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    Atmospheric Anomaly Opportunity EDL Sol 001

  2. Take Another Look at the Mars Atmospheric Anomaly of Opportunity EDL Sol 001 .. photoshop enhances the broad beam of light emanating from the smoke ring shape, there are concentric rings and a hub as well as a fleet of similar objects.

    Brings flying saucers [and lenticular clouds] to mind.

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    The Inverted Y Glyph - Carved Stone on Mars and in Bolivia

    PIA 19820 .. a nearly perfect square has been carved into the rock upper left, another complex geometric shape has been carved a short distance away below and to the right, a glyph shaped like an inverted letter Y has been carved upper right.


    The same letter Y glyph appeared in PIA 19398.

    The carved stone at this site in Bolivia surely resembles the carved Martian stone at PIA 19820 in the upper shot.

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    Martian Artifact, Curiosity Sol 1301, April 4, 2016.

    The knap marks on the handaxe from Bose, China said to be about 800,000 yrs old, and on chipped stone artifacts from early archaic sites in Kansas, resemble those on the Martian artifact sufficiently to assume they were crafted by the same hands.


    Two more from Spirit Front Hazcam Sol 1326 top, and Opportunity PanCam Sol 4336 above.

    A well defined head and longhead skulls, in this third adjacent frame from Spirit PanCam Sol 1299.

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    Enigmatic headpiece on a stony sward littered with skulls including a nest of longheads R center, from Opportunity NavCam Sol 4337.

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    Despite the monitor lizard .. the "Mars Dragon" of Spirit Front Hazcam Sol 1350 has evolved into a crocodile!


    Longhead skull Op NavCam Sol 4338.

    Inscribed Martian tablet, Opportunity NavCam Sol 4338.


    The inscription resembles Navajo weaving.

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    There appears to be human figures in this image returned by the Opportunity Rover Sol 3826.

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    Except for the Martian eyes this one from Op NavCam Sol 3825 looks like the Sarcastic Fringehead fish, called the Mouth Almighty by freshwater anglers.

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    We are dealing with censorship and information suppression .. the lines "what web browser are you using," "what page exactly do you mean," and "are there any error messages that appear" are obstructionist tactics that turn up everywhere on i'net help lines.

    "They" don't want things like the Martian Fox, the Martian Whales or inscriptions that resemble Navajo art occupying the public mindset.

    Scores of NASA ppl met highly suspicious and untimely deaths in recent yrs, postulate "they" did 'em in to further restrict the knowledge base, so they can go on with bullsh*t .. read on.
    "During the next two decades, NASA will conduct several missions to address whether life ever arose on Mars."

    Stay with it John R that's my advice .. if this ever sees light of day that is

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    Boat Curiosity Sol 1306 returned April 8, 2016.

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    You are a hard act John Radogno ..

    First you plead for help, then when help arrives in the form of proof in defiance of NASA's claim to be unaware of life on Mars, you find voice.

    The Navajo pattern on the tablet is in no way pixelation, check the latest Boat on Mars frame from Curiosity Sol 1306, and discern the same lines in the architectural remnants left screen and right center.

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