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Amelia Earhart's plane on the reef at Nikumaroro Island in the Republic of in the Republic of Kiribati 4°39'30.37" S Latitude, 174°32'40.23" W Longitude.

The Assassination of John F Kennedy - 59 Yr Update..

Large File.

The Moorman photograph has sniper's nests on the Grassy Knoll, with muzzle flashes behind the picket fence left screen. E Howard Hunt is firing Martin Luther & Coretta King are standing to his right, Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden is behind and to Coretta's left.

[Image: 1rgx.jpg]

The Badgemanť enhancement has Dallas Cop Joe Smith firing from behind the Rotunda wall, in company with Gordon H Arnold, deaf mute Ed Hoffman & Wife and Andy Warhol.

[Image: 1rgy.jpg]

LHO was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository when the shots were fired, he was still there when The Three Tramps were marched by hours later, similarly exculpating him for the murder of Dallas cop JD Tippit.

[Image: 1rgz.jpg]

17 yo George W Bush was photographed in Dealey Plaza five minutes after the shots were fired at 12:35 pm, his sire George HW Bush was also at the scene of the killing and is widely supposed to have fired, it seems he did also. Link.

[Image: 1skj.jpg]

Update: In the videos Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit Murder Witness Warren Reynolds & JFK Assassination JD Tippit Murder Witness Ted Callaway, both witnesses description of the shooter have been edited out.

Iin the video JFK Assassination Police Officer JD Tippit Murder Witness Aquilla Clemmons, the lady in question says the shooter was "short and kinda heavy" which in no way fits the description of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The latest information says Watergate co conspirator G Gordon Liddy murdered Officer Tippit, which absolutely fits the narrative.

Madeline McCann Image Montage, She Looks Older Than "Under Four Yrs!"

[Image: Alli_a.jpg]

Madeline McCann was reported missing in Portugal May 3, 2007 aged under 4 yrs, she has since emerged as CP model Miss Alli, which resonates with the Johnny Gosch situ in the US, he allegedly disappeared from West Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 5, 1982, there after to emerge as President George W Bush’s gay lover White House correspondent Jeff Gannon.

Cycling Injury .. Emergency Room Clowns + Misdiagnosis = Permanent Disability :(

I fell off of my bike June 13 this year, the doctors said I sustained a simple fracture of the humerus and that it would be better in four weeks .. the pain never diminished, I went back to the same hospital June 27, they did more X Rays and said everything was fine.

The Indian Radiographer rang me at home and said the ER medical staff were clowns, that I had needed emergency surgery fourteen days before, to which end against established protocols he had made an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon for the next day.

The Orthopod did the surgery on June 30, he said the entire shoulder joint was shattered and that it was too late to save the joint, since the ball end of the humerus had broken off, that it had no blood supply for seventeen days meant it died .. as well as fixing a metal plate he fixed a metal ball to the humerus.

He told me I will never be able to raise my arm to shoulder level and will not have lateral movement .. now fifty three days on the pain keeps me awake all night.

Update ..

X Rays at left 1 & 2 taken post op July 1, 2016 showing surgical staples, at right X Ray taken August 11, 2016.


British Serial Killer Dennis Andrew Nilsen was in Brisbane Au. in 1973 ..

I met British serial killer Dennis Andrew Nilsen in Brisbane Au. in 1973 .. walking home from work at the Evans Deaken Shipyard at Kangaroo Point, I got to the Brunswick Hotel in New Farm at around 4:20 that afternoon.

The pub was fairly crowded, there were some ppl I knew including an Englishman from London who had done a bit of time, who was in company with DAN who he introed as a former London policeman.

I said "you were a "Bobby" then" and asked if they had known each other in Blighty, they said they had not .. I had seen video interviews and photos of Dennis Andrew Nilsen over a period of yrs, without ever recognizing him.

He looked to be aged about halfway between the clean shaven, dark eyed dichotomization shot taken during his military service at top, and the Murderpedia shot above that shows him in a collar and tie!

He was a fairly big strong boned type, and gave the impression escaping his clutches would be difficult, I did not much like the way he looked at me as though I were a slab of meat, and it was because of that and because of the shady rep of his companion, I departed the pub a short time later.

I only saw the other dude once after that and he was full of sh*t .. I guess the period was after Nilson left the Metropolitan Police in 1973, and before he took up employment with the Civil Service in 1974.

Update ..

The "other dude" was a below average height fellow named Peter who was working as a painter, who I had met in the pub a few times before. He was a fairly good humored type who said he had a hard time in prison because of his English accent, which to the other crims sounded like the screws who were mostly Englishmen.

The day I met him with Dennis Nilson was a Friday, when I went back into the pub the following Tuesday he was there without Nilson, when I suggested he join me he was rude .. I drank my drink and got out of the place like I had on the previous occasion.

Two days later on the Thursday came a news report a man's body had been found in his New Farm flat, I immediately thought of Peter the rude English painter, as well I surmised he had become a victim of his friend Dennis Nilson.

The police never launched an investigation, eventually assuring the public that since there were no signs of forced entry, and no suspicious marks on the deceased's body it was a natural death.


The day I met Dennis Nilson in the pub he came right up close .. I knew he was an ex London Policeman, he looked very strong and his profile suggested he was gonna place me in a policeman's arm lock.

Which is a wrestling move that can quickly be turned into a sleeper hold, which will cause death if held for long enough by an experienced assailant .. suspect he killed his man in Brisbane in 1973, and the rest of his victims in the same way.

Update 2, August 7, 2016..

In response to a facetious reply to the same text on the You Tube video Serial Killer - Dennis Nilsen Born To Kill, which has been removed from the i'net, I appended the following response March 17, 2016..

This is where I'm coming from .. Jews not Arabs perpetrated the 911 attacks .. Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for shooting President Kennedy in Dallas Tx. November 22, 1963, and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later.

Despite photos show him at the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository when the shots were fired at the President, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later.

The area behind the picket fence left screen of the Moorman photo, shows the Martin Luther Kings and Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, spectators as E Howard Hunt and others fire.

17 yo George W Bush was photographed in Dealey Plaza five minutes after the shots were fired on 12:35 pm, his sire George HW Bush is also known to have been at the scene of the killing and is widely supposed to have fired also!
After running into Peter the Painter in the pub on the Tuesday afternoon, following meeting Nilsen in his company the Friday before.. sometime around 6:20 am the following Wednesday morning, when I left the digs I was in at the lower end of the New Farm peninsular in Brisbane, there was a bus coming.

Since the fare to where I had to get off then walk across the Story Bridge to work at the shipyard was only 10 cents, I went aboard. Despite it was the wrong bus which went the long way 'round, thus very shortly I realized I could have walked the distance as usually did in less time .. no matter.

When the bus turned back onto Brunswick Street and proceeded to the next stop outside the NF Police Station, looking out the front window of the bus.. I saw DAN walk out from Terrace Street where PtP lived and head across Brunswick Street to the next bus stop near the pub, I was in the standing section of the bus which was by then almost full.

DAN got on at the bus stop and proceeded to the same standing section of the bus .. He recognized me and I asked him if "he had stayed at Peter's place" he said no, then I said "did you get a flat up there," he said no to that as well .. Peter's body was found inside his Terrace Street flat the next day.

That same year 1973, Superintendent Murphy of the Queensland police coerced two well known thugs Ian Hamilton and Englishman James Finch, to bomb the Whiskey Au Go Go niteclub in Brisbane whence fifteen died.

Steven Goldsmith disappeared from New Farm in Brisbane in July 2000, he was with a local policeman one night early in the same week he went missing - Clair @ Queensland Police Missing Persons slammed the phone down..

The Desk Sergeants at Police HQ said "get out" when I attempted to report the sighting, his case appears to be ground work for future charges Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn becuz they were Jews.

Queensland has a long history of stymied police investigations .. they let him get away with it, the ppl in the district were up in arms when Nilson was not arrested!



Real Live Martians

AUSTRALIA: Five Prime Ministers, Murder in the P & D's Union

Pierre says, "Former PM of Australia, and Rhodes scholar Malcolm Fraser."

Five Prime Ministers ..

Malcolm Fraser was at no time a Rhodes scholar ..


Bob Hawke pictured above who followed him as PM was, as well he was an absolute scoundrel who with another absolute wretch in Paul Keating below, who followed him as PM brought in Section 193 of the Australian Industrial Relations act, whereby ninety three out of one hundred and forty nine Australian trade unions were de registered!


This union was formed in 1900 to protect the interests of workers in the maritime group of industries. In 1993 the union was deregistered under S 193 of The Australian Industrial Relations Act, which requires unions with less than 10,000 members to convince the Industrial Commission that special circumstances exist that justify their continued registration.

The fact that this union is the cultural and economic heritage of generations of Australians, was not deemed a special circumstance by the industrial commissioner, while the campaign waged within the organization to increase membership was met with thuggery, violence and murder.


Canberra 3 May 1993 in the office of John Howard who was to follow Keating as PM, in an interview conducted by Tony Blair who was to become Prime Minister of Great Britain, we tell Blair on Howard's then Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations behalf, of corruption murder, hijacked union elections, and of zero response from the police the Government and the CJC.

That we had gone through the range of resources and options available in Queensland to have these matters raised in the parliament, while Bob Reed the source of much of the trouble on the docks, was then a solicitor employed by Wayne Goss the Labor Party Premier of Queensland.

Of the Costigan Royal Commission report, recommending Kerry Packer who was described as Australia's richest man, be charged with murder and importing drugs under the auspices of Word Series Cricket, and of the National Crime Authority stating the CJC and the NCA perform similar functions, in that both are sham spuriously appointed organizations.

Founded when the political allies of criminals who were being thus exposed at the FI in Queensland and the CRC Federally, claimed those Inquiries were too costly, and the good work they had done was to be taken up by those respective organizations.

Mr Blair said Sir Peter Abells Hawke's "best mate" was the Mr Big in Australian crime, and assures us he will make known to Howard the union's wish, that he take our cause up in parliament. He gives a date on which to ring back, when we do so he assures us he has briefed Howard of our concerns and wishes and puts one through.

Click .. Howard's voice .. "I'm not talking to him" .. clunk, dead phone, proving the bi partisan nature of murderous corruption as it exists in Australia at State and Federal level.

Sure conspiracy to prevent justice in a capital case is a capital offense .. Fraser is dead thus beyond Earthly requital, not so Hawke, Keating and Howard the other three Australian PM's who conspired, and former Brit PM Tony Blair who conducted the interview May 3, 1993!

This lot who occupied the PM's seat in the Federal Parliament will be going under as well, for granting TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg the celebrating Jews of 911 free passage! http://www.dockersunion.net/vb/showt...=1148#post1148

The Case Against the Australian Government ..

For failing to adequately prosecute race killing and the murder of Jews and trade unionists, and for granting TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911, and the Mossad cell in Brisbane that spawned them free passage, announce the capital fate awaiting the entire Australian political, policing and news dissemination apparatus.

Who write fictitious accounts of 911, the Kennedy assassination, and the Holocaust, who avoid Jew unfriendly material and endorse absolute scoundrels as good guys to get 'em elected, where after they carry out the will of Zion!
Mossad Agents With New Zealand Passports Carry Out Torture & Terror in Iraq - Zev Barkan and Eli Cara aka Anthony David Resnick, were principles in a Cambodian snuff porn op, and are known to have filmed the murder of a young man on the grounds of Queensland University, in Brisbane Australia in 1972.

Australian Jew Ari Ben Menashi is an International Terrorist and Mossad Spy, whose Canadian home was allegedly bombed Dec 3, 2012. He is financed by George Soros, and allegedly perpetrated Zion sponsored massacres, at Dunblane School in Scotland, and at Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996..

Twenty Five Blacks Kill, Twenty Five Blacks Die - Race killing in Australia, Hoera Te Kooti attacked and beaten to death by fifteen blacks Ipswich Qld, seven blacks kill a white man playing with his kids, black schitzo kills two white teens Rockhampton, and a couple hundred cops lawyers and politicos run dead.

Terrorist Alert: Mossad Spy Ilan Grapel Was Seen in the Brisbane Suburb of New Farm November 2, 2012 - The home of TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg the "Celebrating Jews" of 911, part of the Mossad cell granted free movement by generations of Zionist sponsored goons, in the Australian & Queensland Governments.

Australian Jew and Mossad spy Ari ben Menashi, shot WPC Yvonne Fletcher in London in 1984, whence Gaddafi accepted the blame on behalf of Libya, he allegedly bombed Flight 103 at Lockerbie Scotland, Flight 1285 in Gander Newfoundland, and perped the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania Australia.

Australia: Scabs in the BLF, a motion still requires a seconder re an unfair dismissal in 1996 - Painters and Dockers Les Batkin and Ron Chapman who was an aboriginal, were murdered in response to their union activities in 1987, where after the remainder of the blacks, [and the whites] in the P&D's took off running, while the response from other unions has been just as cool!
911 Australia: TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg, Pizza, Woodledoodledoo - For turning from this and from the murders of Hoera Te Kooti, Steven Goldsmith and Katherine Schweitzer, the entire Australian political hierarchy down to local level in Brisbane, will be arraigned charged and tried as capital offenders.

The Only Good Jew I Ever Met is Dead - Katherine Schweitzer murdered Dec 2006, only she survived out of a Budapest family of fourteen, arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1944 by a Jew living on her same street in Sydney - George Soros cataloged the possessions of Jews in Budapest, what does he know?

Judith and Susan Mackay aged 5 & 7 yrs, Murdered in Townsville Australia, police identified their attacker and instead of laying charges, infiltrated him into the union - He boasted of his crime in open company where after anyone going to the police, would have been turned back in to him as an informer!

Scabs in the BLF, Zionist sponsored scabs & murderers were infiltrated into Australian trade unions, while criminals similarly in the thrall of Zion were infiltrated into the Australian Government, that granted TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg the Jews who filmed the 911 attacks amid "Jewbilation," safe haven.

Steven Goldsmith disappeared in Queensland Australia July 2000, he was with a highly undesirable local policeman, one evening early in the same week he was reported missing.When I tried to report the sighting Clair at Queensland Police Missing Persons hung up the phone, while the next day Dec 28, 2006, the same day KS' body was discovered in Sydney, the desk sergeants at Police HQ in Brisbane told me to "get out."

Now posters are going up all over asking "Have You Seen Steven" .. his disappearance appears to be ground work for future charges Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn, becuz they were Jews!

Jews are above the law in Australia, Abe Saffron torched the Ghost Train a Luna Park in Sydney killing seven school kids.. nor did one copper or politician take him to task!
In 1982 Leslie Smith then President of the Queensland Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union, said Peter Beattie then a Brisbane solicitor and Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, who was Queensland Premier for nine yrs until 2007, was blackmailing him under the terms of which he had committed murder.

The alleged victim was a young woman who had been raped by Brisbane electrician Tom Burns in 1972, Burns was endorsed by the Australian Labor Party shortly there after, and as Member for Lytton, was Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament for much of the 1970's & 80's!

The Wlodarczyk Killing: Terror becomes horror, Kay Chambers is dead, in July 1994 Kay Chambers and Paul Johannsen were extradited from Sydney, to face charges in the Brisbane Supreme Court, re the 1975 mutilation murder of this popular and loyal member of the Painters and Dockers Union.

In response to demands published in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial.

Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996, after key prosecution witness Chambers had committed suicide, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before.

At the July '94 extradition hearing in Sydney, Chambers pleaded screaming to the judge not to send her to Brisbane, shrieking she had been shot in the head there shortly after John Wlodarczyk's death in an attempt to kill her, this case with the 1987 murders of Les Batkin and Ron Chapman, was instrumental in the de unionization of the Australian docks.

January 2006 an Italian Australian man was attacked on a public street in Cronulla New South Wales, by about eighty thugs..

Described as of "Middle Eastern" origin and beaten to death, as with Saffron at Luna Park and the murder of Katherine Schweitzer, the police took no action. His attackers posted a video on You Tube, partying with the same security footage of the attack playing in the background.

Wait for the day the Big screen is showing the same footage, both of the attack and of the party, and as each participant is identified so will he or she be brought forth and put to death.

Might be a couple hundred or more, hanged legally under the capital strictures of Australian Law, with the politicians and police who never investigated or refused to lay charges!Couple fat boys right up front in the vid, watch 'em choke and die at the same place they killed an innocent man!


Editorial: I was elected to the position of Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union in October 1992, following the death of incumbent Secretary Ray Winning a short time before, nominated and seconded by financial members Bruce Saunders and Alec Sloan, with the support of retired Life Member Kevin Brady.

Incumbent Union President and Life Member John Burke, announced his candidacy for the vacant position the next day, two life members in incumbent VP Bob Mason and Doug Rogers voted for Burke, all other eligible members declined to participate in the process .. counting my four votes to his three I declared myself elected!

I never officially took office insofar as the Dept. of Industrial Relations was concerned, following the machinations of corrupt solicitor and former Union VP Bob Reed, and despite eight court appearances from 1992 thru 1993, wherein on each occasion I told the bench stand over tactics including murder, had resulted in my remaining the only financial member!

As well as exposing John Kennedy assassination truth, Holocaust truth and 911 truth as per the stories below, we call for the prosecution of former members, police, and politicians who conspired to confute the election in the first place, who remain culpable under law, for inaction in the matter of the 1987 murders of Union Members Leslie Batkin and Ron Chapman.

There after for the 1983 murder of a young woman, who was raped by then Brisbane electrician Tom Burns at Lota in 1972, whereas former Union President Leslie Smith admits he murdered her, and says Peter Beattie who was Queensland Premier for nine years until 2007, blackmailed him into doing so!

Smith is believed to have shot Batkin dead, and to be culpable with Bob Reed for the 1986 murder of Brisbane restaurateur Xenophon Zervos, shot down in the driveway of his home in the Brisbane suburb of Holland Park.

As well we are seeking prosecutions, regarding the abandonment of proceedings in the matter of the 1974 slaying of Union Member John Wlodarczyk, in that in 1994 Paul Johannsen and Kay Chambers were extradited from Sydney, to face charges in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Where after key prosecution witness Chambers allegedly suicided, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before, after which the state abandoned the trial and Johannsen was released from custody.

Former member Pat Delaney was charged with the killing of Ron Chapman, the prosecutor ran dead and the state abandoned the case .. Delaney is believed responsible for the murder of Kay Chambers.

And for the disappearance of a young girl who was cycling to school near North Eaton, in the Mackay district of Central Queensland in the early 1970's, and for the 1972 disappearance of Brisbane Airwoman Gaye baker.

Any parties that wish to participate in the affairs of this union, will need to get on board with this stuff, while the dudes, crudes, scabs and dogs who worked on in 1991, who continue to work on in de unionized jobs on the Australian waterfront, are  reaping the rewards of their own cowardice and indecision.

Former Union President and VP respectively Gary Howcroft and Bob Reed, with former Union Committee of Management member Gary Percy, and hanger on Bob Anderson and his undesirable scab son, are gazetted as dogs and scabs, and remain warned not to be near this trade union under any circumstances, else suffer the two fisted consequences! Martin Timothy, Nov. 22, 2013.

Top Stories..

Dockers Union @ Reddit

Australia: Scabs in the Mine Workforce Unto Management Level, and in the Mining Union

Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers .. http://www.theguardian.com/business/...rkers-watchdog.

MartinTimothy 13 October 2013

Alcan Gove
Here they put scabs on the job and into the unions .. whereas you refuse to play their game, you don't work!

Benny Ratahi stuck his finger up his nose, produced a fair sized lump of black stuff then held it under my nose for about twenty seconds then asked "what do you think of that," I did not bash him senseless as I normally would have since it was at work, and I did not want to be sacked!

He is a dog a coward and a scab, with New Zealand Maori Tia Dargaville who told me in the crib room at lunch time, that he thought all Aussies were cowards and that I should "bring it on," brave in the company of his two scab brothers!

Its on alright sunshine .. I am gonna call you out in the mains street of Gladstone Queensland,
with yr two brothers and if you have the courage to attend, I am gonna flog yr arse
up and down the street.

And when you are rendered incapable of defending yrself, I am gonna repeat the dose
to yr scab brother Peter and yr other scab brother .. Ratahi is getting the same treatment in
Karratha in Western Australia.

Whence I will back myself for one hundred thousand dollar$ with any bookmaker who will take the bet,
that I render this wretched cannibal c--- unconscious at my discretion, whereas I intend to continue
to call you dogs, scabs and cowards by name, similarly when ever I feel like it.
The Keppas father & son no less ..
Anyone who tolerates their presence on any industrial site world wide, or who tolerates the presence of Martin Csertu a filthy Hungarian scab, or of Irish American scab Armstrong will be regarded as scabs.

That day I had been working on the wharf at the Alcan facility in Gove in Australia's Northern Territory, there was a fishing reel and some bait lying unattended .. I threw in then checked back some time later, to find the hook was still baited and there was no fish!

A Maori dude comes up tells me that I am out there to work not to go fishing, "yeah righto mate" I say, next Tony Williams the team leader arrives with every sign he was right p*ssed off .. I knew I was among scabs, thugs and dogs.


In June 2005 I became one of the union delegates on site at Alcan Gove, and was requested to take action in the matter of smoking in the twin cab work vehicles we used on site!

George Dylstra the Dutch supervisor said smoking was ok provided there were no non smokers in the vehicle, I told him I told him it was against civil law, company policy, and site rules.

That any departure from site rules constituted a breach, thus anyone sacked, reprimanded, disciplined or served notice as a result of smoking in a non smoking area, had no case at all.

During this debate a black guy name Jim Mow from Mackay in Queensland, spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth on the ground in front of me, the next day I cornered him in one of the twin cab work trucks and whopped him 'till he howled!

Reminds of another black dog from Mackay, got sassy at Newlands Coal Mine in Central Queensland in 1996 .. http://www.dockersunion.net/vb/showt...&p=330#post330 .. 'nother story!

Someone else said it was only courtesy that you did not smoke when there are non smokers in the truck, I say that courtesy consisted of not farting in the truck, site rules on the other hand were concerned with smoking.

This debate raged until October 2003, when my two workmates at Kaefer Scaffolding Darryl Russell and Joe Guzara turned on me at work, Joe threatened me with a hammer then went berserk, frothing at the mouth and attacking a scaffolding wedge with the hammer!

The other turd said his mother in law was in an old peoples home in Port Augusta, a new wing was being built just where her bed was, and was he able to get leave .. I reckon he went and finished her off, this pr*ck like Joe a different personality every day.

The next day two dogs Rodney Welsh from the Gold Coast in Queensland, and Daniel Macintyre from Mackay both light up in the twin cab, I tell them smoking is not allowed, Macintyre said "says who."

I tell the Dutch supervisor his duty of care to provide me with a safe working place has not been met, in which case I will remain off site until someone in a responsible position can guarantee my safety.

That is still the case whereas of November 2005, Kaefer Scaffolding owes me the money I would have earned under normal working conditions, had the safety rules on site been met, where after I intend to return to work at Alcan Gove

The case includes a liability clause against Marina Williams, who as Mining Union representative in the Norther Territory, both disclaimed my case else I put it in writing, and told me the Union had no problem re smoking in work vehicles on site!

I reminded her that unlawful activity on the job is well and truly banned by the union, moreso after an incident that had occurred the day before, when another worker had gone home ill after breathing cigarette smoke all day!

The case will continue until work stops at every mine and industrial operation in Australia, naming the Dargaville boys, Mackintire and Welsh as scabs, with Ratahi who stuck his finger up his nose and Guzara, Dylstra & Williams, with Geoff Hoani and Dean Troughear two more Maori scabs.

With and the other team leaders on site, a treacherous Hungarian scab and a Nancy Boy from Cairns, with site Safety Officer who stormed out of a meeting on site, who hopped into a company vehicle, stuck a fag into his gob and drove off, after I had attempted to gain his support!

All I knew about him was his chortling and chuckling, when he showed photographs of deceased workmates, which are included in incident reports when a fatality occurs in the industry.

Luke Kepper is another scab from the New Zealand Maori tribe, who persisted lighting up against company rules day after day, if you are in his company you are in the company of a scab, if he has his papa with him, who was the dude caused trouble re the wharf fishing episode, you are in the company of two scabs.

Anyone works with these foul filth, or with Dana Petri another of the site delegates who lit up in the cab day after day, should still be regarded as scabs, no less that the wogs from Albania and the Greek Mother's boys, who rushed in to take Australian jobs, who stood by mute during the entire affair!

By 1996 the Builders Laborers Federation, Australia's premier building union was well and truly under scab domination, indicting Union Secretary Simcoe, industrial Officer Moxham, and Union Organizer Puplett as class enemies.

Thus employed at Bell Scaffolding in Brisbane .. the week prior to October 1, 1996, two twin speaker ghetto blasters were on full bore causing excessive noise, before start that day one reminded all hands double speakers on the job were banned by the union.

A Maori dude a welder on site, said he had been driven nearly mad day after day, one Saal says he is the delegate and says he will ring the union and check, some time later during work one Moore turns his blaster on full bore.

Claimed he wanted to be able to hear the local DJ over the noise of a yard forklift that had a rooted muffler, checking back with Saal the bug delegate, he says he did not ring the union at all and had telephoned Yates the yard manager, who was on his way.

Ringing the union and speaking to scab organizer Kerr, who became abusive before hanging up the telephone, then driving into union premises to get the matter sorted out ..

There meeting career scab and full time dog Gary Howcroft, former President of the Painters & Dockers Union, whose work record remains tainted with the 1987 murders of P&D members Ron Chapman and Les Batkin.

And re his refusal to join the campaign to secure just prosecutions re numerous murders, rapes and killings that accompanied the 1993 de registration of the union, who had by then wormed his rotten way into the offices of the similarly scab Building Workers Industrial Union.
Reminding Howcroft the current campaign the Dockers Union was undertaking, requires him to testify re his relationship with Ron Chapman, re the last time he saw him alive and the company he was in.

And re the 1979 disappearance of Docker Norm Foorde, who fell afoul of the criminals "they" had infiltrated into the Union, who had taken the bait when two more career scabs and full time police informers, the Briggs brothers Keith and Ian..

Disclosed insiders knowledge re a multi million dollar bank hei$t, in the New South Wales provincial city of Murwillumbah, whereas Foorde reported their progress to the police, who turned him into the boys who killed him!

And re his hightailing it out of the P&D's at the time of the 1980 union election campaign, despite the fact he was then Union President, and was a candidate for election to the position of Secretary.

Was he in fact warned he would necessarily be running afoul of elements, who might kill him as they had killed before! Howcroft sneered and almost got through turning his lip in contempt, when he had to beat a hasty retreat into the interior of a locked office complex, MT in pursuit.

Kerr arrived back on the scene, cluck clucked at the Howcroft chasing incident, listened to the account of what had happened at Bell Scaffolding and explained Ted Puplett was the organizer for that area and arranged for one to meet him at the premises of Bell Scaffolding.

Which is where he was on arriving back, explaining the situation to him and being assured in return that double or multi speaker systems, were indeed banned from the workplace by the union.

Puplett's clear role then, was to upbraid the members for having this gear on the job, explain the concept of bodgey delegates who rang the boss instead of the union was as iffy as can be, endorse MT as new and fair dinkum delegate, and we all go back to work.

Instead of that Puplett tells MT to hear Yates out, who says he is sacked and that he had better get off the premises or he will have the coppers to him .. all the while Puplett and Saal are smirking and grinning to each other like vicar and choirboy.


Puplett, Kerr and Simcoe with Moore, Saal the entire roll call at the meeting on BLF premises on June 10, 1997, who remained mute in the face of it all, are regarded as scabs, whose presence should not be tolerated on any site in Australia or world wide!
Scabs on the Australian Docks ..

Cairncross Dock Brisbane Australia, Monday July 15, 1991, a Fijian seaman from the British registered ship Pacific Guardian, used a ship's stores hoist to complete a routine job at the work face, that had been begun by a dockyard crane driver the Friday before, who was on strike at the behest of his union!

I was the single man who refused to work, and was refused support from the other Painters and Dockers on site Bruce Saunders and Phil Watts, who were working for a different contractor with another rogue crane driver, who had been brought in to break the Dockyard operators' strike!

After numerous phone calls, whence incumbent Secretary Ray Winning disclaimed responsibility on the grounds he was retired, and to Bob Mason and John Burke the incumbent President and VP, both of whom rejected their true role, and gave the remainder of the membership the ok to work on, after I was sacked!

The matter was raised at meeting at the Union's rented premises, in Adelaide St, Brisbane City July 18, 1991, where at not one member stood with me in defense of the union, nor uttered a single word in condemnation of the scabs.

August 1, 1991, eighteen days after the original sacking and in response to internal charges I had brought against the responsive scab parties, I was called into the Secretary's office, the Previous night another member Ken Reeves who had remained aloof throughout the entire proceedings..

Phoned and said I was to be murdered in the union rooms the following morning, should I be so unwise as to attend, he told me Medicine Mick aka scab Mick Williams was to be my assassin. Williams and fellow scab Des Noon had formed a labor contracting company.

They had hoped to cash in on the Union's demise as providers of scab labor .. that morning Noon's white van was parked adjacent to the fire escape at the back of the building, in keeping with Reeves' warning my body was to be conveyed out of the building by that route and into the van.

When I rose to attend the summons scabby Neil Williams turned the radio was playing up to full volume .. Winning told me the way forward was to abandon the charges, Medicine Mick advanced to my left and was groping in his pants for an unseen object.

John Burke had his hand over his eyes, Winning shrieked "you're gonna withdraw the charges aren't you Mick," which was the name I usually used on union premises, I said "sure Ray" .. in a bank hold up when a teller is confronted by a felon who says he has a weapon whether it is visible or not.

Banks tell their staff to hand over as much money in as they can get their hands on .. it is no different in this case, the armed assailant gets things his way, at no time is any activity carried out under the duress of instant murder as in this case, legally binding on the plaintiff!

The charges against all responsive parties were upheld, following my election to the position of Union Secretary in 1992.

Gazetted as Scabs: Des Noon, Mick Williams, George Gray, Kerry Beak, John Burke, Bob Mason, Ray Winning, Ian Bridges, N Brinleigh Williams & son, Les Hewen-Nicholls, Doug Rogers and two sons, Chris Hoylan, PW Watts, Keith Conway, Bruce Saunders, A Redding, A Sloan, Don Burns, Mal Golik & two sons, Joe Stella & son, Des Youngberg & son, brothers Bohane, Keith Conway, Jack Wilson, Paddy Meehan, John Sheehan, Barry Brennan!


Howcroft suffered two broken legs in late October 1996, maybe he approached someone to have M Timothy seen to, and got seen to himself ..

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs was in Brisbane Australia in 1972, with a member of the Painters and Dockers Union, who was later murdered with his wife on the Gold Coast hinterland, in a crime characterized by the daughter of the deceased couple, bringing her father his slippers because he was cold .. Martin_Timothy 15 August


Biggs will remain a "person of interest" in this matter, until he explains his relationship with the deceased, and his whereabouts at the time of the killings! Pat Shannon the Secretary of the Melbourne Branch of the P&D's, was slain in a similarly brutal killing in a Melbourne hotel at around the same time, two bystanders including a 10 yo boy were also killed!

Snuff Porn Breakthrough - Calligraphy at the scene of the grisly 1984 slaying, of eighteen members of the Children of the Fold religious group at Brownsville Texas, is by society artist Ralph Steadman - Who with Johnny Depp and George W Bush, hobnobbed with alleged snuff porn king Hunter S Thompson .. BigBagattelli2 13 August 2013

IMAGE: Germany 1934, The Night of the Long Knives Massacre, the slaughter of the non Jewish Nazis, Ernst Röhm and the SA hierarchy, whose "street violence" was instrumental in Adolf Hitler's accession to the German Chancellorship, Jan 31, 1933, by the SS and the Gestapo, the regime's secret police .. The_Rat_Catcher 5 August 2013

Large File, http://s017.radikal.ru/i406/1307/61/ee6fe6c7128f.png

IMAGE: Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing President Kennedy and Cop JD Tippit, a couple miles away around forty minutes later, in Dallas Tx. Nov 22, 1963. Despite photos show him at the doorway of the TSBD, when the shots were fired, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later! .. TheDudeWithTude 29 July 2013


I don't see any reason to bring the union into it, one's understanding is the whole op was a false flag, a la the 911 attacks and Pearl Harbor, moreover if the union were to have input, it should be to assure members their testimony that conflicts with the official version, will get a full airing in all union sponsored publications!


VIDEO: A Witness At Sandy Hook Elementary School, whose body language fails to assert twenty two of her fellow students, and six teachers lay dead, says things were normal until police were on the roof, when asked if she heard "any gunshots," the sound track becomes garbled and lip sync disappears.
Norway Massacre False Flag

VA Tech Massacre False Flag

Fort Hood Shootings False Flag

Aurora Shooting & Columbine Massacre False Flag
It looks like there was no shooting in Connecticut, like there were no shootings at VA Tech, Columbine, Fort Hood, or in Norway where Anders Behring Breivik is alleged to have killed seventy seven ppl, that the Canada Greenberg op holed up in Colorado, stage managed the whole affair??


Image File: The Five Faces of Treachery, dude is backstage waiting for the directors cue, shares a joke before composing himself, changing personalities, and delivering an oration supposedly on behalf of his allegedly slain six yo daughter - Additional testimony the whole shooting tableau was staged.

Despite the bomber flights shopped onto this pic, American anti aircraft gunners on Diamond Head, said there were no enemy aircraft at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 - Source: MovieTone News, in a clip that appeared to have been filmed on location the same day, that was included in the first cut of 911 hit piece Loose Change!

Despite the smoke and the sunken ship, the body language of sailors shootin' the breeze, and others just getting on with their business, in no way indicates an attack by a hostile foreign power had taken place!

Wheeler Army Air Field, December 7, 1941 Smoke coming from planes on a row of undamaged aircraft, upwind of a conflagration of other burning planes, and no blast damage or bomb craters anywhere, says the aircraft were deliberately set alight at ground level.

No one is at action stations in this shot , despite the undamaged battleship should be an obvious target for enemy bombers, while spectators wandering around, fails to assert a force of some hundreds of enemy planes is at large!

One aircraft in this pic, no one appears to be too concerned, spectators are cramming every vantage point on an as yet undamaged vessel, surely if an attack were underway it would be the last place to be!

Officially Beginning at 0600 hours, the first wave of 183 fighters and torpedo bombers struck at the fleet in Pearl Harbor, and the airfields in Hickam, Kaneohe and Ewa.
The second strike launched at 0715 hours consisted of 167 aircraft, which struck at the same targets, at 0753 hours the next wave consisting of 40 Nakajima B5N2 Kate" torpedo bombers, 51 Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers, 50 high Altitude bombers, and 43 Zeros, struck at airfields and at Pearl Harbor.
US Casualties:

USA : 218 KIA, 364 WIA.

USN: 2,008 KIA, 710 WIA.

USMC: 109 KIA, 69 WIA.

Civilians: 68 KIA, 35 WIA.

TOTAL: 2,403 KIA, 1,178 WIA.


USS Arizona (BB-39) - total loss when a bomb hit her magazine.

USS Oklahoma (BB-37) - Total loss when she capsized and sunk in the harbor.

USS California (BB-44) - Sunk at her berth. Later raised and repaired.

USS West Virginia (BB-48) - Sunk at her berth. Later raised and repaired.

USS Nevada - (BB-36) Beached to prevent sinking. Later repaired.

USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) - Light damage.

USS Maryland (BB-46) - Light damage.

USS Tennessee (BB-43) Light damage.

USS Utah (AG-16) - (former battleship used as a target) - Sunk.


USS New Orleans (CA-32) - Light Damage..

USS San Francisco (CA-38) - Light Damage.

USS Detroit (CL-8) - Light Damage.

USS Raleigh (CL-7) - Heavily damaged but repaired.

USS Helena (CL-50) - Light Damage.

USS Honolulu (CL-48) - Light Damage..


USS Downes (DD-375) - Destroyed. Parts salvaged.

USS Cassin - (DD-372) Destroyed. Parts salvaged.

USS Shaw (DD-373) - Very heavy damage.

USS Helm (DD-388) - Light Damage.


USS Ogala (CM-4) - Sunk but later raised and repaired.

Seaplane Tender

USS Curtiss (AV-4) - Severely damaged but later repaired.

Repair Ship

USS Vestal (AR-4) - Severely damaged but later repaired.

Harbor Tug

USS Sotoyomo (YT-9) - Sunk but later raised and repaired.


188 Aircraft destroyed (92 USN and 92 U.S Army Air Corps.)

F*** the Irish


I maintain a website and a forum, Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union of Australia, Queensland Branch, & Dockers Union Forum

The union was de registered in 1993, I have been a member since 1972, during which period numerous of our members have been murdered, in the Melbourne Branch and in Queensland!

I won the election for the position of Union Secretary in 1992, on an anti corruption ticket, where after the incumbency I was elected to replace, simply refused to vacate the office, all of my support vanished, and I went on alone!

The reason I use Painters and Dockers letterhead on all of my posts, is so no one can come along and say the union was abandoned, there after to re institute it on his terms .. in 1972 the Secretary of the Victorian Branch, was shot dead in Melbourne, with two other ppl including a ten yo bystander.

Billy "Wocker the Docker" O'Connor, was murdered in Brisbane in 1972, and another member from Melbourne, who had like him transferred to the Brisbane Branch, was murdered with his wife in Queensland the same year.

Member John Wlodarczyk was murdered in Brisbane in 1974, while two other members Les Batkin and Ron Chapman, were murdered within days of each other in 1987, during the height of debate re the future of the operation. Honour Roll Painters And Dockers Union, Queensland Branch

In response to the Australian Government's legislation, providing de registration to unions with less that 10,000 members .. I keep beating the union drum, bearing in mind it has been a one man operation since 1993, insofar as hostile elements covet my position, as head of the Australian Dockers Union!

I make it plain to them, the union's policy, is to have all ppl who harmed our members and committed murder, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if ppl want to get on board with that, fine, else GTFO!

Including allegations, the then Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, who was Premier of Queensland for nine yrs until 2007, was blackmailing one of our members, who murdered a young woman at his behest in 1982.

She was raped in 1972 at age 13, by a Brisbane electrician, who was endorsed shortly thereafter by the Labor Party, and as Member for Lytton, became Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament.

Maybe she was "making noises," after another Queensland politician, Member for Capricornia in the Federal Parliament, and former Leader of the Opposition in Queensland, had been sentenced to twelve yrs jail, for raping a twelve yo girl. Martin Timothy @ Reddit

JFK Assassination Nutshell

John Fitzgerald Kennedy the 35th President of the United States, was shot dead in broad daylight in the company of his beautiful wife, 22 November 1963, in Dallas Texas.

Jim Braden is thought to have fired the first shot, from the roof of the Dal Tex Building across Houston Street from the TSBD, he was taken in by a Sheriffs Deputy before being released.

Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing the President and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit, a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photos show him at the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository, when the shots were fired in the first instance, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later!

The Moorman shot has snipers nests on the Grassy Knoll, and muzzle flashes behind the picket fence left screen, with E Howard Hunt firing, Martin Luther & Coretta King to his right, Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden is behind and to Coretta’s left.

The “Badgeman” enhancement in the montage top right, has Dallas Policeman Joe Smith firing from behind the rotunda wall, with Gordon H Arnold, an unidentified bald guy, and deaf mute Ed Hoffman & wife!

Update: The "unidentified bald guy" is Andy Warhol.

Download The Moorman Polaroid large file .. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/moorman/3...e_20Frame5.jpg .. use photo enhancement software to enlarge and process the image, to see the assassins faces emerge left screen..

William F Buckley was "Umbrella Man," who signaled the shooters all systems were go, his accomplice is believed to be Corsican adventurer Lucien Sarti!

As the limousine emerged from behind the freeway sign, the driver William Greer turned and looked over his right shoulder, he turned back and while holding the steering wheel with his left hand..

Retrieved something from under the dash with his right hand, he transferred the object to his left hand, and turning back around to look at the President, brought his left hand around his body and aimed and fired at John Kennedy’s head!

The Three Tramps were E Howard Hunt of Watergate fame, Charles Harrelson father of television actor Woody Harrelson, and Charles Frederick Rogers, wanted in Houston TX, for killing and dismembering both his parents in 1965!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=249DTnfrKMo .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WQr4y1j4Gw&
Ted Gunderson was FBI Bureau Chief in Dallas when President K was murdered, after the shooting he was filmed in possession of one of two rifles, on the sixth floor of the TSBD, he was in Memphis when Martin Luther King was shot, and in Los Angeles when Senator Robert Kennedy was slain.

He was part of the Franklin Case cover up, that goes back nearly thirty years, whence Rusty Nelson testified Hunter S Thompson paid him $100,000 a time, to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead.

Problems at the Dentist :(


Bit on a piece of coconut, there was some shell embedded and my tooth broke ..

That was Friday .. on Monday I went to the dentist at Fortitude Valley Center, he took an X-Ray and, after I went crook at the rude manners of the broad at the desk, told me there was nuthin' he could do!

Went to the next place off James Street in the Valley, some dude in bathroom slippers was fixin' Christmas decorations, there was a stack of costumed mannequins, and some broad comes out with a forty spot questionnaire she says I should fill out - I got out of the joint damn quick!


Down the road a bit to Sparkle Dental, his sexpot babes were full of sh*t before, however the bloke at Calm Dental at the other end of the street, a Mr Gratsky, had faked his own death in a bizarre attempt to claim life insurance, so I did not want to go back there!

Back to Sparkle then, some dame behind the jump put me thru an interrogation, whereas I told her to get a girl friend and departed .. the other option, John Stamatiou at the Merthyr Center went bad when some broad, I call her Miss Saigon, used barnyard manners and Stalinesque interrogation procedures..

Never the less my teeth required attention so I went back, telling the counter staff all about it, whereas JS appeared and conducted a preliminary examination, he said metal inserts would cost either 1400 or 1600 dollar$, whereas the Department of Vets Affairs would pay for the routine work!

I agreed and after he made the templates I paid him $1600, while signing the DVA form in two places, he gave me an appointment for ten days hence, where after he fitted the metal and completed some other routine work, I signed a new DVA form in about six or seven places .. we parted friends!

Yesterday 22 March 2012, even as I was contemplating requesting another appointment, since a sharp piece on his metal inserts is catching on things .. whence a bill arrived for some over seven hundred dollars, ringing his ppl and assuring them that I am not gonna pay, hung up on and ringing back ..

Well I am gonna ring John Stamatiou this mornin' 23 March 2012, and tell him all about it then report back here..

Report 1 .. Ringing again, the same dame who sent me the bill, who hung up on me yesterday, said I should "not worry about it," and that Stamatiou would not be back until, "sometime next week.." I replied that he must explain the whole manner and means..

By which he sent me a demand for money, and that I would under no circumstances, be placing my person in any place whence he has access to syringes, or other sharp objects, which would be necessary were he to file the sharp part of the metal filling smooth..

Report 2

A couple hrs after putting the same post on a few websites world wide, the police arrived in response to a complaint, that I had made threatening phone calls to a Dentist .. I told them the story, whereas the policeman told me I was under arrest, and handcuffed me behind my back!

They took me into the street, and my neighbors of twenty seven yrs looked on, as they frisked me then took me away .. arriving in the Valley at the corner of Brunswick and Ann Streets .. see the map .. one of the busiest intersections in Queensland!

Where upon both police left the vehicle stationary at the traffic lights, and took off running, before crash tackling a member of the public to the pavement, outside the pub on the corner .. About half an hour later, after calling for reinforcements, and causing the traffic to back up all the way to New Farm!

They returned to the vehicle and drove on to the Watch House, there to be fingerprinted, photographed, and released after five and a half hrs in custody .. I have to be in court 10 April 2012, and must be no closer than 50 meters from the dental surgery, and am not to attempt to contact their ppl in any way..

Report 3 .. After attending court 2 May 2012, the same policeman who arrested me in March came to the door 30 May, and told me the Dentist had withdrawn the charges, and that the matter is closed .. ho hum :)

Blacks with second hand shoes in Canberra and in Brisbane Australia

See the shot of an aboriginal woman with a shoe .. brings to mind video of an aboriginal youth hurrying thru evening shoppers, clutching a pair of used sneakers, he had taken them from the body of a sleeping white man, he and another black had attacked and killed.

He never went to court, his companion got two years. I intend to pursue a capital case against both black assailants, and the lawyers, judges and politicians who prevented justice, the same ones indeed who perverted justice at every level, re the murder of Hoera te Kooti.

The murder of Katherine Schweitzer - Jews sent her & her family to Auschwitz .. We have similar cases against white killers, with police and politicians, not least for the murders of Jews Steven Goldsmith & Katherine Schweitzer.

Snuff Porn in Brisbane Australia .. For snuff porn shot on the bank of the Brisbane River, on the grounds of Queensland University..

911 Australia - TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo .. While presenting solid evidence, that Brisbane is a center for international terrorism!

As for blacks..

Click the link, it shows Martin Luther and Coretta King, in a snipers nest Dallas Texas 22 November 1963, at the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mrs Kennedy had invited them both into her home, just weeks before, which proves the folly of treating blacks like human beings - they act like animals, and that by God is how I treat them read on..
Blacks in a group fifteen strong, attacked and beat to death Hoera Te Kooti a sixty two year old local man, the whole incident was recorded on security video, one only went to court who was acquitted, after fancy pants lawyers prevented the jury from seeing the footage, with black hands going thru the dying man's pockets.
Not long after this, at the local taxi rank a group of five blacks jump the queue, and the sh*t hits the fan, one female gets in front, another comes up on my right, another my rear, and two a man and a woman cut me off from the left, from the right, "look at this **** ... thinks he's white,"

I am in fact mixed race .. she is screaming filth to my front, while two close in from the left .. just then a police vehicle pulls up opposite, and they melt into the night .. they were from the same gang that murdered Mr Te Kooti, who was of the sea faring Moldi people of New Zealand.

Christmas day 2007, blacks numbering seven strong attacked and killed a white Australian man, playing sand lot cricket with his kids .. the whole thing hushed up. Rockhampton Queensland 2002, black boy calls at white household wants to meet white teens, bludgeons both to death .. his prior schizophrenia was quoted, when the government announced there would be no charges.

April 2007, the body of Rene Peter Ulz was found on inaccessible private property, at the bottom of high cliffs at the Brisbane suburb of New Farm, darkies frequent that place, and it is common for them to throw white people from the cliff tops.

New Year 2006, security camera footage shows a gang of thugs, variously described as of Middle Eastern origin, numbering about eighty strong, converge upon and batter to death an Italian Australian man, on a public thoroughfare in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla .. they posted a video on You Tube, with themselves partying, while the security video was playing in the background.

I am gonna hang 'em, and I despise blacks for not decrying the Luther Kings treachery, brings to mind the false Moslems, bleating about alleged discrimination for the outrage of 911, which is Ziomossad propaganda, that tacitly accepts the Zionist line that OBL did it, when it was Jews!
Ron Chapman an aboriginal Painter & Docker in Brisbane, was beaten then thrust to his death, from the upper floor balcony of flats, in the Brisbane suburb of Kangaroo Point, his is only one of maybe some hundreds of murders, that accompanied the 1993 de registration of the union!
The entire aboriginal delegation of some dozens of members, including Frank Currie, who tossed his head when I saw him at a funeral, after I was reported as a "Union Grass" in a Sunday newspaper, when I went to the police, in relation to Chapman's and numerous other murders.


His sons Basil and Russell, took off runnin' at the suggestion that they should join the campaign, to seek justice in relation to all these matters, Ken Currie stared from a distance, then slunk away like a dog with his tail between his legs, while I was handing out flyers, in a public square in Brisbane, that similarly had details of what went on in the union!

Bob Anderson who claims to be an aboriginal "elder," when he is nuthin' but a chicken livered scab, and his loathsome son Paul, who had abandoned his trade as a plumber, to gain unionized employment on the docks, whose racism is legion, took off runnin'.

Despite personal pleas that both join the campaign .. both re the killings, and in response to the proposed deregistration of the union, Chapman's entire family, encompassing the Burns clan, father sons and nephews, took off runnin', while Don Burns appropriated the murdered man's car, and Chapman's brother took his, by then de unionized job as a scab!

Clapton's BS story re the death of his son Conor!

Eric Clapton's four year old son, Conor allegedly fell 53 floors to his death, through the open window of a New York skyscraper at 11:10 am, 20 March 1991.

The official story: The apartment block janitor was in the apartment cleaning.. the glass was about 4ft by 6ft tall .. janitor swung it open to let in some fresh air, Conor ran straight through the window .. Eric arrived five minutes later.


Eric Clapton tells this tragic story in his book, "Clapton" .. He was at his apartment in NY, and as he was getting ready to walk over to Lori's apartment, to pick she and Conor up for a trip to the Zoo and out to eat, his phone rang around 11 AM.
It was Lori and she was hysterical. She told him that Conor was dead. Eric at first was in complete shock and disbelief, even asking her, "Are you sure?!" She then told him that Conor had fallen out of the window, 53 stories up, plunging to his death.

When Eric arrived, this is what he said, and I quote: .. "By talking to the police and the doctors, I established what had happened without even having to go into the room. The main sitting room had windows along one side that went from floor to ceiling, and they could be tilted open for cleaning.

There were no window guards, however, since the building was a condominium and escaped the normal building regulations. On this morning the JANITOR was cleaning the windows and had temporarily left them open.

Conor was racing about the apartment playing a game of hide-and-seek with his nanny, and while Lori was distracted by the janitor's warning her about the danger, he simply ran into the room and straight out the window. He then fell 49 floors before landing on the roof of an adjacent four-story building." -Clapton

Bullsh*t .. the windows on tower apartment blocks do not swing open .. the absence of statements from the nanny, and the alleged janitor, both of whom were allegedly on the scene, and shots of the window that was allegedly left open, and details of wherefrom on the building, the deceased is alleged to have fallen, means the case must remain open!

http://s009.radikal.ru/i307/1112/b5/2fc79c0fb3b8.jpg Full size image

http://streeteasy.com/nyc/building/the-galleria The Galleria, 117 E 57th Street, in Midtown Manhattan - 57 stories, built in 1975, the Sky Terrace Lounge on the 55th floor provides breathtaking views of Central Park.

Postulate that the group of ppl, on the roof of the Daughters of Cincinnati building, formerly the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society library, at 122 East 58th Street, are gathered around the body of the deceased, in a place directly below the observation deck of the Galleria tower!
Television and newspaper reports, in Brisbane Australia on the evening of 20 March 1991, said Eric Clapton had taken his son Conor to the Zoo in New York, then the next morning that Conor had plunged to his death, while that evening's news said EC was being held in custody, and that he had sought legal advice.


http://forum.davidicke.com/showthrea...=137582&page=7 .. David Icke in a forum thread, says ritual murder among show business ppl is in epidemic proportions, and that Conor's death is part of it all!

News on the evening of 11 September 2001, said Lleyton Hewitt who had won the US Tennis Open, at Flushing Meadow in NY the day before, would be visiting the World Trade Center .. which was as of that time in Australia, less than five hours from impact!


Two yrs ago I told Nicole Isbel my landlady, that the sewer line that services my apartment in Crase St Teneriffe, a Brisbane suburb was blocked by the roots of a tree .. weeks ago a big pool of liquid sewerage under the house, and problems with the toilet.

I rang her again .. she was rude like a pig, she is a high profile doctor - she said she was gonna get tree loppers to remove all the trees around the house, in response to my protest, she said she was "the landlord," and it remained her prerogative to do as she wished.

I tell this broad that she will remain the landlady, until she has a dick attached to her low abdomen .. and a lezzo strap on don't count .. she grunted like a fuggin' pig, and hung up the phone!

Needing a court order to prevent the destruction of the trees, one James Murphy at Q Solicitors located nearby in Teneriffe, heard me out and assured me that it was entirely doable, however he declined to accept the case, on the grounds that he was too busy, and refused to let me deposit $10,000 into his professional account.

I told him that he was proby my only hope, and that the chainsaws were to be here later that morning, so time was of the essence, that the other local solicitor, one Peter Shields, was a former Homicide Squad detective, who we had contacted in 1994, re murder and mayhem on the docks, see news clipping above!

That after detailing a summary of the evidence, and putting it onto a handwritten deposition, sent by mail to Brisbane Homicide, that the same Peter Beattie / Les Smith faction, that had in 1982, murdered the woman who said Tom Burns, Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament, had raped her in 1973, that had murdered Xenophon Zervos in 1986, and Les Batkin in 1987.

Was making death threats, in response to my activities as a member of the Painters and Dockers Union .. Shields replied over the phone, "..so you're the one who has been writing us letters," he made some kinda honk, grunting noise and was gone from the phone ..  he will be arraigned on charges of corruption as a police officer - yeah hangin' corruption!


That Steven Goldsmith was a Jew, who lived a little further away in Sydney Street New Farm, who disappeared in July 2000, while the police at Queensland Police Missing Persons, had hung up the phone, and the two sergeants at the desk at Police HQ in Brisbane, told me to "get out," after I went there to report a sighting, of Goldsmith with a policeman who was a regular at the local gym, on the night he disappeared.


In response to demands this journal published, in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial, Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996. After key prosecution witness Chambers who had been released from custody in Brisbane a short time before, committed suicide by jumping from a tall building in Sydney, November 1995.
That Painter and Docker John Wlodarczyk, had been murdered at premises a little further along Sydney Street, whence Kay Chambers, who was remanded in custody for the same crime, was released from prison and "suicided," in Sydney shortly thereafter, whence her fellow accused Stretch Johannsen was released!


That Peter Beattie, who served nine yrs as Queensland Premier, was the only one with sufficient authority to have her released, and that former P&D's Union President Les Smith, admitted that Beattie was blackmailing him, under the conditions of which he had committed murder!

Australian Jews and 911 .. Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who rose to prominence after being arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack, in their words to "document the event," had all been residents of Brisbane Australia!

Shmuel had been a regular sight in the New Farm shopping precinct thru most of the 1990's, while the Kurzberg boys moved into Heal Street NF at around the same time, precocious teenagers on bikes .. see if they are so precocious when I get 'em onto the gallows!

I told him that it was particularly important, since the Jews who have infiltrated New Farm, whence came the famous "celebrating Israelis" of 911, who had arranged Goldsmith's murder, who were going to use the inaction of the same Queensland Police, to take the law into their own hands, and arrest the entire conspiracy, then hang the lot under their version of revolution!

Murphy reiterated his decision, that he would neither be accepting my money, nor taking part in my case, and said to contact his boss .. he gave me the number of Quadrio Solicitors, the woman who answered the phone burst into loud laughter, whence I reminded her, that unless there is inherent humor present, laughter is the most reliable indicator of insanity.

She had a mood swing .. the proprietor Mr Q came on line, and assured me that neither would he accept my lucre, and that I should scrutinize the Queensland Law List .. before I told him to get ****ed, whence he hung up the phone!


ITEM: Jim Finch was released from prison and deported to England in 1988, he had been serving life imprisonment, for the murder of a young married woman, an employee of the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub, who perished with fourteen other people, when the place was firebombed in March 1973.

He told a television journalist who interviewed him after his release, that he had indeed bombed the nightclub, in company with Ian Hamilton, John Stewart convicted with Finch died in prison, those who see his body, say his face is frozen in a mask of horror, Hamilton disappeared 1974, no remains were ever found.

The editor of Port News, a journal that concentrated as does this journal, on issues affecting the Docker community, was convicted of his murder, allegedly becoming the first person in Crown Law, to be convicted of murder sans body, sans murder weapon.

Compare this with the McCulken case, Finch said he bombed the nightclub at the behest of Officer Murphy, of the Queensland Police ..Port News warned in 1973, of the Clockwork Orange Gang, thugs, vassals of corrupt police who provided such services as were required, the Whiskey bombing cited as one such service, an earlier bombing and fire at another valley nightspot, another.

This journal warns of the One Telephone Call Murder Company, who do wet jobs for police and for law firms, filling the void caused by Clockwork founder, Ian Hamilton's untimely murder - Zervos, the McCulkens, Batkin, Kay Chambers victims, O'Dempsy, Glancy, Smith, Foreman, murderers and grotesque police corruption, re Detective Shields, Desmond, Nikola, Hepitch, Hitch, Magnussen, Kajewski, Doyle.

The Pacific Guardian Incident, the Secretary's decision .. expelled as scab, Des Noon, Mick Williams, George Gray, Kerry Beak, expelled scab officer of the union, John Burke, Bob Mason, expelled scab Committee of Management, Ian Bridges, N Brinleigh Williams.

Not guilty scab as officer Ray Winning - Mr Winning had proven coercion, in that Bob Mason had threatened his life, all other officers and members, as of 15 and 18 July 1991, should show cause why they should not be gazetted as scabs, in future editions of this journal.

Gazetted as scab Don Burns, he claimed in 1988 that it was for fear of murder, that he abandoned his responsibility to defend the union against the depredations of the Smith/Reed/Mason clique and their political masters, citing the deaths of Chapman who was his brother in law, and Batkin as reasons for his decision.

He claimed to be leaving the industry for good, however once the union was deregistered, he returned to work at Cairncross Dock, where scabs rule. Page 8 first published 1995, updated May 2004, November 2011.Page 9
The essence of our case against Isbel, is that she was aware of the Steven Goldsmith connection, since we had shown her the file, she remained aware, that the conspiracy extended to the local law rat community, and had taken advantage of that fact, to pursue her nefarious agenda .. means she should be charged with conspiracy!

Then does she know the Kurzbergs, or does she know anyone who does know them, on the grounds that her acquisition of this property, is actually part of a Zionist sponsored money laundering affair.

With links to the Israeli secret service Mossad, thence he 911 attacks against the United States, whence low cost rental properties, indeed whole suburbs, are being "gentrified" at immense cost by Jews, who stole the money from the American government, who have deserted the failed modern state of Israel!

Merv Collins had died under aggravated circumstances, about the same time as Chambers .. Xenophon Zervos was shot dead, as he was getting into his car, at his home in the Brisbane suburb of Holland Park, on the early morning of March 26 1986.

In 1988, Constable Butler told the Fitzgerald Inquiry, an inquiry into police malfeasance formed on the initiative of Bill Gunn, then Police Minister and Deputy Premier, that Mr. Zervos was the victim of professional assassins, recruited from the Dockers Union by police to murder another policeman, another copper turned lawyer, Detective Constable Salvatore Di Carlo.

Butler alleges, the murderers went to the wrong address, and fired on a man whose fate was the random result of human error, and that Di Carlo was on the wrong side of his workmates, because investigations he was proceeding with, were sensitive and involved a firebombing at a Fortitude Valley nightclub in 1973, in which fifteen people died.

Mr. Zervos was it appears, related by marriage to Salvatore Di Carlo, in which case the plot is somewhat thicker than it would otherwise have been, had that not been the case.

Di Carlo's lot has prospered, he has gone from undercover copper, where his role was allegedly to infiltrate criminal society, gain the confidence, and the friendship of any lonely poor stiff he could, then fix him up with criminal charges.

Now it's Sammy Di Carlo Barrister at Law, who, until he instituted a policy of omerta, toward the jolly old Dockies Union, was quite a source of knowledge .. Sammy there is a stone in my shoe about the whole thing, particularly about threats broadcast re Merv Collins, that Merv was a stone in somebody's shoe, re the Zervos thing. Ed: Merv turned up dead, from a highly suspicious overdose of heroin in 1994
Isbel is a totally wretched woman and a brutal despoiler of the landscape, whose aura resembles the pool of raw sewage, in situ beneath the floorboards of my apartment .. picture a capricious, penis envying woman, who vandalized this place in vicious reprisal, after I requested the sewage problem be fixed! 

Ana Sofia Henao - Superstar bikini girl

MT in Vietnam

Tom Burns and the Lota rape .. he was Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament!

Driving along Lytton Rd after working an overtime shift one Saturday at the Ampol Oil Refinery on Lytton Island, Tom Burns was in his work van at the traffic lights near the Colmslie Hotel.

He was an electrician and I thought he must have been working overtime, I saw him the next S'day at the same place, he looked kinda stressed to see me at the same lights on consecutive Saturdays, he did not look like he had been at work.

Still working overtime shifts, the lights were green the next Saturday when I drove thru, TB was in his work van on the Wynnum Rd side, he looked like he had committed a crime - hollow cheeked and wide eyed - that night on the evening news, was a report that a thirteen yo girl had been brutally raped at Lota an adjoining suburb!

Shortly thereafter Tom Burns was endorsed by the Australian Labor Party, as Member for Lytton in the Queensland Parliament.

1982 Leslie Smith then President of the Queensland Branch of the P&D's Union, said Peter Beattie then Qld Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, was blackmailing him, under the terms of which he had committed murder, it could be that the murder Smith says he carried out at the discretion of Peter Beattie.

Was the same young woman whom Burns raped in 1972 or thereabouts at Lota .. Keith Wright later Federal Member for Capricornia, and like Burns a former Leader in the Queensland Parliament, had got twelve years for a similar crime against a twelve yo girl, maybe the girl from Lota was "making noises!"

The Case of the Mature Biker..

Man aged sixty two years reported missing, last seen riding high performance motor bike in the Brisbane suburb of Hemmant, a heavily industrialized precinct on the eastern side of Brisbane, in 1998 or so!

Kevin Rudd

One Saturday afternoon driving on Lytton Road on a notoriously fast section, I change lanes to go around a high performance motor bike going at just two K's over the 60kph speed limit, when I go round him I take a look at who would be taking it so easy on such a powerful machine, and see it is an old guy.

The disappearance occurred in the Federal electorate of Former Australian PM K. Rudd, he was last sighted at the lights at the Hemmant & Tingalpa Road turn off, about two K's from where I had gone round him on Lytton Road, according to the news.

Maybe there is a motor bike chop shop down Hemmant way, and he was lured down there by a biker who convinced him to visit, who murdered him for the bike then chopped it and sold it.

Research Operation Trident, and allegations of police involvement with organized car theft rings, then take a look at the facility where stolen cars are stored after recovery, in the Brisbane suburb of Buranda.

By the time I got to the traffic lights whence I was to turn right, I was about half the length of the straight in front of him, a scrawny lookin' red haired local boy, done up in a straw hat and cut down blue overalls was on the turn off, 'guess he was waitin' for him.

Update: The disappearance of Steven Goldsmith..


Brisbane Australia July 2000 evening - Steven Goldsmith is in the supermarket queue and looks a bit lost, he had come to my door a couple years before hawking a book of his poetry, he was with a fellow who was a regular patron of the local gym, who was a policeman as far as I knew, who saw me looking and glared.

A couple days later Goldsmith was reported missing, by a flat mate who had not seen him for several days .. In 2006 I contacted Queensland Police Missing Persons, and told them I had information re this young man's disappearance, the woman to whom I was directed said her name was Clair, then got bitchy and hung up.

Ringing back she would provide no further information, like her full name and police rank, when I protested she got bitchy and hung up again, I went in to Police HQ in Brisbane the next day and told them I wished to report a sighting, the police at the desk told me to get out.

The height of cynicism.. This poster has recently appeared in Sydney Street New Farm, adjacent to Mr Goldsmith's previous residence!

Steven Goldsmith is said, by the Editor @ Rebel News, to have been a Jew .. his disappearance appears to be ground work for future charges, that Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn becuz they were Jews!

Madeleine McCann abduction breakthru - In the eyes of Sophie Moon

Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia Da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007

Sophie Moon makes porno movies in Portugal with Viv Thomas .. We are gonna say the reflection in the girls eyes, indicate both shots were taken in the same studio, maybe the VT ppl should be answering questions!

911 Australia - TerrorGrĂĽppe Kurzberg - The Lowy Silverstein Pizza Connection ..Woodledoodledoo!

Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who rose to prominence after being arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack, in their words to "document the event," had all been residents of Brisbane Australia!

Shmuel had been a regular sight in the New Farm shopping precinct thru most of the 1990's, while the Kurzberg boys moved into Heal Street NF at around the same time, precocious teenagers on bikes .. see if they are so precocious when I get 'em onto the gallows!

Michael Mukasey pictured at right above, is another Ziotalmudist terrorist that has recently been seen in New Farm .. He was the New York Judge who awarded Larry Silverstein billion$ in insurance payments, who became US Attorney General in the latter stages of the GW Bush administration, who endorsed the use of torture against the same innocent ppl who were blamed for the 911 attacks

More evidence that Brisbane has become a haven for international criminals and a hub for terrorism, remember the Jews control all security at all airports Australia wide, they can land plane loads of mercenaries anywhere they like any time they like!!

Brisbane Murder File: Murder in Stafford

Saturday morning in 1971, I ran into Mick Comodromus and two girls he was with, they needed a ride back some kilometers to take the girls home after a late night.

Driving up Stafford Road I was supposed to turn left at a set of traffic lights and turned left at the first intersection instead, then drove past an unattended Police car parked with its windows down on the opposite kerb! The girls had told me as soon as I turned that I was on the wrong road, it was too narrow to do a U Turn, so I had driven on looking for somewhere to turn.

Past the police car the road petered out and I entered a vacant block that appeared to back onto a creek, someone had placed a row of about eight or nine light wooden fruit boxes in a semi circle nearly blocking the way. A Holden sedan was parked twenty meters to the right, while another Holden Station Wagon was parked straight ahead by the trees.

A man carrying a rifle who I recognized as the manager of the National Hotel, walked up and shot the man behind the wheel of the Holden Station Wagon parked by the trees!

He was a local boy who had attached transfers right over a previous Holden Wagon he had, the last time I saw him was in the Royal George Hotel near here, he told me that he did not drive that wagon anymore he was a nice guy and was a bit depressed, I told him that I liked the transfer job he had done from the minute I saw it!

The time before I had gone to the National Hotel which was a great place where thousands of Brisbane's young ppl went, and where marriages often came about.

Young men were required to wear a tie, and as long as you were well dressed you could "hire a tie," the dude that was the manager had a big box of them and for two bucks you would place one around your neck, and if you never returned the tie he kept the dough .. Everybody had a good collection of National Hotel ties!

This night I had a tie on and went in, I knew the guy and he was the friendliest dude everyone knew, Police Inspector Tony Murphy was abusing him solidly as I walked in .. I returned a couple minutes later and the poor guy was totally stressed out!

File shot of  "The Nash"

Teen Girls Murdered near Sydney 1968 - Parramatta Jail escape - Melville Schnitzerling aka Russell "Mad Dog" Cox!!

In 1968 a prisoner allegedly escaped from Parramatta Prison in New South Wales by climbing over the wall, the entire city was on lock down as police scoured the region in a fruitless search, while the news media went on about how fit and agile he was..

Melville Schnitzerling aka Russell "Mad Dog" Cox

That was about Wednesday, the following Saturday I was in an Army vehicle traveling from Liverpool to Scheyville along the Parramatta Richmond Road .. after passing two teenage girls riding bikes in the same direction, and then past a prison work gang slashing scrub on the left.

A beige Mazda sedan with a family of about four coming toward us from the other direction, was flagged down by a man who came out of the trees on the left side of the road, the Mazda stopped and presumably the driver told him there was no room in the car!

Our bus passed the Mazda going toward Parramatta, and when we drew level to where the man had been there was no sight of him .. later that day on the evening news was a report that two girls on bikes had been murdered on the same road.

We say the prisoner who had allegedly escaped had after remaining concealed inside the prison, had mingled with a work gang that was leaving for scrub clearing, who then absconded when the prison bus arrived at the site .. we say  Schnitzerling / Cox was the prisoner who had allegedly escaped days before, that he was man at the side of the road and that he murdered both girls!

Mushroom Cloud at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor!



At 1 minute 44 seconds the narrator says that post Earthquake an explosion disabled the emergency diesel powered generator, only after that the Tsunami hit .. Don't it resonate with Willie Rodriguez testimony that there were explosions at the WTC before the first air strike!

The pic shows a mushroom cloud rising above the Fukushima Daiichi reactor .. there is no way either a hydrogen explosion or a meltdown could produce such an effect.

When hydrogen gas explodes the blast produces a sheet of flame, as the hydrogen atoms each combine with two oxygen atoms to produce water, unless the explosion occurs in a confined space, whence extra material is either flung around or is set on fire or detonated by the initial blast, there is no shrapnel and no smoke.

In a nuclear reactor uranium fuel rods that remain stable in correct storage, are put together to make a “nuclear pile” which will increase in temperature exponentially of its own volition, unless cooled or separated. Sodium is exposed to the pile which becomes a radioactive liquid, that is passed thru pipe nests in heat exchangers to heat 2nd batch non radioactive sodium.

That goes thru second round exchangers that heat water to make steam that drives the Power Station’s turbines, which turn generators to produce electricity. In a meltdown the flow of coolant delivered to the reactor core is interrupted, which unless the pile is reduced and the system isolated, becomes a run away or uncontrolled process that leads to meltdown.

The welds the heat exchangers get over stressed and crack, makes a soup of radioactive and non radioactive liquid sodium and high pressure steam, the resultant explosion reduces the reactor to wreckage, and releases a cloud of highly radioactive steam into the atmosphere.

At no time is a mushroom cloud produced like the one in the shot .. says there was a missile strike, like the missile strikes on the WTC and at the Pentagon on 911.

Trade Unionists murdered in Queensland Australia - Vale Norm Foorde & Mark Redding


Norman Foorde disappeared in 1979, newspapers of the day said he was murdered because he 'yapped' too much, re a bank robbery that had taken place at Murwillumbah in New South Wales, which was said to have netted several million dollars.

Keith Briggs turned up in Brisbane with a union book from the Melbourne branch of the union, sometime before 1972, Foorde's last known words were to other residents of his boarding house, that he was off to see 'Stewie'.

The scab Ian Stuart Bridges, nee Briggs did a heap of time in Pentridge Prison, while in prison he formed an acquaintanceship with Foorde, he had ceased by that time to use the moniker Ian preferring to use his middle name shortened to Stewie.

When his brother arrived in Brisbane with a crook union book and a desire to establish a new identity, he began using Ian's commonly used name Stewie, changed Briggs to Bridges thus Stewie Bridges came into being, however work on the docks was not up his alley so he returned to his trade which was plumber.

He did not however cease his association with the union, he was seldom seen in the workplace but was a daily attendee at the union rooms, as were any union men that wanted to go to work, and an army of "outies," non union members who were temporarily inducted into the union for employment, when all the union men that wanted to go to work had jobs.

Thus the scheme was that the union was always kept under manned, thus trainees called outsiders shortened to outies, would make up the shortfall, which meant that any man and his dog who turned up, no matter what his background would in his turn go to work, if he had the will to keep turning up.

No man was ever turned away, or was ever denied the opportunity to gain honest employment in this fashion, thus many people from the prison system or the mental health system, with little or no training or work experience, found their way into the workforce via the docks.

Periodically the union would "open the books," inducting the most experienced outsiders into the union, countless men gained confidence and self esteem in this way, including oneself..

When Foorde, who was an outie, disappeared the police questioned Stewie Bridges, he says he was grilled by then Assistant Commissioner for Crime Tony Murphy, the same officer Jim Finch said had persuaded him to bomb the Whisky Au Go Go night club, he said he knew nothing and was never charged.

We believe that the Stewie Foorde was off to see was in fact lan Stuart Briggs, who had arrived at the docks in Brisbane in the late seventies, unable to use the name Stewie, his brother had appropriated he resumed calling himself lan and he too changed Briggs to Bridges, still known as Stewie by Foorde however,

The police questioned the wrong brother, it was the two card trick as well since the yapping that Foorde did re the Mur'bah bank job was to the police, who were crooks and who tipped off whomsoever told him, Ian Bridges it seems.

Suggesting that K. Briggs got wind of what went on at Mur'bah via his own criminal connections, he passed that on to his brother, who passed it on to Foorde, who passed both it and its source ie I Briggs on to the police, who passed back to Briggs that Foorde had informed on him, whereupon he passed down to Foorde that he desired his company, and when he came over murdered him.

In 2009 we received phone calls from Arthur Redding's daughter and from Brian Cosh, a scab former member of this union, attempting to coerce a change of policy in relation to the disappearance of Mark Redding .. Both were put on notice that they were on the wrong side of a capital murder investigation, and would be called as witnesses.

Mark Redding was struck by a motorcycle as he was crossing Main Street Kangaroo Point in about 1981, when he was ten years old, he suffered severe head injuries which left his speech slurred and affected his gait, through the normal course of events he made a third party claim against the motorcycle's insurer, and was awarded some seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation.

In 1990 Joe Plunkett, who Ian Bridges had buggered with a broom handle in 1988, in an attack carried out on union premises by three members of the Union's Steerage Committee, said Mark, who was his nephew was missing, said he had not been seen for about a week and was very distressed.

Joe said he had gone into a sports car yard and had priced a couple of vehicles, then had rung his mother saying that he wanted to obtain some of his compensation money to purchase a car, Joe said no communication had been received since.

When one stated that perhaps the young man was with friends since he had only been gone a few days and it may not be entirely out of character for him to be a bit sulky, particularly if his mother had refused to entertain the notion that he should be buying an expensive sports car, Joe shook his head.

At work a bit later one runs into Artie, Joes brother and Marks dad, with all the very best intentions one asked questions .. Arthur said that the sports car yard was no longer the last place Mark was seen, and that witnesses had seen the young man in company on a train on the evening of the day he had gone to the car yard, that he said he proposed to go to a party with some people he met that day .. A most sinister development one supposed.

Later maybe a couple of weeks one is working with Artie again, asking if there was any news, he says Mark was positively identified by bar staff at a pub some place in the Four Rivers Shire, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, that he was in the company of an older man who was distinguished by being short, well dressed and well spoken.

One conjectured that this person was a murderer who had enticed the young man from the party .. Arthur says maybe not, says there is a lot of money involved, since once Mark was declared dead the seven hundred G's would revert to his care, said the police had told him that he should get a lawyer, since he was well spoken, well dressed, below average height and appeared to have a motive to murder his son, making him the prime suspect.

In the union rooms one asked John Burke, who knew the young fellow well, whether the injuries he sustained in the accident had a particularly visible affect, at this point Ian Bridges chimed in obsequious in his denial that Mark was impaired, pressing the point one says all the news reports stated he was severely physically impaired, "no no no" he says, Burke says he was.

I reckon Bridges murdered him at his old man's behest. And the aborted trial for murder of a young man allegedly in possession of an item of Marks clothing he apparently found on a river bank, was a sham organized by crook lawyers in for their cut of the money.

Sweeney Todd Brisbane - Go to see Doctor Peter O'Hara if you wanna finish up dead!

Sweeney Todd was fictional character who appeared in 18th century "Penny Dreadful" stories .. A killer barber who operated in London's Fleet Street, his barber's chair had a trip switch whence those who went in for a haircut and shave were dispatched, gutted and boned before their flesh was baked into pies, to be sold to an unsuspecting public by a female accomplice.

So I go to the doctor, cancerous lesions caused by exposure to toxic chemical agents during the Vietnam war appear intermittently .. the broads at the local surgery caused trouble with their bad manners and flashing eyes, banned from there and going further afield I meet Doctor Peter O'Hara, his stable of broads appear to have a similar mindset with bad manners going on to filth.

When I get inside he says that he kills patients, not real happy with that I stick to details and he prescribes some stuff to rub on, it does a pretty good job, since it can only be obtained with a Doctors Prescription, when I run out ring back to make another appointment.

Meeting O'Hara again in a different location, since the place I last saw him at South Brisbane went under a meter of water in the recent floods, he squirts some liquid nitrogen on a few lesions while I tell him I need some more of the medicine, he starts to write out the script then says he is too busy what with patients waiting and all, says he will make the prescription and send it out in the mail.

A week later still it had not arrived - Ringing back, when I tell her that I will bus out there to get the prescription, the broad who answers the phone says she will have to make another appointment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs agree that the trouble was caused while on war service and they have agreed to foot the bill, O'Hara had already billed them for one visit, whence all I got was shabby manners on top of the death threat he had made during the previous visit, I tell her that I have a problem re his original disclosure that he kills ppl.

She bursts into loud laughter over the phone .. I say that maybe he was trying to intimidate me, and that he is the last person I would wish to see at any time, except that he has been convicted of capital murder thence to swing at the gallows. She hangs up, the lesions have remained untreated and are still bleeding.

My policy remains to prosecute all killers, abortioners and euthanasia specialists under the capital provisions of the law, would not Peter O'Hara be hanged along with his accomplices the same way as poor fictional Sweeney Todd!

True Australian Crime: The rape and murder of Judith & Susan Mackay

1999 Queensland Australia, a Mister Brown in Townsville was prosecuted for the August 1970 rape and murder of Judith and Susan Mackay, aged five and seven years .. Article from "The Australian" October 21 1999

Brisbane Sunday Mail 5 September 1993

I had been to the police since 1993 re this matter and told them Bob Foreman was constant in his boasting that he and no other had committed this crime, Mr Brown’s solicitor was a woman named Lisa Macnamara.

Contacting her, she said that since Bob Foreman’s name is not Bob Foreman and we do not know what his right name is, we obviously are unable to proceed, I had told her it was the name he used at work,

And had been the name he used as a professional boxer, that he does not deny that both he and his car were at the crime scene the day the children died, and that he fits the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop on the morning of the day they disappeared.

Nevertheless she insisted brusquely and with superb woman’s logic, she would be unable to proceed further on that point and hung up the phone, when I contacted his barrister a Mark Donnelly in Townsville, he pooh poohed it all and then he hung up the phone.

The jury in Mr Brown’s trial threw the crown case out finding him not guilty, after a petrol station attendant who saw the girls crying in a car the day they disappeared in company with a man who stopped to get fuel, positively stated that Mr Brown was not the driver.

Feedback: Peter Hansen at the Brisbane Sunday Mail who wrote the "Union Grass" story above, says that Bob Foreman rang him saying he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him!

In 1978 Bob Foreman aggressively declared interest regarding the deaths of Judith and Susan Mackay aged five and seven years, raped and murdered near Townsville in 1970, in 1987 in the P&D’s union rooms at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane he declared he had been questioned by the police regarding this crime on two separate occasions,

A witness had recalled seeing a car subsequently identified as his, parked unattended on August 26 1970 the day the children disappeared, near where their bodies were found at Antill Creek midday on August 28.

Foreman said he told the police he had lent the car to another man that day who had suffered mechanical breakdown at that spot, that fellow Foreman said, had telephoned him from a pub near there telling him of the breakdown,

He said he walked to the spot and found the car but not the man, he went to the pub and conversed with the female bar attendant, claiming he still had not found the man to whom he had allegedly lent the car, he said he walked back to the car got it going and drove away.

In 1987 the day after he told that tale, in the union rooms in precisely the same circumstances and in the same company as the previous day, he launched into the same story.. his face was hideously contorted and a ghastly light shone from his eyes,

He was thrusting with his pelvis, and hauling with his arms in a terrible parody of the sex act, he hooted and hollered and repeated the word tight, “tight ..whhoo tight,” thrusting and hauling, “whhoo tight..” one concluded he had done it alright.

Question: Why did you not go to the police when he first boasted of the crime in 1978.

Reply: Because it was at work on a union job, he had been infiltrated into the union for this very purpose, they were thinning out the members with murder and would lay baits, then anyone going to the police would be turned back into the original source for killing.

I call it the "Two Card Trick," vale union member Norm Forde, he had “yapped” to the police re a 1979 multi million dollar bank heist in Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

He got turned in to the scabs who were the original source who had infiltrated the union, the Briggs boys know all about the Mur’bah job and both use the name Stewie, Foorde’s last recorded words were that was he was, "going ’round to Stewie’s place."

Video: David Icke says - Satanism and human sacrifice took place at Sandringham and Balmoral, residences of the British Royals



Prinzowhales @ CBS August 15, 2007 4:56 PM EDT, in response to banter re video showing the unlawful "short haircut" of an American hostage in Iraq, says, "the blood?--I've been soaked by geysers from femorals--whatever they cut, it wasn't the carotid of a living human being."                  

Ed: More information please!

Terrorism Alert - Target Brisbane Australia - 5 March 2011

There could be a connection here, posters advertising a pop music spectacular Brisbane Australia 5 March 2011, resemble in every way those that appeared in Bali Indonesia, whence terror bombs killed hundreds of civilians 12 October 2002.


In a False Flag attack that was blamed on Moslem extremists, which upon closer examination was found to be the work of Zionists.

Terrorists in Business suits: 2002 Bali bombing retro..

2002 Bali Bombings: Israeli Micro Nuke Blamed! - Joe Vialls 13 February 2003

Prinzowhales @ CBS - Hundreds  of posts by the heir to the throne, all decrying the 911 attacks as a Zion sponsored False Flag op., and lamenting the treachery of the entire mainstream political lobby world wide!

Exerpts: Michelle Obama is a lying racist low life just like her husband, who despite repeated opportunities has refused to explain why for twenty years he remained an officer in a church based on Cone''s black liberation theology, which held that if a religion did not aid in the destruction of the white enemy, it should be cast aside.

Obama has sworn fealty to Israel - His campaign manager Axelrod, is tied to the Israeli agent Rahm Emmanuel, the Israeli Defence Force veteran who is a Representative for a district in Chicago, who ran the Congressional Election campaign for the Democrats, and made sure that anti war candidates didn't get the support from the party.

Obama's foreign policy handler Ziggy Brzezinski thought that America needed a new Pearl Harbor to rally people to war, he got it on 9-11, when elements in the Regime and their Israeli accomplices carried out the false flag attack on America.

McCain''s drug-addled wife is the daughter of major player in the Kemper Marley mob in Arizona, were major beneficiaries of Prohibition, Americans enjoy drinking pi*s, almost as much as standing in the yellow rain. Vote McCain, Clinton or Obama...Keep a Rockefeller arse-puppet as your leader.

 9-11 was an inside job! The biggest conspiracy theory is the official fable of 9-11 in which 19 Arabs who could not fly jetliners, seven of whom are still living, rammed planes into the WTC and Pentagon. The FBI has admitted that they have no case against bin Laden for 9-11...they don''t even want him for it on their website.

They cleaned up around the Kennedy assassination...they cleaned up around the Clintons... around OKC...These people murdered a police officer...Officer Yeakey who knew too much and was looking too closely at the real perpetrators of the April 19 attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Before World War I was launched, the bankers needed a credit mechanism to create the credit necessary to wage the war...and, conveniently, they also passed a Income Tax Amendment to give the power to the banker regime the ability to tax incomes, to pay for the ''loans'' that Uncle Sucker would need to wage war.

Look at the lowest income earners in America, the bulk of whose income goes to food, transportation and housing...the official inflation figures...like the official story of 9-11, comes from the same crock of feces...yet this Regime promotes free trade with nations whose daily wages are less than the hourly wages of our workers.

Why are we at war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why does the CIA need to try and fly 5.5 tons of cocaine into the United States? How can you lose 1.7 trillion dollars, as Donald Rumsfeld said the Pentagon had on September 10, 2001?

You can't help liking the guy!

The Mountain Meadows Massacre - Utah Territory 1857

Around 140 Oregon bounders slaughtered by the Mormons ..none of the official accounts mentions the photographer!


Scab ship Pacific Guardian

The Day of the Scab

The Painters and Dockers Union, Queensland Branch had been infiltrated by scabs led by Zionist Izzy Wyner secretary of the Sydney Branch, who had brought Lebanese and Palestinian war criminals fresh from the killing fields, and inserted them into Australian's jobs on the docks.

The same Zionist clique that was then and still is in control of Australian politics, had via their control of the press and news dissemination apparatus, endorsed as Prime Ministers the scabs Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, whose 1988 legislation provided de registration for unions with less than 10,000 members.

The scab clique that was in control in Brisbane, led by Wyner protege Ray Winning, had similarly infiltrated scabs into the union that had been recruited off the street, or via the prison system or from other unions, notably the Waterside Workers Federation and the Seaman's Union of Australia, who were rewarded as scabs with jobs, who supported the push within the union that had surrendered to the Hawke / Keating legislation, which would effectively de unionize the docks.

Members Ron Chapman and Les Batkin both vocal opponents of de registration, were murdered in 1987 within days of each other during the height of debate within the union re the future of the operation, another member was set upon in the union hall and beaten then raped with a broom handle, by three of the same scabs that had been recruited as standover men, who were from the union's management committee.

Winning drank and smoked himself to death in 1992, whence I was elected Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union, my first act was to expel the remainder of the entire membership as scabs.

They had worked, on or remained silent or both, after I had been sacked 15 July 1991, after refusing to work with a scab Fijian seaman on the British registered ship Pacific Guardian, who had been impressed into service driving a ship's stores hoist, to complete a job begun by a dockyard crane driver who was on strike at the behest of his union.. Bob Mason and John Burke were scab President and VP, during the scabbing and murder operations within the union.


Strange Western Australian satellite images appear to show scalar interferometry

America and an Israeli nuclear 911 - By Gordon Duff, September 15, 2010
Is America's Military Prepared for the Israeli Threat of a Nuclear 9/11:

By Gordon Duff Senior Editor:

For years, America’s military has been divided, competent military professionals and patriots on one side and Christian Zionists, loyal to Israel and addicted to a propaganda “dreamworld” on the other.

Americans sat, on 9/11, with their military “asleep at the switch,” their president in a daze and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, perhaps out of confusion, we may never know, talking about airliners being shot down and the Pentagon being attacked by missiles.

Yes, he said these things, things he couldn’t “unsay” but things the press showed once and quickly buried. Something terribly wrong happened, something years in planning, but not planned in a cave in Afghanistan. Everywhere investigators look, one thing pops up, Israel. The moment that door is opened, it is slammed shut, often with threats, often with more than threats.

We may never know the full extent of the brutality used against those who have spoken up. We know that Arab leaders can be assassinated anywhere, any time. America will remain silent and the news will always support Israel. Israel owns the news.

What about the “suicide” British scientist Dr. David Kelly, the man responsible for moving the Israeli nukes out of South Africa? Reliable sources tell us he was ready to come forward with the facts about a massive political scandal, a cover-up of lost nuclear weapons, blackmail and bribery.

Do we really believe that there are so many unlucky United States senators? Crashes of small aircraft has done more to control the US Senate than any election, control used to set the stage for a generation of wars. With AIPAC capable of buying any election, capable, willing and doing it, not an American organization at all but a lobby for a foreign government,

One that likes America “not so much” as we are lead to believe, is representative government in the United States dead? When someone swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, is it meaningless when the government itself is no longer “American?

Control of America, or, more appropriately, control of America’s vast military, tired and worn as it is, represents the key to ruling the world. Fooling the people, buying the government and duping America’s military through infiltrating every level of critical decision making and communications is a task, not only attempted but one long since accomplished.

Problem is, even with, not only control of the press, but powerful news organizations directly under foreign control like Fox News, word is getting out.

The American people are afraid, they see disaster coming. Everyone is waiting to see what city is chosen to be sacrificed, will it be Phoenix or Sacramento or perhaps Atlanta? This is the real fear, the “not so secret” fear in the heart of every American. When and if it happens, Americans are not so willing to believe a few goat herds in a cave 8000 miles away planned it, not anymore,

Why do you think Senator Lieberman has demanded a “kill switch” on the internet? Why do you think “censorship czar” Cass Sunstein has asked to have accusations of Israeli complicity in 9/11 made a criminal act and openly advocated infiltration of groups pushing for an honest investigation. Who is the real “conspiracy theorist” now?

With thousands of of military and intelligence officials, retirees openly, others hiding their rage, aware of the decades of Israeli spying and the 9/11 cover-up, this divide has never been so strong. What we don’t know is how many serving today have the personal courage to speak out openly. Now the threat is nuclear weapons, not just a “shoebox dirty bomb” but full sized nukes,

The weapons we have been hunting for years, claiming Saddam was prepared to use them “at 45 minutes notice,” the same nukes “sent to Syria by ambulance.” They could be anywhere and anyone could be ready to use one. There is only one possible culprit capable of doing this, however, only one country with something to gain and the willingness to act.

We have hundreds of nuclear warheads and missiles that can reach different targets in the heart of the European continent, including beyond the borders of Rome, the Italian capital… our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. Israeli military historian, Martin van Creveld.

Today, America may be facing the nuclear holocaust Creveld describes and there is no reason to trust that our military, intelligence and law enforcement, the dozens of agencies, bureaus and commands tasked with defending America are willing to do so if the attack comes from Israel.

In fact, some leaders, even a former head of the Department of Homeland Security, could be on a list of those that might be one of the America’s greatest terrorist threats.. how can perceptions differ so much?

Morons or "Masters of the Universe."

If perceptions are based on information and that information is pure propaganda, consistent, continual and skillfully presented, not only in news format, reinforced in movies, television series and anyone publicly questioning the “message “is attacked and destroyed, and they are, perceptions can be assumed to be false.

Thus, the general basis for the public’s ideas about who Israel is, what Zionism advocates and what Islam is really about will be unreliable. When you add control of universities, all academic publishing and even total disruption of free speech, the most extreme ideas can be accepted as fact. They have been.

A substantial evidentiary trail exists that places Israel’s possible involvement in 9/11 on the table, with dozens of suspects questioned, and more and more of the “facts” about 9/11 now proving, as with the Kennedy assassinations, to be lies.

Real theories, not “conspiracy” tell us that 9/11 was planned to get America to attack Iraq, part of Israel’s long term strategy for the region, leaving them, not only the only nuclear power, but an armed aggressor afloat in a sea of broken nations occupied by American troops, troops who take orders from politicians who take orders from Israel.

However, after the massive Bush administration blunders in Iraq and Afghanistan and the virtual destruction of a military incapable of sustaining a decade long war, the planned Israeli attack using American troops, again, isn’t moving forward as we all know it was planned to.

This time, after America was so badly burned, pushed by the Bush security team, almost all Israeli citizens, many of them still around, running America for Obama, into two insane “Vietnams” it will take more than 3000 murders. With the “duping of America” over 9/11 coming unraveled, something horrendous is in the planning. There is an obvious next step and it has to be nuclear.

Anything less would bring an outcry against Israel immediately. Only the “unthinkable” combined with a strong public relations campaign and a cover story with a “do it yourself” terrorist group, like so many of the “just add water” terrorist organizations the Mossad has organized for just such an occasion, will sell the lie, this and the press, not just in America but the other real voice of Israel, the BBC.

The stories about the mobile labs, the “yellow cake” uranium were lies, pap fed to a willing and complicit press. However, the threats are real but how does America protect herself when those tasked with that duty turn a blind eye to the biggest threat. In 1967, Israel was allowed to kill or wound 201 of 296 Americans on the USS Liberty.

Surviving crewmen are still threatened by Israeli security for speaking up, as Philip Tourney and his wife will gladly tell you. Captain McGonagle, who won the Medal of Honor working to save his crew from hours of brutal attacks, cried out for justice to his dying day. The American military stood silent as it did on 9/11, as it did on that day in 1967 and as it may have done many times since.

Those among America’s military in 1967, those willing to send the planes from the carrier Forrestal to bomb Egypt on behalf of Israel received the thanks of a grateful nation. Too bad that nation was not the United States of America.

We will never know for sure, what secrets are stolen, what weapons given, what enemies aided, what American interests betrayed. With dozens of organizations demanding 9/11 be investigated and the lowest estimate of those who no longer believe the cover story at 30%, not a single active duty military officer,

Not one member of congress nor a single member of the mainstream press has said a word about it. How can thousands of prominent Americans demand that their country begin defending itself and it be covered up? Who has that power?

America has lost at least 6 nuclear weapons since 1990, maybe more, not Russia or some “breakaway republic,” once part of the Soviet Union. 3 were American hydrogen bombs off Somalia, no longer usable but with enough plutonium in them to build many fission weapons. 3 more were part of 9 produced by Israel in South Africa back in the 80s, all supposedly sent to America for dismantling.

Three of the containers were filled with concrete blocks. They had been consigned to “friends of Israel” for shipment and were stolen from an unguarded facility in Oman after having been abandoned for months. This would be a wild claim if we hadn’t interviewed those involved in the project and been made privy to a well documented and detailed history of the operation.

These “unattributable” nukes have only one purpose, to be used in a terrorist attack on the United States, a “false flag” attack, to drive America to attack Iran and Pakistan.

How many loyal Americans, FBI, Homeland Security and other agencies are searching the nation, warehouses, ports, looking for the blue 20 foot shipping containers? How many “dual citizens” are tasked with some other purpose? Are our “protectors” really “ours” or do they work for the same pack that bought our congress? Will we find out when a mushroom cloud appears over one of our cities?

Today, America is facing the biggest threat since World War 2. Nothing will be in the news, nothing will ever be in the news, not the truth anyway. When it happens, the news will be ready, like on 9/11 when it was called on to talk Arabs and box cutters, a childish conspiracy theory millions still believe.

It was ready to talk weapons of mass destruction and when that turned out to be a lie, it was ready to sit silent for its complicity in war crimes. “War crimes” seems like a harsh term but the definition fits. Invading Iraq on, not a whim, but a series of lies orchestrated by a criminal conspiracy is a war crime.

Less obvious to many, the takeover of Afghanistan as a drug production facility or a base for destabilizing Pakistan or an operation center for gas pipelines, whichever reason you choose, was justified by lies as serious as those used to justify Iraq.


For those who follow such things, real leaks are proving two things:

[*]Osama bin Laden never stopped working for the Central Intelligence Agency and their “regional affiliates.”

[*]Bin Laden was murdered to silence him after 9/11 just as Benzir Bhutto was murdered to silence her.


Real news never reaches America, news that shows terrorism, corporate banditry and the biggest drug cartel in history, tied to American allies, some Muslim but one worse than all combined, Israel. Even today, the mythology of “threatened” Israel and the rockets raining down on their cities, all imagination, is still believed by many in our military.

When 9/11 came, be it radio controlled planes, missiles, controlled demolition, our military was on “stand down,” ordered to let the attacks move forward and then roll across the Middle East, an Army hijacked by Israel to help them start their long planned world conquest. Today, America basks in defeat and humiliation and Israel laughs.

We have continual debates about religion in the military. Should Christian sects be able to force troops to prayer? Is America a Christian nation, is this what the founding fathers meant? What if, lets say, these sects were not loyal to the United States but rather constituted a national threat?

What if their power in the military was that great, part of a systematic infiltration of the military through an extremist take-over of the chaplain’s services and eventually admissions and curriculum of the service academies themselves? What else could explain the total silence we have seen when torture, kidnapping, illegal invasions and “stand downs” to allow terrorist attacks are the norm.

Those in the military that feel, as Christians, they are tied to Israel, have lost their minds. Islam and Judaism are much closer than Christianity and Judaism. With the advent of the trinity, both Jews and Muslims see Christians as, not only polytheistic, worshiping 3 gods, not one, but idolaters as well. To both Jews and Muslims, these issues alone are enough to make Christianity an enemy.

Islam, a religion totally based on Judaism, an Abrahamic faith, built on the foundation of the books of Moses, sees itself as a reform movement stressing moral values as outlined in the Koran and the teachings of the prophet, Mohammad (peace be on him).
To a Christian with a real education, the struggle between the Jews and Muslims is a “family matter.” Jews are the beloved children of Islam who have yet to accept the reforms that defined the true religion. We must remember, without Judaism and g-d’s covenant with Israel, there would be no Islam.

Christianity is seen as a Hellenistic bastardization of biblical teachings watered down to sell to the pagan Roman empire. You won’t hear it, not publicly, but it is exactly what is taught to every student, Jew, Muslim, this is their belief.

Muslims have “jihad” and Jews were chosen by g-d to rule the world. 90% of the most serious accusations each makes of the other are, actually, part of the religion of both, only Jews are much better at public relations. After all, they own 90% of the world’s media, print, broadcast, even much of the internet.

How do we trust military leaders who don’t know that “goyim” means “cattle?” If you are “cattle” and you believe those who see you as such are your best friends, you are not dealing with reality. Perhaps we should teach The Scorpion and the Toad at West Point. This should be the start of the first day’s lecture on America’s Strategic Security in the 21st Century:
The scorpion, in the course of a long journey, encounters a river. The scorpion cannot swim and so he is momentarily stymied until he spies the toad, on the opposite river bank. “Toad!” the scorpion calls out, “will you please let me ride on your back to the other side of the river because, you see, I cannot swim.”

No way,” replied the toad, “if I let you ride on my back you will sting me!” To which the scorpion replied, “But if I am riding on your back and I sting you then we will both die because I cannot swim.” After thinking on it for a moment or two the toad agrees, swims over to the opposite bank of the river where the scorpion jumps onto his back and he turns to swim to the other side.

When the toad, with the scorpion riding on his back, gets to the middle of the river, the scorpion stings him. “Scorpion!” Exclaimed the toad, “Why did you sting me? Now we both die.. Because it is in my nature.” Was the scorpion’s response.

Should we be sick of watching our troops walk through poppy fields, knowing the heroin being produced is destroying the United States, filling our prisons but, at the same time, filling the pockets of, well who? Who is getting a cut of the $65 billion dollars a year earned from the partnership in Afghanistan.

Israel is the money end, the CIA does transportation, the Afghan government runs production, but who does distribution? Do the planes really land on military bases? We have already found bales of cash leaving Afghanistan heading for Dubai.

This is only a small part of the money involved. It is this money, combined with the billions we give Israel, the billions they take out of the American economy through control of the Federal Reserve System (a quasi-governmental scheme of banks with Rothschild lineage that control America) that makes it impossible to get honest news, elect honest politicians and even trust our own military.

In fact, a large majority of Americans openly admit, on every opinion poll, that they don’t trust our congress, our president or any American institution. Nobody asks them why. Would they know? Is it because a foreign country controls our banks, our news, our congress, our military , our foreign policy? Is it because the only reason politics exist in America is so the greedy can line up at the trough, not caring who is pouring the slop, as long as they get theirs first.

No American has a clue where President Obama came from. Many believe he is foreign born, many more think he is Muslim and some believe he is a space alien. In 250 years, documents will be declassified that will either prove or disprove that former President Bush belonged in prison, not the White House, guilty of, not AWOL (absent without leave) but desertion during wartime.

There is no reasonable doubt of his guilt, only that he used his power to prevent arrest and prosecution. After 9/11, no more questions were asked, and no more witness had to receive new homes, fat government jobs or have mysterious heart attacks.
For the Bush years, it was made clear that a military career had to be built on loyalty to Israel, even though their nuclear arsenal and their ethnic cleansing of Palestine are the root of every conflict confronting America today. There is no military alliance with Israel. America has no potential enemies. In fact, every nation in the region is either controlled by the United States, occupied or frightened to death.

Iran trying to stand against America is the equivalent of Denmark standing against Hitler’s blitzkrieg. The view of the state of affairs taught our military is childishly stupid. How many of our military leaders are childishly stupid also?


Ed: Aticle reproduced in the interests of public safety!

Islam for Singles

My grandmother told me I was a Jew, my parents said I was a Catholic .. I looked around for something else and took up with Islam, at about age thirty two, thirty two years ago.

Hitler in Argentina

Nukes at the WTC on 911

A missile struck the WTC moments after the air strike on the South Tower, however a gif animation titled the Japanese Object and the lack of smoke, or any plume of dust on the NY skyline at the appropriate time, muddied the waters!

Looks like he never died in the Feuhrer Bunker in Berlin in 1945 after all!


An outdoor market with St. Peter’s Church, Munich - Adolph Hitler 1976

See the figure lower left as H dancing in the street, adjacent to the gate of Auschwitz.

Shotgun and Standover - by James Morton & Russell Robinson

The Story of the Painters and Dockers

Before he turned to writing full time, James Morton was a London lawyer specializing in criminal defense work, he is the author of over thirty books dealing mainly with organized crime. Russell Robinson is an award winning investigative reporter at the Herald Sun, Melbourne.

Ed: James Morton says in his book Dangerous to Know, "Xenophon Zervos - Brisbane Painter and Docker shot dead 26 March 1986," which is a mixture of truth and fiction, since Mr Zervos was indeed shot dead, however he was in fact a Brisbane restaurateur!


Morton came here in 2009 after Robinson rang and arranged for a telephone interview, we told him of the struggle that was underway on the docks, and gave him a copy of the 2001 Union Journal, below is what we had to say about Xenophon Zervos..


Item: Xenophon Zervos was shot dead as he was getting into his car at his home in the Brisbane suburb of Holland Park, on the early morning of March 26 1986, in 1988 Constable Butler told the Fitzgerald Inquiry, an inquiry into police malfeasance formed on the initiative of Bill Gunn, then Police Minister and Deputy Premier.

That Mr. Zervos was the victim of professional assassins, recruited from the Dockers Union by police to murder another policeman, a Detective Constable Salvatore Di Carlo, Butler alleges the murderers went to the wrong address, and fired on a man whose fate was the random result of human error.

And that Di Carlo was on the wrong side of his workmates, because investigations he was proceeding with were sensitive, and involved a firebombing at a Fortitude Valley nightclub in 1973 in which fifteen people died.

Mr. Zervos was it appears, related by marriage to Salvatore Di Carlo, in which case the plot is somewhat thicker than it would otherwise have been, had that not been the case.

Di Carlo's lot has prospered, he has gone from undercover copper, where his role was allegedly to infiltrate criminal society, gain the confidence and the friendship of any lonely poor stiff he could, then fix him up with criminal charges.

Now it's Sammy Di Carlo Barrister at Law, who, until he instituted a policy of omerta toward the jolly old Dockies Union, was quite a source of knowledge.

Sammy there is a stone in my shoe about the whole thing, particularly about threats broadcast re Merv Collins, that Merv was a stone in somebody's shoe re the Zervos thing.

Ed: Merv turned up dead from a highly suspicious overdose of heroin in 1994, for the fact that Morton decided to change things around, surely leaves him open to be prosecuted as a false witness in the matter of a capital murder investigation.



Calling for President Obama to be prosecuted as a capital offender is not a threat, it is because of his lack of response to hard evidence that the Jews, including his chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel, are heavily implicated in both the planning and execution of the 911 attacks, and the subsequent cover up.

No threats at all, and since it is drone attack aircraft under his orders, that are carrying out terror attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan etccc, in supposed response to the 911 attacks, the Jews and the Jew press blamed on Osama bin Laden,

He is perpetrating massive war crimes against innocent ppl, sure he should be hanged ..only after a fair trial, since we don't know everything, maybe his dog is being held hostage by Zionist terrorists!

Could be that Barak Obama is under duress in which case he could be found not guilty, that is why there has to be trials, else in the future charges be made that executions were carried out before the condemned got a fair hearing!

The most shameful act on a day of shame

The image above was taken by NYPD helo pilot Detective Greg Semendinger on September 11 2001, there is at least one person in the pic right at the corner out of the smoke, whoever it was must have died cursing the NYPD for not attempting his or her rescue!

The 911 Tourist Guy - 62,000 Jews absent from the WTC on the day!

The 911 Tourist Guy remains unaccounted for, and sometimes I get the feelin' that it is him at the corner!

Feedback: How could a helicopter have gotten close enough .. all the smoke?

The downdraft from the rotors would have cleared the smoke sufficiently to carry out a rescue, check the following exhortation in the Talmud.. Choschen Hamm: "Therefore, if you see a Christian in difficulty or drowning, do not go to his help, and if he is in danger of death, do not save him."

The lack of effort could simply have been Jews responding to the mores of Judah, as for Semendinger it will be up to a Grand Jury whether he is prosecuted as a capital offender for making no effort to save them, my view is that he is,

His arrest should be at the Precinct House, where the rest of New York's foulest in situ will be required to disarm, while any that don't will be regarded as enemy combatants!

The United States has reportedly initiated a targeted killing program, under which the CIA and the military have the authority to hunt and kill individuals, including US citizens, anywhere in the world.

The President has, in effect, claimed the unchecked authority to put the names of citizens and others on "kill lists" on the basis of a secret determination, based on secret evidence, that a person meets a secret definition of the enemy.

The program operates without any checks and balances; all of the essential details about the program remain secret. We do not know what criteria are used to put people on the "kill lists" maintained by the CIA and military, how much evidence is required to add a person to the lists, or whether there are any geographical limits on where individuals can be targeted.

Editorial: In cloud cuckoo land one might simply receive an assurance from ones local member, thence the Government, that the US - thence Israeli - kill teams are not operating in Australia.. The murder of Katherine Schweitzer in Sydney in December 2006 gives lie to that!

The 2006 murder of Katherine Schweitzer in Sydney Australia!

She was a Hungarian Jew, the only survivor of a family of fourteen that was deported from Budapest to Auschwitz in 1944, she went public on the television show Australian 60 Minutes in an interview with Richard Carleton, that the Jew who arrested her and her family had taken up residence on the same Sydney Street.

Her story went world wide on an email we sent to around five thousand addresses, including the entire membership of both houses of the Australian Parliament, and the Israeli Knesset, 30 November 2006, her body was discovered in a wheely bin inside her high security Sydney apartment 28 December 2006!

We say that she was murdered by Jew elements in reprisal for telling the truth, and to warn any other Jews who want the truth to come out just what the consequences will be.


In late May, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen had a bombshell revelation about Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay man’s club, Madsen also reported on the Sociopath’s sexual relationships with other men,


Including politicians and Donald Young, the openly gay choir director of Jeremy Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology, of which Obama was a member for some 20 years, who was murdered December 24, 2007.

A Cruise Missile Slammed Into the Pentagon on 911

Looks like the cruiser had a device that homed in on the laser spot!

The official story is that a deranged Arab crashed a Boeing 757 into the building, at the behest of CIA asset Osama bin Laden.

Prosecute abortion under the capital provisions of Islamic law


Abortion has devastated Canada, the US, Europe and Australia, immigrants whose allegiance is not to the host nation, but to the foreign culture from which they came, have been brought into those same abortion devastated countries to make up the numbers.

This trade union website is all about bringing to justice, whomsoever conspired then committed the crimes, that left the bodies of these young children in a plastic rubbish bag.

That means putting to death, by legal judicial process the entire abortion lobby, since Australian thence statute law is powerless, we intend that prosecutions be brought under the capital provisions of Islamic Law.

MT meets the Don - Child prostitution and the police

Hell You have only my word for it boys and girls ..its troooooo!!!


A pot smokers tale


The JFK assassination - who's who on the Grassy Knoll

Wanker runs school for scabs in Gove

Click to enlarge

Looters Beware  - Touch One Touch All, is the motto of the Painters and Dockers Union - Read on CFMEU!

Strife at Incitec

Trouble in Mackay and at Newlands Mine

Racism and fracas at the Seoul Supermarket

The Oracle of the Tao - The single coin method

The I Ching or the Oracle of the Tao, can arrange the fall of a coin and communicates to man at its discretion.. cast one coin only it should fall on a pliant surface to prevent bounce, Heads means No - Tails means Yes.


The murder of Hoera Te Kooti

Aged 62 years of the seafaring Moldi people of New Zealand, he left the Prince of Wales Hotel in Ipswich west of Brisbane, Queensland, at 11.20pm on the evening of Friday April 1 1999.

After crossing the street he was attacked by a group of aboriginal teenagers numbering fifteen strong, and bashed with a fence paling, security camera footage shows black hands going thru his pockets as he lay motionless on the ground.

April 9 1999 AAP - Five males aged from 14 to 17, appeared in court over the fatal bashing, the five would face more than 50 charges in the Ipswich Magistrates Court including murder, serious assault and assault and robbery, police would oppose bail.

April 12 2000 AAP: One only went to court, a 16 year old who was found not guilty of manslaughter by a Supreme Court jury, he was seen in Ipswich a few days after the trial, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Murder 1. highbeam.com ..I want to hang the lot at the same location the crime took place, alongside the lawyers and judges who let them walk free!