiently to assume they were crafted in the same "off world" place.


    Two more from Spirit Front Hazcam Sol 1326 top, and Opportunity PanCam Sol 4336 above.

    Ancient artifacts found near Fredericton Canada.

    The square chisel mark lower right on the stone tool at center identifies the artifact as having Martian origins, or more precisely was seeded onto Earth by the same alien force that seeded Mars with identical weaponry!

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