I fell off of my bike June 13 this year, the doctors said I sustained a simple fracture of the humerus and that it would be better in four weeks .. the pain never diminished, I went back to the same hospital June 27, they did more X Rays and said everything was fine.

The Indian Radiographer rang me at home and said the ER medical staff were clowns, that I had needed emergency surgery fourteen days before, to which end against established protocols he had made an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon for the next day.

The Orthopod did the surgery on June 30, he said the entire shoulder joint was shattered and that it was too late to save the joint, since the ball end of the humerus had broken off, that it had no blood supply for seventeen days meant it died .. as well as fixing a metal plate he fixed a metal ball to the humerus.

He told me I will never be able to raise my arm to shoulder level and will not have lateral movement .. now fifty three days on the pain keeps me awake all night.

X Rays at left 1 & 2 taken post op July 1, 2016 showing surgical staples, at right X Ray taken August 11, 2016.