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Thread: More Mars Trash ..

  1. Update ..

    At left Spirit PanCam Sol 065, at right Opportunity PanCam Sol 2963

    That another "Devil's Footprint" has appeared in vastly different circumstances, leads to the inevitable conclusion they are artifacts of the Rover's hardware!

  2. The Inscription .. For the Eagle Eyed Only

    There is a plate bearing an inscription at ground level in this frame from Curiosity Sol 1099, that it appears to be in the English language only adds to the mystery!


    Sheet of Flexible Material & Concrete Slab. Curiosity Sol 995, May 25, 2015.

    Update: This image from Curiosity 610, shows the "Sheet of Flexible Material" is where the Rover's wheels went across two low sand drifts, it appears the "poured concrete slab" is set to remain a mystery.


    Dark piece in the foreground of the Curiosity frame Sol 1281, March 14, 2016 appears to be timber, as well it brings to mind the "Railway Sleeper" of Opportunity Sol 115 inset.

    Looks like another timber member, Curiosity Sol 1284.

    The parallel section outlined from Curiosity Sol 1286 looks like light rail tracks.

    The Gun ..

    Metal Ring Opportunity Sol 3567 ..


    Hexagonal stony object Op Sol 4327.

    Inscribed Martian tablet, Opportunity NavCam Sol 4338.

    The inscription plate resembles Navajo weaving.


    The parallel section outlined from Curiosity Sol 1286 looks like light rail tracks.

    Maybe the dumbell shaped anomaly at Curiosity Sol 729, is a set of railway bogies that fit the light rail tracks at CS 1286 above.

    Credit Of Sound Mind And Body @ YouTube.


    Masonry Curiosity Sol 1514 November 8, 2016.
    Martian Anomalies @ Curiosity Rover Sol 1073

    Geometric square anomalies indicate intelligent design.

    Square cut stone with diagonal etching has marks where a diamond power saw disc cut too deeply on the X & Y axis!

  8. Three More From the Opportunity & Spirit Mars Rovers

    Circular metal flange with bolt holes reveals advanced engineering skills, Opportunity Mars Rover Sol 4689, April 5, 2017.

    Geometric shape with square indentation looks like fired brickwork, Spirit Rover Sol 1312.

    The oblong shape half buried in the sand does not look like a natural formation, Spirit Rover Sol 1312.

  9. Roofing Iron, Curiosity Sol 1035 July 5, 2015.

    Thanx to Mars Alive @ YouTube.


    More brickwork on Mars, Opportunity Rover PanCam Sol 4756.


    The parallel section outlined from Curiosity Sol 1286 looks like light rail tracks.

    Looks like more of the light rail system in this image from Curiosity Sol 1795.

    Some see light rail bogies in this image from Curiosity Sol 729, there are other options.

    Shattered Masonry on Planet Mars, Opportunity Rover Sol 4846, September 2017.

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